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    Well the grandsons and I spent some time in the shop Sunday. Work started out with their workbench and working on their toy truck. Work quickly progressed to working on my C160 @dells68 this crew will be available to put the custom touches on your tub cart as soon as their through customizing my C160 PS I suspect their might be a pink tractor in my future. Were told our 1st granddaughter is on the way!
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    Since I moved into my house a few years ago, I knew I wanted to build a shed to store firewood as my new house had a really nice wood stove. I figured do some work in the summer, store up the wood and help keep the oil bills lower in the winter. This year I finally got around to building said shed, and the job was made significantly smoother by my tractor. From clearing out vines, and leveling the land, to shuttling materials it saved me time and energy. Step 1.) Clearing out. The area I wanted to put it is tucked back in the woods on the right side of my first picture. I had a hard time finding many photos from before I cleared out the area, coincidentally I found one from a year or two ago that just happened to have my tractor in frame. One of my biggest problems was going to be dragging the wild grape vines out of trees surrounding the area. They have over time been choking out the other trees, and don't add much to the view so they had to go. The Wheel Horse was helpful pulling some of the smaller clusters out, but some of the big nets had to ripped out by the truck, eventually though, they all came free, and the trees are much happier for it. Finally after pulling vines, and pushing dirt I had a clearing to finally start the build. Step 2. Planning and Materials. I found a design I liked online that was close to what I was looking for, tweaked it a little to better suit my needs, and then got my materials ready. Step 3, Building. Now came the fun part, taking those designs, and materials, and making something out of them. With the help of a buddy of mine we got the whole thing done in two days. Step 4, Sit back and Enjoy the completed work. It was hard work, but very rewarding in the end. This shed will help keep around 3 cords of firewood dry and ready for the winter. Step 5, Fill it. Finally comes my last favorite part of the whole project. Filling the wood shed. I finished this build about 3-4 months ago and since then we've had high winds, rain, snow, and more wacky weather that mother nature has thrown at it, but it stands tall. Really proud of how the project turned out, and extremely grateful that my grandparents old C-175 was there to help me along the way.
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    Hey all....some probably already know this. Can't remember if I posted this here as my old age is not helping with memory.... Last November the opportunity of buying one of my favorite tractors came up. This is a tractor I never thought would be available to purchase. Mr. John Campbell had it built by Mr. Robert Rock. The craftsmanship that goes in to the tractors Robert builds is simply amazing. You have to see them in person to actually appreciate his work. Well, I had to sell a few of my prized tractors to buy this beast but think it was worth it. The only complaint I have so far is the power. Hopefully Robert may be able to help me but not a super major issue. This tractor was not meant for work and basically a show piece. However, it has been working just a little since I've owned it. Recently the starter went out which became more of an issue than should have. However, it is is fixed and back in action. Here are a few pictures of it now. Hopefully will get some video soon when it warms up.
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    Got these in the mail today. Only missing one lock nut.
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    A little follow up to a post I made another thread about the lack of snow so far this winter. Well, we got some overnight. Not exactly a snowstorm but I was just itching to get some seat time. It was more like plowing the frost off the drive but seat time none the less. Because of the time of year when we bought this place I never had a chance to explore the acreage before all the leaves were gone. So, getting some more seat time I took a little cruise. The previous owner worked his entire life as a wildlife biologist and went crazy planting all sorts of flowering trees, grasses and bushes. I haven't seen everything in their prime I'm anxious for spring too.
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    I may not be, or ever be, an epert WH man like so many of you here. And thats ok. I may never even 'know' WHs like y'all. But i know a great place...and PEOPLE...when i see them; God puts them in front of me. And i have found all that and more here. I wont go into details yet, and in fact, involved parties might say im putting the cart b4 the horse with this post. But i dont think so. Even if things dont go as planned or hoped...an act of kindness...an expression of willingness to help a stranger...yes, me...has me feeling humbled...and grateful...for this place. And those that make it up. And i just want you all to know what a wonderful thing you all have created, with site. I truly thank every one of you for letting me be a part of it. God Bless every one of you.
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    Well now that I can post pictures we wanted to share this with all of you! Here is the beauty that my husband is really proud of and now owns after a year of wishing and wanting lol. He picked it up last part of January 2020!! The old man bought it a few years ago from the original the owner we understand. Now the guy my husband bought it from, said his health wasn’t up to it so he set this tractor inside his shed strapped on pallets and covered up! He posted it for sale several times over the past year, but we felt it was out of price range at the time. Then it disappeared so we figured it sold then it came up again different pictures! However many conversations later we have it in our heard! They both settled on a price both could be happy with! So our youngest daughter made the trip with her Dad to get this 854 and have some quality father daughter time as I couldn’t get off work. It’s a surprisingly well kept surviver, having the original paint. The blade has its decals, original paint and the mower deck the same plus it has new wheel horse brand belts on it...! It was a day in travel time but the following day he was playing on it.. Replaced the battery, added gas! Then noticed gasket on the fuel tank had dried out and was leaking and the fuel pump was leaking against the engine as the gasket was placed up side down. That has now been replaced and a gasket for the fuel tank ordered but it stopped leaking so the gasket is on hand if it starts again. He added rear weights and chains and it’s now his go to tractor! The HY-3 lift allows him precise height of the blade! Has used it twice moving snow and comes up with excuses to use it for other things! IMG_7087.MOV
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    ...my new truck now. @Vinylguy
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    While I was out playing, I mean plowing today my wife decided to catch me on camera. A few shots that she took of my C145 in action. It amazes me some times as to just how much snow these lil tractors will move.
