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Found 16 results

  1. Hello All, just bought a wheel horse out of a pile of rotting leaves...somebody has painted it orange...im not sure but i've been crusing this site and i think its an electro 12....says charger automatic below the hood on the up rite for the steering colum...its my first wheel horse..is it worth restoring? it cleaned up really good and got in running in 4 hrs (bad condensor)...thanks guys
  2. I haven't posted for a long time but I haven't stopped horsing around! I came up with a plan to teach my son how to repair small engines and learn the fundamentals of mechanical repair. He and his friend could help repair and sell to purchase another one and do the same. I also happen to be a Wheel Horse addict so this helps me with my obsession too. I found a Wheel Horse in the local classified add that looked like it would make a great project. After many e-mails and calls I finally was able to set a date and time to go check this hidden treasure out. When we reached our destination the old girl was sitting lonely and cold under a ragged worn out tarp. I had no idea what I had found because the sticker just said Wheel Horse. What more do you really need! The sellers inherited the tractor and did know much about her. They just said it was fun to ride on. It was missing one rear tire chain and the weights seem to be gone. They thought it had a mower but couldn't locate it. I offered $100.00 and took my chances know the motor had compression, wasn't seized and the tractor had a plow. He said yes and off we went. the old girl up We brought her home and warmed the old girl up in the garage. I still had no idea what she was but I knew it was worth a $100.00. The boys and I spent some time cleaning the leaves out, draining the old gas and checking the oil. We didn't take the carb apart or look at the spark plug yet I was too excited. We jumped the battery and she started right up. It sounds great and the automatic drive is sweet. Now the boys are Wheel Horse addicts too and they think we should keep her for our very own. It has hydraulic lift for the plow as well. What a cool fun find from 1968!
  3. Conner Anderson

    wheel horse charger 9

    I own a Charger 9, it is a 68 and I am wondering what I should ask for it. I personally want to trade it, just cannot find anything worth my efforts. I found a younger gentleman in his 20's, he's over 650 miles away from me and he has himself a raider 12, I want it just he wants two tractors for it. I personally feel my Charger is worth more than 250, as it is one of a kind. Please, let me know.
  4. 12 hp Kohler

    Charger and Raider LSD

    Been looking at a lot or Raiders and Chargers lately and was wondering if they all have LSD? I know most of them did but I was wondering if some of the later models might have had the Uni drives instead ? Thanks, Robbie.
  5. Nate89

    Some one help me

    Look to see if someone can help me with on identifying my wheel horse on what year it is wheel horse charger 12 modle 1 0401 7
  6. I just obtained a Charger V7 Automatic. The reservoir is empty and the tranny has no fluid present. There is some residual, so no corrosion appears to be present and the wheels turn freely. I would appreciate input on fluid to use (I believe the manual recommended Wheel Horse #8827 or Texaco Transhydral). Thanks.
  7. Good morning Wheel Horse experts! I have a gentleman that is interested in purchasing my 312-8 because the hydro rear end went in his 70's vintage charger 12. He'd like to be able to use the existing attachments he has with the 312 and asked me if I knew if they were compatible. I did a little searching and couldn't find a clear answer so I thought I'd defer to you guys. Will he be able to use his charger 12 attachments with a 3 series tractor(mower deck, plow blade, etc.)? Or are they not compatible. I know c series attachments are compatible but not so sure about the charger tractors. Thanks!
  8. Derek.199

