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1963 953

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Has a boat seat instead of the original, which I have - it just needs to be restored.








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Vertical Stack, incorrect seat cover material and GT-14 deep dish rims are deviations from original...






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My two 953s - both are works in progress.  The one with the gray hood has wiring issues, but does have the inside rear wheel weights.  The other one will run, and I have drove it, but I think it needs a complete rehaul of the fuel line plus the carb clean.


953s-both front.jpg

953s-both right side.jpg


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      Got a 953 and 414-8 from Big Red Fred the other day. Got a great deal on both of them. Both run great and I am very pleased with them. Got the 414 for my grandpa and the 953 was just to good of a deal to pass up, so now I got another tractor in my collection  

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      This 953 that we have dubbed “Hot Wheels has quickly become a go to tractor for myself... and my kids especially!  The increased visibility, the feeling of a big tractor, the hydraulics, who knows what really makes it so different from the rest.  Now that the Magnum 12 roars to life so easy, it’s that more attractive to jump on and take a stroll or do some chores!
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      1 page 220.83KB
      Dated November 8, 1963
      Belt 1592 replaced by 1592A which is made to tighter tolerances and longer
      1963 model 953
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