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    Regardless of how much I try and say, I really have not the words to describe how I actually feel about this, nor do I still understand why I deserve this honor. John @wallfish gave me the RJ model he has been working on for so long, and has so fascinated all of us with its craftsmanship, vision,and dedication. Besides what it means as part of a hobby which is dear to me, as a woodworker for someone to dedicate so much of themselves into such an accomplishment and to then just give it to me, is not only an honor but also a testament to John's character, generosity and unselfishness.It is people like him that restores my faith in humankind. I say this not just because I am the lucky recipient of his generosity, but because those qualities are also evident to everyone that knows him by watching how generous and willing he is always in insisting that everyone uses his creations we know so well, his constant helping of everyone who needs it, and by giving tools to someone who need them such as in the case of Eric @ebinmaine and I am sure many others. Even though I followed closely the thread about the building of it , and I recognized what kind of talent and vision was at work, it is now that I have it in front of me that I realize that all my previous opinions of it were greatly underestimated. The scale, and sheer delicacy of this object defines what is possible by human hands. If one looks at John's hands they do not exactly look like the hands of a surgeon but they can certainly do equal work. I have steady hands but they shake and freeze when just trying to handle this little gem. I have promised John that it will never leave me or my family, and that we will take it back to the show every year that I or my family goes, so it can be displayed on John's table for everyone to enjoy, for something like this is meant to be shared by all and not just tucked away as someone's treasure. Also the first thing next year will be to take a photo of it inside John's hand so that can be displayed here at home with it. So again John from the inner parts of my soul I thank you and I will never forget the kindness and generosity from you, which is right up there with your talent.
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    Took a 400 mile round-trip yesterday to bring this little one-owner home. Tractor has been in the previous owners family, and garage-kept since new. Has a few custom attachments (foot rests and horns under the hood). Previous owner included boxes of NOS parts collected over the years. The engine (K-181) was replaced somewhere along the line, as was the starter/generator. This is my first small hydro since I started collecting in 1993. (I'm not counting my 416-H). Since my 7 and 9 year old grandsons have some trouble with the clutch, I figured a nice little hydro would be great for them. Check out the original HL-5 light kit with original switch. This tractor pick-up was in western Pennsylvania, and my wife and I took the opportunity to side-trip to the Flight 93 Memorial. Walking down to the crash site on a beautiful day, and listening to some of the last answering machine recordings of the passengers brought tears to my eyes.
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    Another fantastic time! Great to see everyone. As usual my only regret is not having enough time to talk to more people. You will see in the following photos that I am not the only one who likes to smoke cigars....
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    Here are a few random shots followed by the parade. Wild Bill outdid himself this year and received a round of well deserved applause at the end of the parade. Job well done Bill!
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    I always hear about the "Other Guy" getting a great BARN FIND. Well today was MY lucky day A guy I work with sent me a picture of a Wheel Horse that was in his uncles barn. It was really hard to tell what it was other than a tractor. The picture was totally BROWN from the years of dirt. He did uncover the ID Tag.....It is a 1994 416-8 He wanted to know if I would be interested? Right!!!! Got it home, sprayed it with cleaner then turned on the water (it was RED underneath the brown) A new battery, a new fuel line and filter. Filled it with gas and checked the oil And then..........Mowed the front yard $400 so what do ya think??
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    I’m so tired I can’t remember! I picked up a 603 from @Shynon, an Electro 12 from @Ed Kennell, and an 855 from @Jennifer. All excellent tractors. Got the Electro running in about 45min and Becca drove it in the cruise! I picked up a lot of other goodies including a plow, disc, and decks from @Jennifer, tires and weights from @Sparky, weights from @Ed Kennell, deck from @Buzz, a tombstone weight from @hcminis, goodies from @Vinylguy, also got a beautiful seat from @BOB ELLISON, and some parts I needed and several I probably didn’t!😂🤣😂! We had a ball meeting everyone and talking! Thank you everybody! I’ll post some good pics next week when I unload. Here are a couple of pics from when I had to stop at Hobby Lobby for the wife. i completely forgot about the sickle bar I got from @Lane Ranger. What else has my tired old mine forgotten?😂
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    @19richie66 @PeacemakerJack @ebinmaine My Big Wheel friends, @953 nut and I made a deal! There’s an RJ-58 around the corner too
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    Congratulations @Aldon on having made the newest issue of the magazine with the GT22-8. Well deserved. That thing is a beast and will only get better as you go along. See full article posted by Kate at post #37
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    A picture is worth a thousand words... @Wildhorse check it out!!!
