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Complete Pedal Kits for Hydrostatic Wheelhorse / Toro Tractors

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    • Fun Engineer
      By Fun Engineer
      I have the following bearings and seals for sale. Sold as a lot, not individually.  There’s over $100 in parts here so it’s quite a bargain if you’re planning on rebuilding a transmission or need to replace one of the leaking axle seals. 
      4) 1” Axle bearing, National B-1616.               Wheel Horse #1528
      3) 3/4” Brake shaft bearing, Timken B-1212.   Wheel Horse #1523
      3) 1 1/8” Axle seal,  National 340835.              Wheel Horse # 100443
      4) 1” Axle seal, National 240731.                     Wheel Horse # 1232
      2) 3/4” Brake shaft seal, National 312518.       Wheel Horse # 100441
      I can ship for shipping cost or arrange for pickup near Rockford, Michigan. 
      Items must be paid for through PayPal. No holds. 
    • Porkskin
      By Porkskin
      I have no understanding of what it is like to push one of these when the trans is disengaged and motion lever is in the forward position as the manual mentions. I hope this is not old ground and that I am not cross posting. With the trans disengaged and motion lever set forward there is still something spinning in and about the transaxle that is giving resistance. I need to know if this is normal or if I should be expecting more of a free wheeling experience. In effect, much less resistance. Thank you for comments or pointing me to a topic that already covers this. 
    • ljfarraher
      By ljfarraher
      Anyone know where or have a new kit for foot control conversion on a 1996 model 520-H ??
      I've tried contacting the person who made the kits in the past via email and through the forums..but no contact back so I ssume he's not doing it anymore..
      Thanks to any and all for any info..
    • helpmefixmygt14
      By helpmefixmygt14
      i bought this gt14 and don’t know much about it, got it running good and it really doesn’t like hills or towing anything. help would be very much appreciated. thanks
    • BAM1
      By BAM1
      Looking for hydraulic hoses for my '77 C-160. not sure if I can get new or will need to have custom made.
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