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Complete Pedal Kits for Hydrostatic Wheelhorse / Toro Tractors

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    • Joel W
      By Joel W
      I've been on several different online forums, and I know there can be some issues when somebody brand new to the forum wants to sell something. Please know that this is a legitimate sale ad that I am posting on behalf of the church where I am our Facilities Team chair person.
      What I have for sale is a 1988 Wheel Horse 516-H. In the pictures we have the plow installed, but we do have the mower deck as well. I measured the deck, it has a 48in cutting path. The snow blade is also a 48in wide blade. Honesty time: our church has used this Wheel Horse for snow removal for the last number of years, so we only ever use it with the plow attached. Because we only use it during the cold seasons, it does not always run the best, but any equipment that only gets used two or three times a year isn't going to perform perfectly. I have a feeling that if we ran this tractor year round it would run perfectly.
      It does come with the plow, mower deck (I don't have a picture of the deck, but I can get you one if you need it), and wheel chains as pictured. The mower is located at the church, and you'll have to come and get it. The whole purchase price will go to the church (South Meridian Church of God, Anderson Indiana), I won't be keeping any portion of it.
      Update: I have added a picture of the mower deck as we have it in storage. We use a zero turn mower to actually mow, so the mower deck has been in storage since we got this wheel horse, hence the large amount of dust.

    • BMW1
      By BMW1
      Is there a procedure for adjusting the motion control linkage on a 1974 D-180 - model#  1-0611 9 ?
      The tractor barely moves in reverse and the motion control arm is not traveling the full length of the slot for reverse.  The picture below shows how far back it goes.  The motion control arm travels all the way forward to the end of the slot when going forward.
      I never drove this tractor before I bought so I have no idea what it did before.  The only thing I have done to it is replace a couple of bearings in the differential and replace the axles, splines were bad on one and other axle was bent. 

    • KC9KAS
      By KC9KAS
      ISO of hydro motion control lever bushings.
      These appear to be parts # 5666 (nylon) need 2, # 5983 (Nyliner) need 2, # MW2195 (bronze) need 1.
      Please PM me here.
      Thanks in advance.
    • JpFluid
      By JpFluid
      Used Eaton 11 trans for 520H. I picked this up as a spare. Was told it was a working unit when I bought it.  Comes with hubs and I'll throw in the deck control valve.

    • woodbird007
      By woodbird007
      Very strong hydro on B100 automatic. Long story short, I fell off tractor, it ran against wall and keep working for several seconds before I was able shut it off. Now major hydro leak. Feedback on transmission prognosis and repairability please.  Btw, I suffered skinned knee and jammed shoulder. Lol
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