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    Mrs. Pullstart did the most picture taking, while I kept tractors running. @Wild Bill in VA thank you for trying to help before the parade! Jada’s “Barney Fife” 857 seemed to have lost it’s points. I could file them and that k181t would just purr for a good two minutes then it died again. Rylee’s battery died twice, Hot Wheels lost a fuse, Frank quit running in the Cruise night, his stack about fell off.... and all the tractors to tear apart! I pretty much lost my first 953 to my girls, especially Rylee. I heard fun stories, made new friends, saw old ones too! The pictures are quite random, including the smoked brakes, the trip to @roadapples‘ house, Rylee walking on her hands, and whatnot around the fair grounds... Now... for the ground to just dry out so I can in-stuck Norman and unload....
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    My wife had a birthday recently and she has been looking at metal roosters to put up next to the outhouse for several years but has had the good judgement to not pay several hundred dollars for one. A few weeks ago I started working on one for her with a frame of #8 galvanized steel wire and skinned with copper (sort of like the statue of liberty). Before I took off for the Big Show the finishing touches were put on it and I spritzed it with salt water to get some patina going. If I must say so I think it came out well. So, if you cant decide what to get someone you may want to build them a copper roster!
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    Meet my new, #40 tractor in my collection...my first off branded tractor...an early production College Park (COPAR) Panzer. Not their first year of production, a '54 Model A, but pretty gosh darn close to it. I've read that less than 300 first year, documented model A's were ever produced, and only a handful of legitimate survivors out there being known to still exist. To my mind, it reads that the model A's were the early prototypes that led to the T-100's going into full production in '55...the T being Tricycle front steering. I won't bore you with all the crazy Panzer nerding I've already started to do here...I'll just say that it's a really cool old tractor, powered by a 9HP Briggs that really gets down the road you start moving the belt around on the flywheel. Has rear wheel turning brakes (which make it pivot on a dime) on a narrowed Chrysler 8-3/4" rear end. Really had a blast on the first day with it here yesterday. Was a true barn find, that seems to have been very well loved by it's PO who recently passed. May he RIP. I'll leave you with a couple quick first day Panzer ride videos we did here around the house yesterday.
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    We finally made it home! Husband and I couldn’t wait to put a battery in our new horse and check it out! And introduce it to the family! LOL! It was a long drive but worth it! Family and I are glad to finally be home! But really enjoyed seeing new places like Lake Erie, Niagara Falls, and other cool places! And a few problems along the way but nothing that couldn’t be handled! But the best part was to meet other cool friendly horse lovers!
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    Well the family really had a great time! My husband really wasn’t wanting to go this year but after we finally arrived he meet a few of the guys! Wes, @dells68 ,Paul, Howard, Eric J. and even got to meet pullstart! I missed out on meeting pullstart but hope to see next year! Husband was dreading having to drive another five hours further to get the new family Horse! We made it with out trouble and picked it up, it’s a beautiful horse so we may have to go get it fixed so it doesn’t breed more horses! It’s bigger then the little suburbans!! Going to enjoy Nagra falls and then make our journey back home just want to thank everybody that puts on the show and all that great people we got to meet! Lane I didn’t forget you thanks for the hug!!!!!
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    Been looking for a loader for a few years now. They're hard to come by up here ......... Final found one. Waiting for confirmation that it's mine........ Fingers are crossed Oh ya........ it come with a 1054 attached.
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    We spent it smoking salmon and watching smoke rise...with a few cold ones.
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    Found this 2004 with 172 hours 10 minutes from my house.
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    Over the last couple of days Trina and I have been spending some time freshening her 657, Pony and my 1974 C160, Cinnamon. She's been cleaning up the paint on both of them a little. We are changing the oil in Pony. We will be adding some engine stickers and a couple of Redsquare stickers and Trina added some black tape on the edges to prevent sheet metal from scuffing on other pieces. The Cinnamon Horse is our heavy load pulling tractor. All four tires are fluid filled and the fronts are quite oversized. Changing back to the stock size unweighted turf tires takes about 375 lb off the weight of the tractor. Before the tire change One of each for comparison The AG tires shown above are on Cub rims which have backspacing 2" deeper from the inside so to make up for that I use these 3" aluminum spacers. The extra inch is to ensure room for chains. One of each of the fronts to see the large size difference After all tires changed A few years ago a good friend of mine who is a fellow truck driver gave me a great gift in the form of a Flying Swan Hood Ornament that has been used on Peterbilts and Kenworths for many years. The one he gave me came off of a Kenworth W900, I believe 1979, that he used to own. A great gift with a much appreciated personal touch to add do something of my own. I've been thinking about putting this on this particular tractor since I first got it and this is perfect timing because it is going to a Truck And Tractor Show.
