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My starter really drags for a few revolutions (barely turns over) then it spins the Kohler K301 like a champ. I replaced the battery with a 390 CCA interstate. 


I suspect the brushes are damaged from previously having an underpowered battery. Should I replace the brushes or replace the starter?  Also, what is a reputable place to buy these items?  I don't want to buy junk. 

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I had my rebuilt It works great just like new and cheaper than a new one.

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With any electrical problem the first thing to do is clean and tighten ALL electrical connections including grounds. Lots of people spend lots of money replacing good parts when the problem was voltage drop at a bad connection.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for the advise. I made sure that all points of electrical contact were clean and tight. I also cleaned the points that meet the brushes. 


It turned out to be the worm gear on the starter shaft wasn't clean enough to allow it to function properly. I cleaned and lubed it. 


In the process I got it to work and I learned how a bendix works. A double win. 

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