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312-8 manual PTO VS 315-8 electric PTO

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Pop Pop

I have just bought a 315-8 with electric PTO but have a 312-8 manual PTO. I want to know if there will be trouble with the electric PTO wear on the 315-8 if used on snowblower? It seems to take off quickly and I'm used to slower, ease it in, manual.

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I prefer the gentle engagement you can get with an manual PTO.  Be sure your blower isn't frozen/jammed with snow and ice before you try to engage tthe electric PTO

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I don't have any practical experience with the electric PTO on single cylinder Kohlers.  However, there is an electric PTO on my 520xi (Kohler twin) and it works great powering a single stage blower.  It does engage in milliseconds and I know that some xi owners throttle down a bit before engaging the PTO to keep from damaging the blower.  Also, you will find the 15 HP better matched to drive the blower.  My guess is that belt wear may be the only difference between a manual and electric PTO.

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