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    About 3/4 of the way done with my new lift for the shop. I'm only 35 but most days my knees and back feel like I'm much older! Living in Michigan also means cold floors even when my shop is heated up to 70 the floor is like a popsicle. 8ton air over hydro has no problem lifting my old 2 stage simplicity blower (about 200lbs) and my 200lb butt at the same time, have not tried the 312 or the 520 yet but I don't think it will have a issue. The lift comes apart in 2 sections in about 15 min and can be put along the wall for more space.
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    Just wanted to show off my grand baby Emma. I thank the big man upstairs everyday that this blessing has been put in me and my wife's life. We have had alot of stress over the past 3 years and having this cute little turd has been the biggest blessing in the world to us! God is good!
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    My wife was tired of the rose bushes in the garden. We planted them about 7-8 years ago, and although they were healthy, the wife had other ideas for that garden. So I got orders to yank them out. Not a problem, as I pulled quite a few shrubs out with the WH, I used my old military lifting straps and put a loop around the base of the bush. I tried making an easy tug, and got nothing but wheel spin. OK, time for a little more aggressive approach. I got several feet of slack in the strap, and dumped the clutch in 2nd gear hi range. It didn’t budge. Several more attempts made me realize these things have a bigger root system than I thought.. About a year ago, I was given a 5000 lb. Ramsey winch. The guy said it didn’t work. After putting in a new solenoid and cleaning up a few electrical connections, it worked fine. Then I built a bracket to mount it to the front hitch mount on my tractor. Okay, I can hear you now... Why would you put a 5000 lb. winch on a 700 lb. tractor? Best reasons I can come up with is 1) the winch was free, and 2) because I can. I have been accused of being nuts if that helps explain. I backed the tractor up to a large tree and ran straps to the rear hitch. . I can report the setup worked great! It snatched those rose bushes out without any strain. Now I’m looking forward to the next time the wife decides to redecorate the gardens! Did I mention I can install the winch in about 5 minutes with two 3/4” bolts, and two cables directly to the battery. Danny
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    Let the learning begin as I have a lot to learn about this horse and it's components like the sundstrands. Rear tires are the original wheel horse with many cracks but still holding air at this point. Seems to run well and move well, wanted to get the tranny and all warmed up really good but at 25 degrees outside that did not happen. Hub caps in real good condition as well as the seat, so I have much good out of it so far. First to be done is all fluids changed after learning how to properly drain the tranny and I assume will need bleeding at refill or maybe not. Any way another horse in the herd hi hi.
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    I built this '48 Ford F1 street rod in 1987 and have put a little over 100,000 miles on it since, still going strong.
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    This entry is for all my Local Circle plow dog buddies who have seen old “Clyde” turning earth. Dad likes this tractor so much that he wanted to plow with it in the winter too... Thanks again. @Shynon for making this gift Tractor a reality for my dad...he really enjoys this machine! @WVHillbilly520H will love the fact that dad gets all the traction he needs with those monster 7.60-15 AG’s and the WW-93 weights to push the wet heavy stuff. He really enjoyed his seat time today. When I stopped by tonight, I’m pretty sure he had the drive wide enough to land a small Boeing😁. When you’re having fun...
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    Thank you Vinylguy for the decals for my cornhole boards. They turned out great!
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    I started a "nontraditional" paint job on a today. The yellow shroud on the trouble light makes it look a little orange but it should have an even better bling factor in the sun light. A close up kinda shows the metallic content in the paint.
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    Not a muscle car but other than no power and crazy emissions equipment (it is to me a continuation of the 70s) with my twist on it...
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    Saw this while searching FaceBook Marketplace just now. Kinda cool 😎 ain’t it !
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    Look what jumped in my truck today! He was asking $200 and I offered $100 cash and he took it! It just has a few holes in the bed which is why I offered $100
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    After reading the post on the genuine, rare and expensive WH front weight, I thought I'd show my cheapo version. Front mule drive minus kaput pressed steel pulley. Fitted with weight off a fitness machine given me free. Mounted on the Black Horse.
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    The first big work weekend for the freshly restored 520H- she dragged brush and trees, and pulled wagon loads of firewood and trash like a champ. Even got a little 1 mile field ride in afterward. God I love this tractor!
