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So it begins.......

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'67 157 Lawn Ranger saved from the scrap pile. I have the original eng and rear tires and wheels. Trans is perfect with clean gear oil.

Not sure which....repair or restore. I'll think about it.


Wish list.....

Orig steering wheel

Seat cover

Knobs to attach hood

Snow plow.....I have the mounting bracket just no blade.


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953 nut

:text-bravo:  Looks very complete and straight, not too often you find something like that on the scrap heap!    :text-coolphotos:

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@Dan693 Good save. I thought someone on Red Square sold the knurled knob/bolt for the hoods.

Maybe someone will chime in.

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      So.... I just got home with this. I been wanting to fix one up for my 9 yr old nephew. I need to do it in a hurry as I will be going in hospitol soon for my 3rd battle with cancer. You know the story. Was told it ran about a month or so ago. Not running now. I just got home with it so I haven't checked it out yet. Have never owned a Lawn Ranger before, and know nothing about them. Maybe you guys can tell me what I have here and any advice would be helpful as well. Seems to be complete with the exception of the seat. Going to need to pick one up somewhere. 

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      I'm wondering how rare they are and wondering what it is worth in the original condition it is in now.
      May possibly restore it when I catch up on all my other projects. 
      Thank you!

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