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    I've been on hiatus for a while. Finishing the new place and moving and getting my new shop lined out. Finally had time for a little project and thought I would share. Every time I went to mow down by the road and in the less groomed areas of my place, I would find logs, rocks and trash from those who don't cotton to "Don't mess with Texas." I would pick it up and try to hold on to it until the load got bigger than I could handle and then I would make a pile with the intention of picking up when I headed back to the shop. I usually forgot but got a "friendly" reminder from the war department. I looked around for a way to carry the debris and couldn't find anything I liked, nor wanted to pay for. I am planning a carry all for my JD2305. So I set out to design a Carry-Some for the C-121. The goal was to use only what I had on hand. So i gathered what 3/4 plywood I had and drew it out on my workbench. (Nice to have a melamine top that I can draw on and just wash it off) I cut three strips of 3/4 plywood for the receiver hitch tongue and glued them together. I then cut my first side piece. I then took another inventory and realized I needed to cut it down a little to have enough large pieces. Then time for a bunch of pocket holes. All joints glued with Titebond II. Dado'd a cross brace into the tongue to give lateral support Primer And finally paint. viola! Didn't have any Regal Red but had a quart of IH Red which looks just fine (Better then the C-121 for sure) Had a partial can of truck bed spray so I painted the inside with it (after the coat of red) Probably would have made it 8" on the bottom instead of 12" if I could have visualized it. A little worried about going down hills and bottoming out at the bottom. Oh well, just have to be careful! I am hoping this will be a handy tool for picking up debris and keeping the war department happy.
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    Had a great time at the big show this year and got to talk to some great people. Can’t wait till next year!! Here are a few pictures I took... Thanks so much @wallfish for letting my cousin and I ride your bike ! Had and a full load on the way home, Gt14 in the truck, suburban, electro 12 and tub cart on the trailer. Sad to see the grounds so empty
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    What a machine!!! 7 ton of ballast 1/4 ton at a time up a hill, never missed a beat. They don’t make em like this any more!!!
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    It was me. Lola gave them to someone who was putting them in the raffle. We are busy working on orders from the show but will be listing those on our website soon. Looks awesome Lane
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    Love it,Love it,Love it....
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    Put the house on the market monday, sign in the yard tuesday and signed a contract Saturday. That was quicker than I expected. Now the fun begins trying to figure out where to put everything
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    Easy guys, Johns “ok” but he ain’t no super-hero. All these compliments are gonna go right to his head. Turns out building stuff with toothpicks is super easy, any knucklehead can do it. Case in point: here’s a few of my creations that I was able to do in a fraction of the time it took this Fish guy to complete ONE teeny-tiny tractor First picture is called “Pile-o-Sticks”. It’s a great way to break into the hobby of toothpick building, get your feet wet so to speak. The next picture is an arrow that will guide you thru life by always pointing you in the right (or left) direction. I get choked up when I see my name in toothpicks, can hardly type thru the tears of joy. Next you’ll see an 8 sided stop sign with a simple “S”in the middle ( not enough toothpicks for all the letters of a stop sign) Unfortunately my daughters cat destroyed my creations before I could pick which one of you I deemed worthy of gifting them to.
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    I have an old Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC welding and needed to move it around so its not in the way all the time. I rarely use it as well especially since my son bought a Miller 210 multimatic machine!! ] So I used a old 2 wheel dolly and moved the wheels closer to the center and down to make it easier to move and welded up a mount for it. Put a couple of hooks on the top and threw some paint on it. It takes me awhile to get stuff done since I can't lift much anymore though. Thought I would show you guys and see what you think.
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    I had a great show this past weekend! I didn't bring any parts to sell, or any tractors to ride, but I enjoyed the food and fellowship with my friends that I haven't seen since last year! It was a much needed release from the "real world". Can't wait to do it again next year! I love coming to PA for the show because of the beautiful scenery, mild weather, and amazing food! The pies were on point again this year! I also learned my lesson and brought some home in the cooler for the wife! OK, without further ado, here are my pics. As you can see, i tend to gravitate towards the tractors from the 1960s. This show didn't disappoint!
