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Complete Pedal Kits for Hydrostatic Wheelhorse / Toro Tractors

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    • BAM1
      By BAM1
      Looking for hydraulic hoses for my '77 C-160. not sure if I can get new or will need to have custom made.
    • F. Marra 17
      By F. Marra 17
      I have a late 80's 414-8. my transmission has a slow oil leak. it leaks slow so its hard to see where it is coming from. i get a small puddle/stain on the floor center under the trans after a few days of non-use.  is there a usual problem area that leaks? or is there anyone in the NJ area that can be recommended to repair the trans? I am sure due to its age that gaskets or seals may be shot.  the tractor sat for 10+ years at my office on a shelf.  It has ran well the past 3 years for me.  I would like to fix this leak if possible.  Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.
      THANK YOU,
    • jebeli
      By jebeli
      I need a working transaxle for a 1986 417-8. 8 speed, 1 1/8" axles. I am willing to drive a few hours in any direction to pick it up. Or I can arrange Fastenal shipping if you are willing to drop it at Fastenal. Please help me save my wheelhorse! Thanks
    • WHX24
      By WHX24
      1/4-20 x 3/4 long
      Buck a piece includes shipping.
      Check yours today. A worn point can  cause sloppy shifting.
      @Racinbob gets a couple for free he needs. 

    • KC9KAS
      By KC9KAS
      A friend has a D-160 and it stopped moving.
      He said the engine coupling will spin but not the pump.
      I told him the pump splines were probably shot, but he is recovering from surgery and hasn't been able to check into it.
      Does anyone have a pump for sale with good splines and/or the coupling (female) spline?
      Thank you in advance.
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