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Bought a couple of horses several days ago and picked them up today and brought them home.

Neither one runs right now and I'm not sure what is wrong with each one, but I got them reasonable and if I have to part one or the other out, I will get my money back and then some!


Here are the requested pictures!

1981 C-125 (with a 14 HP Kohler Magnum transplant)





1976 C-160




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The C-125 looks like it's got a transplanted Kohler Magnum 14 hp engine in it - very good!

Nice score!

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Sometimes.....I think these things should be called Wheel Rabbits!!!  Because they multiply like them sometimes.

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Lane Ranger

post-339-0-55188100-1403694586_thumb.jpgKen:  You are going to like that C-160 a lot!   I bought a 1990  312-8 today in Spencer, Indiana from a 94 year old man that bought it new in 1990.  A one owner!  Never had one before.  Works great and has a 42 inch rear discharge high end recycler deck on it that is perfect.
















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Ken: You are going to like that C-160 a lot! I bought a 1990 312-8 today in Spencer, Indiana from a 94 year old man that bought it new in 1990. A one owner! Never had one before. Works great and has a 42 inch rear discharge high end recycler deck on it that is perfect.

Damned lucky dog. Where are the photos???? :)

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Had the time to mess with the C-160 this afternoon.

I towed it into the garage and removed the hood for easier access to the engine.

Starter was rusted tight, so I disassembled it, cleaned it up and reassembled it and it worked.

Had to put a coil and condenser on it. Wired it up, put the battery charger on it, and adjusted the points.

Cranked it and had good spark!

Shot a little gasoline into the carb, jumped the solenoid, and the sucker fired right up and died.

Got my spary bottle of gasoline and kept it running for a couple minutes just spraying fuel into the carb.


Will work on the fuel system tomorrow....Should be driving around in a few days!

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Lane Ranger

Ken:  I looked at two C-160 hydros with hydraulic lift today and both were $1000 each but looked a lot worse than yours!   They are a good tractor.  Make sure to check the frame at back where transmission bolts on for cracks.   A common issue with C-160.    That 16 horse in front weighs a lot!

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It's the C-160 you had success with and that is the one that I would have highly valued of the two you picked up! That is great news that the motor cranks and runs! Now you need to cross your fingers on the hydro being good!

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    • PMeadows
      By PMeadows
      Thinking about selling my 1974 C-160 and hoping to get a feel for interest. It has working hydraulics, front plow, single row rear plow, 42" belly mower deck, 55lb wheel weights. Runs fantastic, no smoke. Lights work, amp meter works, has plug in cigarette lighter (doesn't work). Left rear wheel cylinder has slow leak.

    • Tuneup
      By Tuneup
      Hi all,
      Summary: Solid mounts a year ago were very nice. Removed balance gears last December. Unacceptable. Installed eBay originals in good condition. I can ride it again at full throttle AND keep my fillings.
      Long story (I have the day off):
      A thread inspired me last December to look and see if my balance gears were doing well and the rear one was a wobbler. Removed them. She was burning too much oil - original rebuild was just a stone hone and power was not as it should be - it took months to get it bored .020. Hard to find in GA. Installed everything and started her up. Solid mounts USED to be great! That old off-idle vibration that shook the hood was gone thanks to those mounts. A little more vibration was OK. After the removal of the balance gears - NOT! The thing makes my butt numb and I can't mow at higher than about 2500 RPM. The hood vibrates just too much.
      Decided to shop Flea Bay for some used, but OK, mounts. Toro prices are . . . the usual Toro prices. Mine were shot and tossed in the bin. Easily installed, right?
      I thought in my ignorance that I could just remove a solid mount one at a time and pop-in the originals. Heck, the mount rubber has to be pressed in! Who knew? My old ones weren't like this at the restoration years ago.
      Delayed while I figured how to pull the engine on my own. I used to just throw it up on the bench but I've grown more cautious. No buds around in the AM for assistance. Tied some 10 gauge wire around a 2x3. Put one end on the table saw and lifting was easy. Still have to lift the weight but no bending and it was going on the floor. Dead lift at knee level. Pulled the 2x3 across the table to extend the engine to the side of the tractor and let her down slowly.

