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  1. You might think about a 953 or 1054. Both are old school but have a little more weight than the smaller models and a hydraulic lift. Just bought a running 1054 for 200 bucks.
  2. Dan693

    what is this

    Plywood stretcher.
  3. Dan693

    Wheel horse 208-4 models

    I know if I owned it the SB would stand for........STAND BACK!!!!!
  4. Dan693

    H60 leaking oil out of Breather

    Not a lot of tech stuff to offer but I had a Raider 10 with a techy that did the exact same thing. I bailed out and sold it cheap. Huge headaches with that one. What I should have done was start by tearing the engine down and checking everything out. I still wonder if the internal governor mechanism was messed up. It ran super rough and when revved oil would pour out through the rubber tube. I restored the chassis and deck before dealing with the engine first. Big $600 mistake. It was my first WH so what can I say. Live and learn.
  5. As I continue my descent in to Kohler big twin madness I wondered.......what if I add a K301 carb to each cylinder instead of a single carb for both cylinders? Maybe a challenge to sync them but maybe not. Block bored 30 over, twin carbs, high flow air filters, custom headers.......started at 18 H.P........I say 25 H.P. on a dyno. Anyone ever tried it?
  6. Dan693

    Big Twin Head Sanding and Tappet Needed

    Thanks for that info. I thought where can I get a granite flat surface and how much? I have a habit of getting a hundred bucks too death. Lucky I have a good machine shop and may just have them do the heads.
  7. Dan693

    I don't like dentists

    My dentist is super friendly and laid back. He still cant stop the pain of the scaling procedure though. Its half a dozen shots right in the old kisser then digging out below the gum line for an hour. The beauty is its an hour........4 one hour visits that is.
  8. Dan693

    Big Twin Head Sanding and Tappet Needed

    Nice advise gentlemen. That's why I come here.
  9. I'm rebuilding a K-482 twin and wondering if it's a good idea to wet sand the heads before re-assembling. They don't appear to be warped but are 40+ years old so I thought about wet sanding them with some emery paper on a pane of glass. Not too much just enough to get the gasket surface nice and shiny. Also looking for a valve tappet for the 482. Part of the skirt is broken off on one of them which makes me a little nervous about what damage it did inside the engine. A few chips of it in the oil pan so I'm hoping no big damage. Thoughts?
  10. Dan693

    K Series Twin Side Case Removal

    Just as I suspected......a big C-clip behind the side cover seal holding the cover on. Nothing about that in the service manual that I saw. 3 jaw puller finally broke the C-clip. Its a miracle the side cover didnt shatter and still may have a warped side cover. The only way to do it that I can see is drill out and remove the seal from the outside to expose the C-clip???? I must have the wrong service manual for the K series twins. Who knows.......
  11. Dan693

    K Series Twin Side Case Removal

    I'm disassembling a K-482 twin and having a little trouble getting the side case off. Its the pulley side with the stub sticking out for the clutch to pivot on. Seems like only a seal is holding the side case on so it should come right off but nooooo. I even lightly used a 3 jaw puller but no luck. There must be something in the engine thats keeping it from being removed. Don't want to force it and break something. Any ideas?
  12. Dan693

    Removing the Pulley Clutch on a K482

    Almost too much info to list. Hugely complicated PTO removal on a K482. I got if off but took 2 nights of scratching my head. Small pulley with 2 set screws that took a torch to break free. Must have been for some extra implement. Doesn't show the small pulley in the manual. Stub shaft inside of the small pulley that wasn't evident until I broke the small pulley with a 3 jaw puller. Tiny C clip inside of main clutch shaft almost too tiny to see. Would have never come off if I hadn't noticed it by chance. Manual said remove outer clutch plate by hand......took soaking it and a 5 pound sledge. Jeez I'm good now
  13. Dan693

    Removing the Pulley Clutch on a K482

    This is the pulley and clutch arm I need to remove. Thanks for the manual Garry
  14. I think off of a D-180 K-482......the whole clutch assy seems a little confusing. An outer double pulley with 2 set screws then a stub shaft that apparently holds on the big pulleys but dont see how the big pulley is removed after the shaft bolt and the smaller outer pulley. Then there is the clutch assy with the long arms sticking out........uhg I'm goin to watch a movie.