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sjoemie himself

1986 512-D

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    • sjoemie himself
      By sjoemie himself
      A while ago I picked up a Canadiana 5hp heavy duty tiller. It features forward and reverse control and you could buy add on implements for it.

      My example unfortunately suffered a catastrofic engine faillure a.k.a. 'window' in the block. Hence it was cheap so I picked it up. The idea I had for it was to mount it on the rear of my 'Murray to IH 1568' build. However since I bought a Wheel Horse i've been thinking about mounting it on the front of that tractor.
      This is what i'm thinking..

    • sjoemie himself
      By sjoemie himself
      Hello, new member here. My name is Mark and i'm from the Netherlands. The tractor virus is running in my blood since I was a little kid. I have a few hundred 1/32 and some 1/16th scale model tractors. And since a few weeks my second garden tractor.
      Stumbled upon this goldmine of a forum after purchasing a Wheel horse 512-D with sweeper recently. Only after buying I found out that these tractors are not too common with the Robin diesel engine.
      I've already scrolled through several threads and many beautiful pictures. Hoping to learn a lot and maybe add a little of my own knowledge here and there.
      Greetings from the Netherlands, Mark

    • kurm
      By kurm
      You can search for the specs but here are some links:
      https://lookup3.toro.com/partdex/modlinfo.cfm?xCaller=Toro&o=2&x=22004&b=9900001&e=9999999&m=73552&y=1999&n=523Dxi Garden Tractor&channel=CN
      This is a beast!   Comes with the 60" deck and also a 48" deck and a new battery.  New belt (installed but unused), newer hoses, regular maintenance.   
      There are wheel weights too but idk if they fit this unit as I've never tried.
      758 hours
      I got a zero turn and a Kubota tractor and this has sadly become ignored.

    • Scottwilson
      By Scottwilson
      Hi all I’ve just acquired my first Wheel horse and it’s a 1986 512-D with the Robins Diesel engine from what I can see it was a one year only model into Europe. Any info anyone can give me would be great . 

    • shallowwatersailor
      By shallowwatersailor
      Today my two diesel tractors finished this year's mowing season. With leaves covering the ground, I needed to fertilize for the last time this year. A portion of my front lawn was torn up a few weeks ago due to having an underground fuel tank removed. Because of where the tank was buried, the contractor's two trucks and backhoe made two routes to the tank's location. A lot of the lawn needed to be reseeded. I added 10 yards of topsoil to help the new grass along. Of course, we had 22 days without rain so I needed to sprinkle every day!
      Using "Paladin", my 523Dxi, I first mulched the leaves so that the fertilizer would be applied to the ground and not the leaves. It is nice having power steering as I ran wide circles amongst my trees so that I wouldn't tear up the new grass. Then it was my DC-105's, "Dillon", turn to pull my broadcast spreader. Some nice seat time! Now to get the 523Dxi ready for winter.
      Of course, I was supervised the whole time.  







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