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Complete Pedal Kits for Hydrostatic Wheelhorse / Toro Tractors

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    • giant_g2
      By giant_g2
      Not sure on specific model. This 8 spd came attached to a plow I bought. It had some water in it for a couple weeks according to the prior owner. I drained it, sloshed some diesel in it, drained that, then filled with fresh oil. Spinning the input shaft by hand, I can see the axels turn. Hasn't leaked any oil. I'm not really interested in shipping, so I'd prefer local sales.

    • jmack
      By jmack
      I’m looking for a transmission dipstick to a D-180. Let me know if you see one. 
    • lsc1257
      By lsc1257
      I have a 1996 520H Wheel Horse for sale.  The tractor has just over 800 hours on it.  It comes with a 48 inch deck.  The deck is a 1995 and has over 1,500 hours on it, as it came brand new with my 312-8 that I sold several years ago.  This 520-H has the swept front axle so it can handle a 60 inch deck.  I just replaced the battery and the deck belt this summer.  The engine is a 20HP Onan and it starts right up but requires the full choke.  The transmission is an Eaton 1100-062, hydrostatic.  The deck is in rough shape but the spindles appear to be in good working order.  The right rear tire has some cracking.  The original operator's manual for the 520H is included, as is the original operating and maintenance instructions for the deck, plus the installation instructions for the deck.  Also included is a new PTO belt and several miscellaneous deck wheels and rollers.  Additional pictures available upon request.  Asking $500.

    • Thatoneguy
      By Thatoneguy
      So I washed my rear end and sundstrand 90-1136 and now the by pass valves leaks when I screw it in past a certain point.  If I screw it all the way in I can sit there and watch the fluid start seeping past it.   I changed the o-ring with an R-04 i believe is what it was.   Do these require some sort of thread sealer? There was nothing on it when I took it out, and when I used the valve to push the tractor in my shop it worked fine and has never leaked. Any ideas would be wonderful! 

    • Doug B
      By Doug B
      Hey guys,I have a dilemma I need some help with. I have a 1969 GT 14 that I replaced the transmission and pump on. For about 2 weeks afterward everything worked great, but while mowing at a pretty good pace I noticed a shudder and the tractor slowed a little but not bad. The more I rode it the slower it got until it barely moves. What stumps me is the hydraulics are still very strong,as in I can back the 3 point under the bumper of my truck and if you lift the arms all the way up the front wheels of the tractor will clear the ground. Have checked the tow valve and checked the internal filter,but no luck. I have also checked and replaced the forward and reverse bypass springs and the lever is moving the cam to full travel, forward and reverse. Any help would be appreciated.
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