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D-160 Help

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A friend has a D-160 and it stopped moving.

He said the engine coupling will spin but not the pump.

I told him the pump splines were probably shot, but he is recovering from surgery and hasn't been able to check into it.

Does anyone have a pump for sale with good splines and/or the coupling (female) spline?

Thank you in advance.

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Good used couplings are getting rare.  Good luck.  Post here in the want ads and check with AtoZ tractor...

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    • Fun Engineer
      By Fun Engineer
      I have the following bearings and seals for sale. Sold as a lot, not individually.  There’s over $100 in parts here so it’s quite a bargain if you’re planning on rebuilding a transmission or need to replace one of the leaking axle seals. 
      4) 1” Axle bearing, National B-1616.               Wheel Horse #1528
      3) 3/4” Brake shaft bearing, Timken B-1212.   Wheel Horse #1523
      3) 1 1/8” Axle seal,  National 340835.              Wheel Horse # 100443
      4) 1” Axle seal, National 240731.                     Wheel Horse # 1232
      2) 3/4” Brake shaft seal, National 312518.       Wheel Horse # 100441
      I can ship for shipping cost or arrange for pickup near Rockford, Michigan. 
      Items must be paid for through PayPal. No holds. 
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      I have no understanding of what it is like to push one of these when the trans is disengaged and motion lever is in the forward position as the manual mentions. I hope this is not old ground and that I am not cross posting. With the trans disengaged and motion lever set forward there is still something spinning in and about the transaxle that is giving resistance. I need to know if this is normal or if I should be expecting more of a free wheeling experience. In effect, much less resistance. Thank you for comments or pointing me to a topic that already covers this. 
    • KC9KAS
      By KC9KAS
      I have a friend needing parts for his D-160. I do not know what year it is right now.
      He is looking for the coupling between the engine & hydro pump.
      He may need a pump as I think the pump splines are stripped. He does not have it apart yet so items needed at this time are not known.
      Anyone have any leads on "D" parts?
      Thanks in advance!
    • F. Marra 17
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      I have a late 80's 414-8. my transmission has a slow oil leak. it leaks slow so its hard to see where it is coming from. i get a small puddle/stain on the floor center under the trans after a few days of non-use.  is there a usual problem area that leaks? or is there anyone in the NJ area that can be recommended to repair the trans? I am sure due to its age that gaskets or seals may be shot.  the tractor sat for 10+ years at my office on a shelf.  It has ran well the past 3 years for me.  I would like to fix this leak if possible.  Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.
      THANK YOU,
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      I need a working transaxle for a 1986 417-8. 8 speed, 1 1/8" axles. I am willing to drive a few hours in any direction to pick it up. Or I can arrange Fastenal shipping if you are willing to drop it at Fastenal. Please help me save my wheelhorse! Thanks
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