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2000 RPM Cross Brand Compatibility Mowers

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I became a little curious when researching the PTO RPMs of older Wheel Horse, John Deere and Cub Cadets.  I read that "Woods Equipment" fabricated the Wheel Horse D finishing mowers back in the 70's and maybe the 80's and these mowers were belt driven, and I'm guessing had large pulley that appeared to reduce the 2000 RPM to a more manageable/safe speed.  


Mike Duwe from other forum (weekendfreedommachines.com) discovered that John Deere and Cub Cadet also had REAR PTOs with 2000 RPMs similar to the D Series Wheel Horses.  Because of this, is it possible the John Deere 260 Finishing Mower and the Cub Cadet L42 Model 349 would fit the D Series Wheel Horse?  I'm not sure of the rotation direction, spline and diameter differences between Wheel Horse and John Deere are, but this would make finding a D Series finishing mower slightly easier.  



Wheel Horse

John Deere

Cub Cadet







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I may a bit dense but it would seem to me the big pulley would spin at the PTO speed and the blade spindles would be going much much faster..screaming.


The big pulley looks just like the one that comes with my woods L59 finish mower that goes on my Case VAC.  It has a standard 540 PTO and the big pulley spins at that speed and the blade spindles spin faster...Big pulley is 18inch, spindles about 4.5.  I think that jumps the spindle speed to about 2160 rpm.


The pulleys on my WH finish mower are all about the same size so that would make the spindle speed about 2000rpm


Sorry I do not have a picture of the pulley mounted on the PTO shaft


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