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Complete Pedal Kits for Hydrostatic Wheelhorse / Toro Tractors

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    • stevasaurus
      By stevasaurus-(Moderator)
      I finally got a chance to rebuild a transmission with a hi/low mechanism.  This is a 6 speed #5060 transmission with the 10 pinion limited slip differential.  Notice the brake shaft comes out the hole closest to the axle housing.  The 8 speeds brake shaft comes out of the cluster shaft hole.  I did a series of videos for this thread along with some pictures.  The videos are split up between different phases of rebuilding...ie...the differential, the hi/low shift mechanism, the rest of the gears 1 & 2 (my batteries died in the camera).  Most of the information will be in the videos...be advised that I did some struggling while doing these videos and I left them as is because it is not always easy.    Hope this helps you guys.
      According to the manual the bolts that hold the differential together are in backwards in the video.  The nuts should be on the input shaft side (right side) of the transmission.  Sorry, I missed that.
      Just got the trans split.  I use a 1" old wood chisel to start and then work the case apart with a pry bar.

      A couple shots after getting the case half off...trans is in neutral.


      The trans case works as a work bench for the differential...very cool

      Here is the reason the trans needed to be opened.  An axle gear lost it's teeth and the pieces were lodged in the pinions.

      Finished and back together.

      The rest are the videos...1st on is the differential...
      Next 2 are dealing with the hi/low mechanism...1st one taking apart and the 2nd on putting together...be nice...it was my first time. 
      Now, 2 videos putting the rest of the trans together...batteries died just before I finished the first video.
      Thanks for looking
    • Darren Southard
      By Darren Southard
      Hello all, need some help, as I can't find the answer, or maybe looked right past it.  
      I have a 1257, 3 speed and found out outer bearing and seal are bad, now I know I could rebuild it I think, seen a lot post and videos, but my question is would a transmission out of a B80, which is a 6 speed which would actually make the tractor a 1267, but are they same size??
      Would it be a direct replacement???
      Thank you in advance for any help and advice you can recommend. 
    • Alex175
      By Alex175
      I am parting out a C-175 Hydro and wanted to make the excess parts available for purchase.  I will keep an updated list of what is already missing/sold below.  If there is anything you need and it's not on the list let me know, I will confirm that I have it and I will give you a price on that part.  Can ship the smaller items, buyer will be responsible for shipping costs.  Or buy everything that is left for $150.  Not looking to make a bunch of money.  I bought this machine for parts to repair my tractor and want to help anyone else who may be in a similar situation.
      Missing/sold parts;
      Front Axle
      Most of the engine (have heat shields)
      Ignition Key
      Engine Mount Plate
      Hydraulic Lift Piston
      PTO Safety Switch Less
    • Brian33
      By Brian33
      I am hoping someone can help my. I recently acquired a c160 for the engine for another tractor. So I did a motor swap and wanted to see what the hydro was like. I put a plow on it C-160 (which now has a 12hp engine on it). I did a quick test run and everything was good. I drained the fluid and change the filter (Napa 1410 filter and sae 30 transmission fluid as it stated to only use this fluid on the tractor.) everything was working great after the fluid change. I plowed two driveways and the sidewalks near my house... all the sudden the tractor would not go forwards or in reverse. I tried to pick the plow up and nothing... I checked my drive belt it was turning like it should. I started to push the tractor and the rear was engaged so it would not move. Of course I was 400’ from my driveway and the plow was down which made it fun. I put the tractor in forward and started to push it and the thing took off. So I hopped on and took it to the front of the garage. I put it in revers and it cut out again so I pushed it in the garage. Today I went out to check the tow valve. I took it out and cleaned the threads up put it back in and it did not change anything. According to the dipstick I have the proper amount of fluid in it. I did have a drip that I fixed on the cylinder still nothing... does anyone out there have any tips to help me out? I’ve never had a transmission like this only manual transmissions. The model of this transmission is the sundstrand 90-1140.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Joel W
      By Joel W
      I've been on several different online forums, and I know there can be some issues when somebody brand new to the forum wants to sell something. Please know that this is a legitimate sale ad that I am posting on behalf of the church where I am our Facilities Team chair person.
      What I have for sale is a 1988 Wheel Horse 516-H. In the pictures we have the plow installed, but we do have the mower deck as well. I measured the deck, it has a 48in cutting path. The snow blade is also a 48in wide blade. Honesty time: our church has used this Wheel Horse for snow removal for the last number of years, so we only ever use it with the plow attached. Because we only use it during the cold seasons, it does not always run the best, but any equipment that only gets used two or three times a year isn't going to perform perfectly. I have a feeling that if we ran this tractor year round it would run perfectly.
      It does come with the plow, mower deck (I don't have a picture of the deck, but I can get you one if you need it), and wheel chains as pictured. The mower is located at the church, and you'll have to come and get it. The whole purchase price will go to the church (South Meridian Church of God, Anderson Indiana), I won't be keeping any portion of it.
      Update: I have added a picture of the mower deck as we have it in storage. We use a zero turn mower to actually mow, so the mower deck has been in storage since we got this wheel horse, hence the large amount of dust.

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