    Charger 12

    I have a wheel horse charger 12 that I want to get rid of, it's rare for my area and I can't figure out why it won't start. Let me know if you're interested. Derek from Rhode Island
  9. I recently purchased a Charger V8 automatic (model # 1-7841,serial # 593424). According to what I found online it is a 1969 model year and they only made them for 2 years. It's a neat little bugger. It starts right up, moves forward and reverse well. I even cut a little grass with it. Appears (haven't measured it yet) to be a 36" rear discharge deck. Paint is faded but no real rust anywhere on her. The front lights work as well as the rear although I don't know how original the rear is. Heck, even has the original cigarette lighter and it works! Any background on this model would be welcome as well as average value in this condition. I will probably unload it in the spring as it was part of a package deal and I don't have a need (or space) for it. I was told the baby moons are original, too. Too bad I'm not a smoker otherwise I would keep it just so I could light up while cutting that dry august grass. lol Man, people really liked their smokes back in the day! Thanks guys.
  10. Hi, I am trying to locate the part number for the mower deck to tractor belt for a 1969 Charger V8 Model 17841. A manual would be nice as well... Cheers, Hugh
  11. My 75 C-160 with a sundstrand 90-1140 hydro was getting weak, so I put in a sundstrand 90-2046 from my 72 charger 12 parts tractor. Everything fit up and it works fine. My question is can the hydraulic lift cyl be used on the 90-2046, and if so ,where do the two lines connect on the 2046 ?? Thanks for any help. Ed
  12. mountainside

    1968 ELECTRO 12

  13. Trouty56

    Hydraulic hoses

    I'm cleaning up a Charger 10...making a few changes and you know how is goes....one thing leads to another and so on. I added a hydraulic lift from a Bronco to this Charger a few months ago and a couple lines leaked at the ends. I remembered a thread by CharliesD250 a year maybe more back and started checking things out. I had a hose made a little over a year ago (the shortest one) and it cost 30 bucks thereabouts. So I got pre-made hoses online with 1/4 inch JIC swivels in lengths of 12, 18, 24, and 30 inches. I also need to get some JIC to SAE #5 ORB connectors....straight ones And elbows...4 of each... The elbows installed... I got the elbows locally because they were sold at a different site and with the shipping they would have cost over 5 bucks a piece. Well with gas I guess I spent that anyway, BUT, there is a 1/4 inch JIC elbow (m to f) that could be used on the same site I got the rest of the stuff. I'm going to try it next time. I need 3 hoses for the 160 and a couple for the D. Price for the hoses and straight adapters....52 and change shipped. Surpluscenter.com Thanks Charlie.....
  14. Trouty56

    Engine pulley clearance (tecumseh)

    I am doing a little spring cleaning on a 1969 Charger 10 with a transplanted Tecumseh HH100 engine. When I pulled the engine pulley there were two, bigger than the pto shaft, washers behind the 7914 pulley. Now this calls for the 7443 pulley but this is a 51/4 inch pulley also. I think they are similar but possibly diffferent on the inside. The pto shaft has a small offset about 1/8 inch from the bearing plate for the pulley to ride on but the pulley touches the plate if pushed in all the way without those huge washers. Maybe the difference in pulleys is that this pulley is not flat on the back and the 7443 is????maybe??? I was thinking of placing a brass 1/8 thick 1 1/8 ID thrust bearing behind the pulley to provide clearance.....any advice????
  15. I found this Wheel Horse Electro 12 for sale. It is definitely going to be a long hard project. I am needing a little help on the electric clutch/pto. It is completely frozen....any ideas???
  16. I have an Eaton #700 015 with a date code of ‘L13E’ . It came with the rear end assembly and nothing else, but I don’t know what tractor it was for. Can anyone decipher the code date (L13E) and tell me when this hydro unit was made, and what model tractor it came on? I’m thinking about trying to adapt it to replace my Sundstrand unit in my 1969 Electro 12 which is shot. The Eaton does say that it’s rotation is CCW. Haven’t checked the rotation of my Sundstrand yet. Does anyone know if you can still get any parts for the Eaton #7? I know you can’t get new needed parts for the old Sundstrand and all the used parts that I have found for it are just as worn out as my parts are. I need a Wheelhorse that isn’t afraid to do a little hard work but so far my Horse keeps breaking it's leg and I can't get it to heal. Ed
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