      Engine bay still pretty clean and the engine oil was due for its 1 hour drop after the rebuild anyway. Looked fine.

      How to get those mounts in? Tried a C clamp and a socket as a spacer - too clumsy. Greased them up nicely and got longer bolts - tightening them a bit at a time and nudging the mounts into the hole with a blunt object. Turned out not to be a bother!


      I've learned not to throw things away. It always seems that you need something the day after it's in the garbage truck. I still had the grounding lead and the large mount washers.
      The wife assisted in the re-installation. Kinda' freaked her out. Back in place, and I got to clean the lower engine area from that minor oil leak around the fuel pump. Attracted grass clippings like a magnet.


      A few bulb squeezes to start her up and, glorious! No more teeth chattering and I can take her up to 3600 if I like - sounds wonderful and she tore through the deep, deep crab grass. Don't discount those mounts. Sure, that off idle vibration is back and stronger than before. Nothing like a fresh bore for power. Something to spend time on tomorrow.
      Now, what to do with these?

    • Tuneup
      By Tuneup
      So gang, it's Christmas time and my company has extended its forced vacation to two weeks, sucking 7 days of FTO from me. I've got all kinds of things to do for the wifey-poo but what the heck can I do for me?
      I've got two K301s so may as well get out the surgical tools and do a b-gearectomy. The C-125 goes first. Restored that back in '17 and so she's got maybe 75 hours on her. It'll be rather painless and the youngster is visiting so can assist in getting that b-itch up onto the bench. She's already been moved to the garage and the old Kawi and its carb parts moved back to the shed while I search for tiny o-rings. Wish me luck and pics to come. Oh, there is no rattle BUT she's always had a minor knock I chalk-up to excessive end play (didn't measure it back then 'cause I'm bad but, dang!, will now).
    • Jeff-C175
      By Jeff-C175
      I put together a replacement for the missing clutch handle today.  I like it so much I'm going to make one for my C-175 also!
      Now I need to figure out how come it's not staying DISengaged.  It EASILY jumps off the detent at the slightest touch.  It appears to be a new bracket / lever, judging from the paint on it, but I have not investigated further yet.  Wonder if anyone has run into this and solved it?

      What is the correct routing for the throttle cable?  This just CAN'T be correct!  It's right on the cooling fins of the engine, it's done melted the skin off the cable!  Maybe it's a replacement cable and simply too short?
      If someone could post a pic of the correct routing it would be much appreciated!

      While looking that over I noticed some oil 'weepage' at the front of the engine.  To me it appears to be concentrated right under the fuel pump.  I presume there's a gasket there that may need to be refreshed?


      The only other suspect is the valve cover but and that appears to be a little weepy too, but  more so the fuel pump. 

      What say you K301 gurus?
    • RJ Hamner
      By RJ Hamner
      The C-160 just wasn't running right. Started with new points, plug, filters. 
      I had put an aftermarket carb on it but had found a good Carter N in the correct size so I rebuilt it.
      Got it started this afternoon and had it running at about half speed to warm it up so I could make the final adjustment to the carb.
      It purred along for about 4 minutes and just quit.
      First thought was "out of gas".  Looked in the tank and sure enough it was really low so I filled it up.
      Tried to start it again .....NOTHING
      Went and rechecked everything ....NOPE
      Got out the can of starting fluid...NOPE
      Pulled the plug and noticed the gap was ZERO.  Re-gapped and tried again.  Same thing again no gap.
      Pulled the head.  Looked normal.
      When I cycled the engine I noticed that the exhaust valve didn't fully retract.
      Was able to remove the exhaust valve with two fingers!!!!!
      Guess I am in the market for a new set of keepers and a few gaskets.
      The guys at McHenry's Small Engine Love Me
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