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Found 9 results

  1. I have a 522xi and noticed the muffler is glowing red as shown in this video? Should I be concerned and fix it to normal operating temps or is this expected? Thanks, JMack IMG_1788.MOV
  2. BrianKoch

    Muffler Change ‘69 Charger 12

    Gentlemen, I just changed the muffler on my ‘69 Charger 12. There are quite a few Gravely 18543 aftermarket mufflers out there so I decided to purchase 2; 1 from Amazon for $45 and 1 from NAPA (7-03679) for $72. Both are made in Taiwan and while the Amazon muffler actually felt a tad heavier to me, its welded construction was poorer so I decided to use the NAPA muffler. To complete the installation, I needed a 1.25” x 4” black pipe nipple and a 5/16” x 1-1/4” exhaust clamp (NAPA 733-5323). In conclusion, it seems to me the sound out of the Gravely style muffler is noticeably quieter than the classic pepper pot. Worth the $80 to me! Link to my YouTube video:
  3. I have a Kohler K341 on a GT 14 tractor. Its always had the typical .....what are they called?........pepper shaker muffler? on the tractor. I've had to replace them several times....they seem to just eventually burn up. I can honestly say even from day one whenever I installed a new muffler of this type, I really couldn't tell that it really muffled much noise, maybe a little, but very little. As usage time goes on, they all got nothing but louder. Of course, part of this is the sheer displacement of the motor......35.9 cu. in. = 588 cc. Think of it in terms of a slightly bored out Norton Manx 500 cc thumper with an open megaphone exhaust. Deafening! You don't want to be standing 8 or 10' behind a Manx when it being warmed up and the throttle is being "blipped" to do that, without ear protection. These older flat head engines seem to be much louder than the newer OHV engines which are common in lots of equipment now. I've owned and used this tractor for 35 years now, and I guess I'm beginning to become somewhat of a crotchety old senior, but its becoming annoying to me (the operator), and I in fact had one neighbor that ragged me out over the noise. It may be because they have a pool and spend a fair amount of time outside, and the pool is about 10-11 feet from a chain link fence that divides the properties. I'm really not that worried about the neighbor nearly as much as I am myself, or should I say my hearing. I already have hearing loss from years of firing pneumatic nail guns and listening to compressors and heavy machinery running on job sites. What are you other K341 owners using and doing to get more muffling accomplished? Surely there has to be a more reasonable solution which will allow you to hear yourself think after an hour or hour and a half of operation. Is there a viable, positive solution for this problem so my ears and head don't ring for an hour after just mowing my lawn? Regards, Steve
  4. Jersilb

    Added new exhaust/muffler

    Decided to add a traditional tractor exhaust/muffler tonight. I think it turned out pretty good. Used a Ford Muffler and reduced it to a 1" pipe, welded the 1" pipe to a new exhaust port flange. Amazingly, it is a lot quieter now. Did not expect that. Next, I might add some little headlights on each side of the hood. Probably need a little coil to run them. Well see what I can find on eBay.
  5. Afternoon gentlemen had some free time today, so I fabricated a new muffler for my C-81 using a propane tank, and a variety of pipe fittings 3/4" and 1" from Home Depot. I used the existing mounting bracket off the old (shot) muffler as well as the end Tip otherwise everything is new.... The 3/4" pipe inlet and outlet were "brazed" on with an oxygen and acetylene torch. I also drilled several rows of holes all around the part of the 3/4" pipe that went into the top of the tank and closed the far end (welded a nut across the opening). End result is that it sounds almost exactly like the stock muffler now we will see how long it holds up.......NOTE: The tanks have two (2) spring valves (like the one's in a tire tube)..... they are a bit deeper then the one's in a tire tube so I took a piece of steel rod (same size as the hole) took my small cut-off tool cut a fork in the top of the rod inserted it into the tank valves screwed the valves out and then blew-out the tank with my air compressor. Note: you can also depress the valve with a small screw driver and get like 98% of any gas out. Like anything else you do have to take pre-cautions and be very careful. You could also fill it with water after the valves are out and then drain.
  6. IndyFord2

    C-120 Relocate muffler (Kohler)

    Would like to relocate muffler, does get hot in carb, fuel pump aria after mowing for an hour or so. Have heard some people have had vapor lock issues. I like the look of the factory muffler, but the heat. Don't want a big stack sticking up n the air. I have seen some with the smaller "shower head" mufflers but was wondering about noise (are they louder). Have also seen a few pic's of newer tractors that looked like the muffler was mounted horizontally above the PTO. I think I even saw one with a small chrome heat shield. Also looks like the air from the engine fan helps to dissipate the heat. Looking for any one that has good pic's of or ideas about this.
  7. Guest

    520H muffler

    I'm looking for a muffler for a 1996 520H Toro Wheel Horse part # 116470. We have not been able to locate any. Thanks.
  8. Several weeks back I was searching the net for a thread that might address the question: Will a chrome 520 muffler heat shield fit a smaller series machine? I found a few bits of information here and there, but nothing that really answered the question. With that said, I hope this thread finds some of you well. Here’s what I initially gathered from reading the net and various conversations: the 520 guard is too long, it needs to be modified, they still offer the chrome guard new thru Toro and all guards are the same. Let me give you the accurate answers based on my recent experience. The 520 guard is a bit longer (illustrated below), depending which guard you get, it does not need to be modified at all, the chrome guard is NOT offered new thru Toro – only the black, and the guards are definitely not all the same. There appears to be 2 different chrome guards and 1 black. One of the chrome guards has mounting holes on the outside edges and the other has the mounting holes set in a few inches from the edge (mine pictured below). I imagine they differed based on the engine – obviously. The black guard (as far as I can tell) is only offered with the holes set in a few inches from the edge. When I bought my 310, the muffler was totally smooth with no mounting tabs welded to it for a guard. I was able to get a muffler from a 414, which was exactly identical but did have the tabs. I then took a gamble and purchased the chrome shield you see below (from a 520). I only needed to make one bracket for this to be a direct bolt-on without any modifications to the muffler or guard. 1) Piece of mild steel cut to length with three holes drilled. 2) Bracket blasted and painted with high temp black. I slipped sheetmetal fasteners on the 4 muffler tabs and used stainless 8/32 hardware. 3) I used the factory mounting location(s) for both the guard and the muffler. 4) Both are factory muffler tab locations. On the shield, the 8/32 screw fits thru the horizontal slot without modification. Sure, its not the “correct†mounting location for the shield, but personally, I think it’s fine. 5) Attaches the factory shield mounting point to the homemade bracket. On this screw I have a stainless lock washer and nut (vs. sheetmetal fastener). 6) Is there a length difference? Yes. It is approx. 1.5â€-2â€. Quite honestly, it doesn’t bother me one bit, but that’s me – and I’m pretty picky about this stuff. I’ve never claimed to be an expert about these later model WH’s, so if anything I’ve noted above seems to be in error, please feel free to comment. My hope is that this info helps others out in the future.
  9. I've looked on here for a couple days but have found no real resolution for a D 200 replacement muffler. It appears my best bet might be dirt bike mufflers.That idea came from a post I saw from our friends across the pond. Does anyone have anything better for a stock position D 200 replacement muffler?
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