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sjoemie himself

512-D with sweeper, upgrades and modifications

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sjoemie himself

Thanks @kpinnc sleep did it's thing!


Snooped around on the internet this afternoon and found a webstore in England/Great Britain that seems to have the parts that I (might) need in stock.

Things like piston, connecting rod, cylinder, camshaft, bearings etc. Depending on which parts I need I think the engine might be salvageable.

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    • sjoemie himself
      By sjoemie himself
      A while ago I picked up a Canadiana 5hp heavy duty tiller. It features forward and reverse control and you could buy add on implements for it.

      My example unfortunately suffered a catastrofic engine faillure a.k.a. 'window' in the block. Hence it was cheap so I picked it up. The idea I had for it was to mount it on the rear of my 'Murray to IH 1568' build. However since I bought a Wheel Horse i've been thinking about mounting it on the front of that tractor.
      This is what i'm thinking..

    • sjoemie himself
      By sjoemie himself
      As requested some pictures of my 1986 Wheel Horse 512-D with sweeper attachment.

    • sjoemie himself
      By sjoemie himself
      Hello, new member here. My name is Mark and i'm from the Netherlands. The tractor virus is running in my blood since I was a little kid. I have a few hundred 1/32 and some 1/16th scale model tractors. And since a few weeks my second garden tractor.
      Stumbled upon this goldmine of a forum after purchasing a Wheel horse 512-D with sweeper recently. Only after buying I found out that these tractors are not too common with the Robin diesel engine.
      I've already scrolled through several threads and many beautiful pictures. Hoping to learn a lot and maybe add a little of my own knowledge here and there.
      Greetings from the Netherlands, Mark

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