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Hello friends

I'm still very new at this please bare with me. Have a model 867 , got it running and driving but not charging. Does this model need polarizing ? Its has a gen and an external voltage reg. Not sure if its a gm or ford type or does it even matter? 

 12v battery ,electric start, headlight. There has been alot of conflicting info on youtube, and i need solid info i can trust. Thanks in advance. 

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These Delco-Remy starter generators do not need polarized as they self polarize when the starter engages. If it starts, it should charge. If not, make sure it is wired properly. by checking out the manual link below. If it is, I would probably check the brushes inside the starter generator, the voltage regulators don't go bad very often. I say all this to you after I had to completely redo all the electrical on a Panzer with the same starter generator system not too long ago and learned a lot. If you don't feel comfortable with doing the brushes yourself, find a local starter repair shop. I'm fortunate to have a good shop locally that works on the old stuff.






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This old Kohler service manual has a good section on the starter/generator and regulator.


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With engine running ground the "F" Field terminal on the generator she should start charging (you will probably hear the engine slow down a bit)  Voltage measured at the battery should go up to about 14v.  If it works then your regulator is faulty.  If it doean't charge then the problem is in the generator itself...most like the charge (shunt wired) field coil.

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3 hours ago, Mike'sHorseBarn said:

 If it starts, it should charge. 


There is a separate charge coil and start coil in these, It can do either without doing the ither. In other words, it can start fine but not charge and visa-versa.

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