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  1. Dan693

    Sears Bankruptcy

    My Dad was the Service Manager at Sears for 10 years in the 70's. They had a whole row of new Sears minibikes in the hall outside the service dept. I dreamed of having one but it was not to be.......bummer. My mom would drop me off on Saturdays to roam the store (and mall) then I would come home at 10 with my Dad. The last hour was great when they were closed. Heck I even was friends with the security guy. A different era for sure.
  2. Dan693

    244H Part Out

    I'll take the PTO pulley off of the engine crank. PM me with a price and shipping to 46032. Thanks D
  3. Dan693

    400 Suburban Snow Plow Sale or Trade

    I was a little optimistic with getting some pics up today of the snow plow. Working a ton so it may not be until Sat. All good.....its not going anywhere. I'll respond to PM's in order received after pics are up. Thanks
  4. Very good condition snow plow off of a '60 Suburban. Complete with all brackets and hardware. Not sure but it may fit other tractor models of that era. Also interested in a even trade for a 79251 48" snow plow that is complete also. Its for a '93 244-H. I'll post some picks later today. Thanks
  5. Dan693

    $100 Honey

    I'm usually into the old round hoods but I have to say I'm warming up to a few of the newer models. Funny that a few parts on this '93 have some older wheel horse parts. The fuel shutoff valve is identical to the one on my '66 LR. Also when I sanded the grey wheels to prime them.....under the grey was WH tan paint. It has a angle iron frame like the old ones. Cast aluminum trans though. I am also a hydro convert now.
  6. Dan693

    $100 Honey

    Picked it up a while back for $300. Sold the WH trailer that came with it for $150 and the turf tires for $50. Plan to hang onto the original deck that came with it. Sold some free 23" ags and rims for a buck forty.......bam! I'm in for a cool $100.including the new ags. Hydro and the 14 HP Onan that couldnt run better. 500 hours plus change. Now what????
  7. Lots of opinions on wheel weights. I would make a weight box on the rear hitch. Figure what you want by the size and mix up some 3 dollar bags of concrete and form it to fit the shape. The nice thing is you can remove them in 30 seconds. Maybe 100 pounds or so. Why bolt it when you can just grab them on or off as needed.
  8. Dan693

    Not Now! Raider Ten is down no compression.

    I had a Raider 10 with the Tecumseh. Nothing but trouble and cost me endless hours of labor and a fair amount of money. Governor, carb, and valve problems. Sold it just to stop the pain. Flip side is I have a Lawn Ranger with a 6 Tech and it couldn't run better. Look at the key start and it purrs. Who knows?
  9. Dan693

    244 Mower Deck

    Changed Status to Closed
  10. I have a pair of 23" ag tires and rims off of the old round hoods. The rims are 12" and 5 lug. They come with the 12" steel spacers and bolts to mount dualies. Tires are in good shape with great tread, very minimal sidewall cracks and hold air fine. Good shape for 50+ years old. Rims are straight with a few dings but work perfectly. I cannot ship them and they must be picked up in Carmel, Indiana. I'm sticking with the 140 price cause they are pretty nice and will keep them in the inventory if not sold. All good. If payment is sent in full I can hold them till whenever you can make it to pickup. No problem. Thanks! D
  11. Dan693

    Tire Fitment Question

    Thanks for the input to all! Think I'm good to go......
  12. I have a pair of rims that normally take 23x9.50-12 tires and I'm considering putting 23x10.50-12 tires on them. I dont have a ton of tire experience but wondered if anyone is pretty sure they will still fit being an inch wider. I think they probably will but not sure. Thoughts?
  13. Actually if you fab your own free flow header before the stack it definitely will give you a bit more power. I'm about to make another one and I use rigid conduit from the hardware store then either fab a new mounting flange for the head bolts or rob the one from the old muffler. The key is no right angles....just curves. Also a free flow air filter and bigger carb jet. All three changes will make about 20% more power. Some remove the governor but I dont usually fool with it.
  14. Dan693

    12" and 8" Wheel Covers / Hubcaps

    Trying to scare up a set of 12 inch and a set of 8 inch chrome wheel covers. They dont need to have the WH logo but that works also. Does anyone know of a source on RS that sells them or a retailer that might have them? Nice finger in pic.....its early Thanks! D