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    Some of my photos from the 2019 Wheel Horse Collector's Club Big Show in Pennsylvania. Thanks to ALL who put on this great show, swap meet and experience for Wheel Horse owners! DSCN9518.AVI
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    I tore down this mystery tractor that Richard bought, and Rylee thought the hood would look good on her tractor! There is quite the back story to this mystery machine, as I met the builder of it! He originally purpose built it to cross a river and mow the property on the other side! It had an 8 speed transmission when he had it, and his brother did the paint work.
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    I believe that some of you requested a few pictures. After loading, unloading, getting every thing put away, & getting the lawn mowed, I can finally sit down & share a "few" pictures. Somebody had a new addition to their family at the show. Nice RS. Some of Barry's @Bear G custom rides. I believe that this was the best of show winner. The "Horse Barn" was a cooler place to relax and share some good conversation. A pic of the 2 cylinder hot rod, @19richie66. Even had an Air Horse at the show. An excellent lever steer @pullstart's line up A nice set up with reel mowers brought in by @joebob Lowell's @wheelhorseman's RS with electric start.
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    Move over Mafia there's a new club in town.
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    Took a good long ride with my dad today...245 miles. Got up into northern Massachusetts, picked up the Mohawk Trail heading west towards New York. Stopped in Shelbourne Falls, checked out the river, then into North Adams where we headed south to Greylock Mountain. Rode to the top, great views! The Appalachian trail passes thru here, looked like a tough area to hike. It was nice to have a couple pistons pulling me up the mountain . Hiked to the top of the tower where you could see into Vermont or New York. From there we headed south to Pittsfield where we grabbed a quick lunch. Then we rode a section of Rt 20 known as Jacobs Ladder. Love getting out there with my dad, he’s 77 but nowhere near ready to give up his 2 wheeler. He no longer rides a “motorcycle”...his bike is classified as a scooter. But it’s no slouch! His Suzuki Bergman scooter has a 650cc twin, fuel injection, full digital dash and will top out at 110 MPH! Yep, 110 !
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    Addiction what addiction?
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    Snagged 5 of these from Terry @Vinylguy at the show ....put one to the test tonight. I’m happy to report that it functions correctly !
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    Tonight was the first time I had mowed the front of my house with my 1067 that I just finished. What a beast!!
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    Well .. the purists may call it a 'restomod' as I went with a slightly different choice of color.. and the engine number doesn't match. But anything is better then the scrap that this would have become had I not saved it. This is a Maytag model 92 washing machine, built in October of 1927, (Though the engine was found in another location, more on that later. It was built in December of '28). Some years ago I owned a little twin cylinder Maytag engine, just stationary, on a set of skids. It went to shows along with my other antique engines. I sold it .. wish I hadn't. Another topic I suppose. Well for the last few years, I'd been wanting a single cylinder model .. but didn't want to pay the outrageous 'today' prices some people put on these things. Well.. nearly two years ago now, I was helping a friend from school take care of their horses (the four legged variety). I noticed the foot-starter pedal sticking up from the dirt inside a barn, the engine had been jammed under a hole in the barn wall where it met the dirt, apparently to cover up entrance for a critter at some unknown point in ancient history. At first I thought I was seeing things.. till I started to dig down and found the engine in the ground. It looked like a solid block of dirt, like you may find along a beach, just a clump of rusted iron. Missing the flywheel and magneto, exhaust, and other parts. Seized tight. Well .. the engine came home with me despite the odd looks and questions of why I'd want such a piece of trash. I later found the flywheel being used as a dog dish around the property, and the magneto was found on a shelf in the barn. After a few months soaking in a barrel of diesel/kerosene mix, I pulled it out and removed the carb. After scraping the dirt out and a few light taps with a hammer.. it was free. Pulled the piston to find the bore still clean. After all those years (Family has been there since the 60's, and has no knowledge of a washer or the engine, so lets say it was buried since atleast 1962). ..After all those years all the little engine needed was a condenser, and a light hone on the cylinder. I reused the original rings. They were still in great shape. Had a spare exhaust I'd picked up for some reason in the past. The rest of the parts I made myself. The little ID plate, the kill 'switch', etc. All the original brass hardware was in great shape and polished out nicely. I found the exhaust ports in the cylinder plugged with carbon.. likely the reason the (generally unreliable even when new) engine wouldn't start for the umpteenth time, and it was shoved in that hole to make it go away. The carbon is the only thing that saved it, I think. Blocked off any water from getting in. While I toiled away with