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1977 B80...79252 Plow pictures?

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Howdy all you tractor geniuses...
I have had the good fortune to acquire a 1977 Wheel Horse B80 recently and have already started to make needed repairs/improvements. One of which is the addition of a model 79252 plow which appeared to have everything attached with the exception of the rear axle bracket (which I have already ordered, received, and put on) a means to attach the frame of the blade to the lift mechanism on my tractor. All of the drawings I have seen call the part I am missing a "plate" with two possible numbers (105-1384-03) or (79551001).
My question is, "Does anyone have any pictures of this plow mounted on a B80?" I am just trying to ensure that this "plate" is all that I am missing before ordering it and paying $70 for it!
Any and all information would be greatly appreciated as I am pretty new to this, but am trying to keep my new found love of Wheel Horse alive.

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dmhill, :WRS:
On  my B-80 (1975) there is a short chain attached to the "rock-shaft" and the plow.Some folks have a solid piece of steel from their rock-shaft to the plow. This allows you to apply down pressure on the plow with the lift handle.

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Thank you,
Is there any chance you could send a pic or two...?
My number is 7204345626, I'm in Denver.

If you could/would send your number I have some pics of my set up on my phone.





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that model 79252 is NOT for the B-80.  You need a dozer blade as in these pics, or have a good weld guy on hand to prefab parts.
The correct dzoer blade does NOT hang in the front tach-o-matic hitch....it hangs from a chain or flat stock bar from the rock shaft, which is raised / lowered by the implement lift handle.  The back end of the dzoer blade locks into the rear axled hithc.


DOZ 42.jpg

doz 42-1.jpg

AXL 007a.jpg

112311- 063.jpg

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Very nice looking B-80.
When I saw the photo I realized I have never seen a plow hook up like that!

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Thank you for the information..... Albeit not good news. Wheel horse  tractors and parts in this part of the country are impossible to find. I seem to be one of the few....the proud....pony owners in Colorado.
I suppose the search continues. I now need (want) a plow, wheel weights, and chains.
Thank you for any and all assisstance from both who have contributed to my plight.
I do wonder why this plow fits so perfectly into tbe front hitch and the  rear hiutch.......i wonder if i could fabricate a bracket for the center lift to make it work.
Thank you all.

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