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Ross Steering parts for D series

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I was looking for Ross steering parts and "found" the gardentractorpullingtips.com/steering.htm website.

I have not ordered anything, only sent an email with questions.


Today I noticed the post in the Red Square Links for "not recommended suppliers".

I am glad I did not send any money.


I am rebuilding a Ross Steering box on a Wheel Horse D180.


The Ross Steering box has the code below stamped on the column.

SCA 10200


Where can I get these items?

-          Complete Lower Steering Box Bearing and Cup/Race Kit - Full Set. Includes two plastic bearing cages/ball spacers.

-          9/16" Diameter Cam Follower (Steering Pin). 

-          Flanged Sealed Ball Bearing to replace the insert at the top of the column.  Looks like it's a little bigger than 1 3/8" OD with a 3/4" ID 

-          “Easy Steer" Upgrade Kit. For models with 3/4" diameter pitman arm stud.


I have seen some of these parts on the auction site but was hoping for someplace I could order everything from.


Thank You.

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Maybe check on the Cub sites as well. Many cubs used the used the Ross box. 

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as did John Deere

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As mentioned deere & cub & and others had this system, you just have to watch the cam follower being 9/16" and not 1/2". The kit below does not show the 'cage' for the bearings but you really dont need it. After you have got all that rotton old grease out and cleaned up (what a pain!!) put the shaft in a vise with the race facing up and liberally apply a good sticky grease all around it - its to act as a 'glue' and stack the balls all around the race and carefully set the housing over it. Usually the balls are alright and the cam follower has the wear....(and, you'll almost certainly not need the top set, I've rebuilt some 8-10 of em and the top bearing is always OK)


The bearing in the top of the tube is the same as the front wheel flanged bearing. I do have to wrap several rounds of masking tape around the bearing til it fits snug.




On the easy steer thing I prefer to go to McMaster and get a needle thrust bearing. .... or go ahead and get the kit off the bay as shown by@953 nut


Ah, those 'big D's' love the bit brute but they can be a pill to do repairs:o

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If you need to replace the steering tube on your Ross box due to it being heavily rusted you will find it is not a standard size tubing.  I replacing the tubing on my Case tractors Rpss steering box and learne don the Case site that the tubing from trampoline legs is very very close to the correct size.  I had to work the end that goes in the dox down a little with emery cloth and it worked great.   

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Ross boxes are also on Economy Power kings. The Economy Power King collector's Facebook page has been helpful to me.


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