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Found a C-161 Automatic

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I took some work parts to the local machine shop, and while turning around in the back lot I spotted this wheelhorse C-161 in the tall grass with lots of other old stuff.. After some negotiation I went back after work today and picked it up along with an antique boat motor. The C161 has decent tires, so they may go on my 312-8. will the 8" from rims fit in place of the 6" rims on  the 312.. I've got to finish my 312-8 project. For now, it's going to get stored in a barn at the farm,. Then again I could be interested in doing some trading for a round hood! 












If  I'm reading these ID tags right, is this a 1978 C-161 with a 1979 Kohler motor ?


This is the antique boat motor. there is no name or ID tag. Anybody have an idea what it is?




I would like to clean the motor up, paint it the right colors and mount it on the :Wal Boatl" I built for my game room several years ago!



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She looks awfully good Oliver.   :handgestures-thumbsup:

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Great find, the C-161 Auto is a beast of a tractor. Fix it up and use it! :thumbs:

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Could be a 1979 model 91-16KS01. Your serial 20818 is very close to another 91-16KS01 recorded serial 20856.

Kohler made the engine in 1979.

Not uncommon to see a wrong build date. 189th day of 1978 can't be correct for 1979.


The highest 1978 serial so far is 20265 with a build date of 8144. Your 20818 with 8189 build date looks correct but the engine can't be original for a 81-16KS01.


The K341AS-71246a was used 1978 and 1979 so that doesn't help.



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    • TractorEd
      By TractorEd
      I’ve decided to start this thread to keep this info together.  It’s about this C-161 I have.

      It showed up at my house one day around mid-2021 as a “parts” tractor.
      I had no idea this was going to be left at my door, abandoned, tired, unwanted.  I can’t remember a lot of what I was being told about it as I was staring at it wondering why I was chosen, apparently, as the one who was to strip it of it’s organs and transplant them into some other “being”.
      By the time those who brought it left, even though I never said it until just now, I knew I was going to attempt to resuscitate her.
      No longer an “it” she was certainly worthy of a shot at another life.  16 HP Kohler, Sunstrand Hydro and hydraulic lift!  I had already fallen in love with the C-100 I grew up with that I later inherited, but this girl had something extra, something different about her that I thought was …

      Parts tractor?  Not if I can $@%# help it!

      She was glistening.  Maybe it had something to do with the rain that day on the ride over.  But she IS glistening!
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      Hi guys, I purchased my firs WH - a 1976 C-120 Automatic. I have a steep hill on my property and before I go down the hill, I want to understand how my braking system works. I’m aware that this year/model didn’t include disc brakes, so is the breaking purely hydraulic Via transmission and controlled by the speed lever? Has anyone encountered issues with this? Is it safe to use on a steep hill? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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      Well fellas since I had to sell off my Wheel Horses I felt like I didnt belong anymore. The Lambert and the Speedanza are cool but THIS IS a Wheel Horse Fourm. Well guess what....... Im back in ! Picked this up a little while ago. Saw it on CL and jumped right on it. Not a model I know anything about but it does say Wheel Horse on the side of it ! I am so excited to have it and the best part is that it runs and drives!!! It does need some work... I think the hydro is leaking as a saw a puddle of oil on top of the deck. Checked the dip stick and was hardly any in there. When you raise the deck it seems to come up higher on one side then the other. Seat is horrible, someone glued vinyl on it. Front head light lens busted, rear one is busted and no lights work. came with wheel weights for the rear but nothing else. Still trying to figure it out. I just got it home and off the truck. As usual any info I would love to hear about it. I dont know the year, I believe thats a 16 hp Kohler, not sure but it runs really good. Not a fan of driving it by a stick, seems like something you have to get used to then maybe like. Right now it just seems funny but I only did a little lap in my yard. I think I got a smoking good deal on it that makes me even happier. 

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      I am hoping someone can help my. I recently acquired a c160 for the engine for another tractor. So I did a motor swap and wanted to see what the hydro was like. I put a plow on it C-160 (which now has a 12hp engine on it). I did a quick test run and everything was good. I drained the fluid and change the filter (Napa 1410 filter and sae 30 transmission fluid as it stated to only use this fluid on the tractor.) everything was working great after the fluid change. I plowed two driveways and the sidewalks near my house... all the sudden the tractor would not go forwards or in reverse. I tried to pick the plow up and nothing... I checked my drive belt it was turning like it should. I started to push the tractor and the rear was engaged so it would not move. Of course I was 400’ from my driveway and the plow was down which made it fun. I put the tractor in forward and started to push it and the thing took off. So I hopped on and took it to the front of the garage. I put it in revers and it cut out again so I pushed it in the garage. Today I went out to check the tow valve. I took it out and cleaned the threads up put it back in and it did not change anything. According to the dipstick I have the proper amount of fluid in it. I did have a drip that I fixed on the cylinder still nothing... does anyone out there have any tips to help me out? I’ve never had a transmission like this only manual transmissions. The model of this transmission is the sundstrand 90-1140.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Good Morning Ladies & Gents;
      I operate a Small Engine & Power Equipment Repair Shop From my home in Bridgeport, Ct.
      Yesterday I started repairs on a 1984 +- Wheel Horse C-145 Automatic Lawn & Garden Tractor. 
      I decided this would be a good candidate for a repair video series on my new Youtube channel. Since the repairs on this tractor are not the usual carb cleaning & belt replacements.
      Someone suggested that the Wheel Horse enthusiasts on this site might find this information useful and I hope that's the case.
      Problems I'm aware of and being addressed include........... Motion Works Linkages, Hydraulic Implement Controls, Brakes & Parking Brake, Mower Blade Mounting, and whatever else I find as repairs progress.
      Repair Video's have been a tremendous help to me on all types of things that I don't have a service manual for, and if this helps someone then the effort will be well worth it.
      As I post this there are 4 video's in the series. More will be added in the coming days.
      If you find the video's helpful please like, comment & subscribe, so I can mold the channel into a useful resource. It takes a lot of extra time to video document repairs, so it's good to know if it's worth it.
      This Tractor belongs to a repair client and is Not For Sale 
      Good Luck With Your Repair Projects..........................Mike
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