the engine in spare time.. decided I wanted to find a washer to go with the machine. Some wanted ads and calls went without luck for a year. While at a engine show up in Boothbay, Maine, with one of my big engines (The little one didn't run yet), a lady saw my paper taped to my truck gate with 'Wanted: Antique Maytag Washer" printed on it, with a photo. She had one in her barn, and she wanted it out of the way since they were tearing it down.. A 10 mile run up the road sent me home with a complete though rough, 1927 Model 92 washer. It had been stripped of the engine decades earlier, and was running off an electric motor stuck to a board in the base. Last run sometime in the 70's as she told me. It had been in the family for decades. ..Story aside. It's been a really long task, nearly 2 years in all. With the Boothbay show just 4 days away (And the granddaughter of the original owner coming to see it running), it's nearly done. The washer itself was far more used up then the somehow preserved little engine. A few bearings had seized and it just continued to run with no maintenance, which created grooves in the drive shafts. We mended and replaced what all we could. Original color was 'Ghost Grey" and personally I am not a fan.. I felt this almond fit it better. They also came in a nice Apple Green.. but I had a really bad time with some special mixed paint which wasted about 4 months worth of time. (Did I mention I stripped it down 3 separate times because of paint issues?) ..Anyway that tangent over. Here it is nearly finished. It is of course a wringer washer. I will hopefully get those parts working tomorrow, and the lid put back on too. Incredibly overbuilt machine with gearing that rivals a WH transaxle. ..in fact is probably stronger.
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    So Happy to be at the Big Show today and see everyone and all the tractors on a such a beautiful day! Included two of the group photos as a preview and pictures of Wild Bill and Brandon with the raffle tractor, Steveasaurus and Chris, Rylee, and Bob Teeter- will update with more soon-the tractor parade is about to begin!
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    Hey everyone, I have been teaching my sons about mowing etc... They each ran about 30 circles of our property We Love our tractor. I enjoy the teaching aspect of this. (And no I'm not a teacher)
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    This was my 9th WHCC show... by far the best one I have attended especially with the great weather we had every day of the show.
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    Beware, there are a ton of photos coming up here..... We had a photo shoot with Frank before the show! I was so excited to take it into the field with the other tractors, Putt Putt had to be dragged along. There aught to be a good picture in here somewhere....
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    Trina, Meeha the dog, and I took a little walk in the woods. Roughly 7 miles. We peaked Cranmore Mountain which is a ski area. Also Black Cap Mountain. Kearsarge Mountain North Moat Mountain I wish I could label this next one. Dead center is South Moat and Middle Moat. To the right of that is the Red Ridge. To the right of that and just above the pine tree is North Moat. To the left of all of these and behind them is Mount Chocorua and The Three Sisters. On the right hand side kind of tucked in between the treetops you can see what is known locally as Cathedral Ledge. We've been on top of every single one of the mountains pictured above, some multiple times. The village in the foreground is North Conway New Hampshire.
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    "And now page two." For those who may remember Paul Harvey. snowmobile. Lowell out for a cruise on the Farm Handy. Rodney " Biscuit " giving the camera a wave. Lane @Lane Ranger must have been camera shy. he's in the back ground heading for the hills. David @new2horses enjoying some conversation. It's always a good time siting down & talking with David. Other brands & customs. A well done scaled down IH. A very nice Sears Collection. I believe that these are National reel mowers. Another IH custom. Gotta like a nice looking Beaver. An interesting Craftsman mower.
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    I pass by this lawn in Red Lion, Pa. quite often, but have never seen the mower. Thought I'd share it.
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    Here is the story. www.lagtmag.com Enjoy, friends! Kate G
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    Warms my heart to see oldest grandson 7 at work on the first bench I built here over 30 years ago, using a plane made by his father. He graduated from the little bench on the right which I had also made for his father here. Looks like the lineage will continue. Really proud of him, and a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment to me that I was able to pass on what was passed onto me.
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    After running long lives (1,400 hours each), these horses have never had it so good!
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    For all support members who unfortunately can not make the big show this year. Starting now through Saturday the support member discount is increased to match show prices on most items at redoyourhorse.com So if you are in need of decals for a project this would be a good time to order. Sorry you can not make it but thank you all for your support of the World Famous RedSquare Wheel horse Forum. Thanks Vinylguy
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