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Parts question

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Hello, first off please forgive me if I have made an error in going about this on your forum. 


I have several wheel horse parts that are brand new original oem replacement parts for a 1974 c120 (I think) I don't know anything about them. I was curious what there value is, i cant find them anywhere and when i do it just says discontinued.


Here are the parts I'm currently curious about 


Tire rod assembly - part # 111412 

Assembly clutch bar part # 103227

Taillight base part # 105202


I also have a part that just has a hand written tag on it, says  "deck list for 48" 42" wheel horse" it appears to be a part that holds the blade deck up. 


Any input is appreciated. 






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"D"- Man

The Assembly clutch bar part # 103227 is either for an 18 Automatic, a D-180 or a D-200.

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