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    Last weekend we received some snow in my area of Michigan on the order of 5"- 6". I gave the 1054 a break and used the 753 for plowing duties. Added some 55 lb wheel weights & chains plus my 250+ seat ballast, what a Little Tank..... hardly no stopping it. The only problem was some guys from work saw me plowing and said I looked like a Gorilla driving that little tractor. lol
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    I just wanted to share these. I was going thru pictures on a camera card and found these I took about 3 years ago. The 702 was my father in-laws, It was my first of my round hoods - it has been in my wife's family since 1965. I picked up the 854 about 8 or so years ago with a stuck intake valve and a bad 4 speed. It now runs great and has the 8 speed Unidrive from a 1979 C81. Bill
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    I have not been on the site for a long while. I have been busy with a few other projects. The garage and driveway are now full. Pretty much have the 71 C20 ready to go. Still have the line lock to install. The 53 Buick is all done, except for me installing the NOS grill. It wont be toothless any more.
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    Well, greetings from Germany to this fantastic community. Been reading along here for a while now. This site is such a great resource. I'm not new to Wheel Horses - in fact, I now own my grandpa's '76 C-120 8-speed (first hand), that I used to love playing with as a child (some 40ish years ago). Fun fact: at age 7, I onced parked the C-120 right inbetween the tracks of a railroad here in Germany, as I thought the C-120 would perfectly fit width-wise. However, stalled the engine, train approached, train stopped, conductor helped me push the tractor off the tracks and I brought it back home safe. All these years later, the tractor still runs smooth and never had any major issues, just occassional hickups. The C-120 was actually assembled at the former plant in Belgium... hope this doesn't make it a 'faux-horse'. Btw. got a B-111 sitting here as well, but it doesn't even compare to the C-120.
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    Stumbled across this on marketplace. Kinda neat but not much use when the grass gets high...may belong to a member here?
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    Finished up adjusting carburetor and Governor and getting Irv running once again. Took it out around the yard for a little seat time! I need to put my ags back on and clean it up.
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    Just got my Block back from the machine shop today along with the crank.The guy that did this for me is well known in hot Rod Magazine for his work on V-8 engines. When I got there today to pick it up he was working on a racing engine which was a 408 chevy engine. I had my 321 bored .010 over and the crank ground and polished to .010 under. He also ground the valve seats as well. He only charged me 80 bucks cash no ticket. The guy is 80 years old and still going!!
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    I've been getting into the advertising and collectables the last couple months since I'm out of tractors to work on at the moment, I thought I'd post what I've acquired so far, hopefully will be buying a lot of early advertising here soon, I'll continue to post as I get more stuff since this doesn't seem to be a very active thread ** I tried to add a comment at the bottom but it doesn't give me that option, anyways if anyone has any questions or if I have something that's not very common or even just a piece u like I'm happy to hear or answer anything.. like I said this is a new endeavor for me so I'm not sure what's a "good" piece and what's common
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    I put some new tires front and rear on the 753 and took it out for a ride.
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    I have the privilege to know this kid named Cade, he goes to the homeschool academy with my girls on Mondays and our families have known each other for quite some time. Cade’s now 14 and has been raising cows for a couple years now it seems, by himself for the most part. I’ll post a link to his first video. He’s recently been added to YouTube’s payroll as a 14 year old. Pretty impressive... even if he does farm with a Deere! Please browse his his videos and if you like what you see, subscribe to his channel to help support him in his endeavors! Funny thing... in his manure video he shows the sand pit. I’ve had our buggy out to their property and recall running around in that sand quite a bit. His little brother last year rolled his quad down one of the hills in the pit and broke his arm in that spot too. Another video his dad got the tractor stuck in the woods. About that same spot, we buried the buggy and his dad got out and pushed me through the muck wearing what used to be a pearly white shirt!
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    Dan and I set a round hood on fire today... well mostly Dan ... I was pretty much there for air compressor wrenching! Too bad you guys don't get to see the finished goods 'till the unveiling!
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    @Vinylguy Thanks so much Terry... decal instantly appears like it should've always been there.
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    5 years now...in bare metal. Never any clear coat on it either.
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    Thinking this may be a topic that a lot of us can relate to. I myself had a few friends that had both but myself only cars. I have a few pics here of the 70 Chevelle SS installing the 402/ 396 back into where it belongs. The 2 friends that are looking at the engine are 2 very good friends, the one on the left at that time owned an original 1971 Nova SS 350 4 speed 3.73 rear that I found for him in a local add from the original owner and the other friend has a 1967 Chevelle SS with a 427 Aluminum head engine 4 speed 4.88 rear. Unfortunately both are no longer with us and the 67 still sits in his garage with no future. I think of them every day and remember the fun we had with all 3 cars lined up. I have pics of both just need to locate them . My brother in law is the one to the far right and the one bent over taking care of the engine mount bolts and has owned my baby since 1999. Enjoy.
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    I figured I’d start a thread on the restoration of my EZ Rake. I purchased this from a gentleman in Illinois about a year ago and I’m just getting around to mounting it. I looked for years to find one of these and finally found it in the classified ads in Lawn and Garden Collector magazine. I’m not sure what it was made to mount on but not a Wheel Horse! I’m going to use an old mule drive and cut the bearing shaft off, then use the pieces of angle iron that came with it. After the fabrication work is done and I do a test run I will completely disassemble it, sandblast to bare metal, prime and paint. All hardware will be replaced with stainless. I’m not sure if I’m going to paint it the original white or red. From what I have gathered it was available in either or. I’m open for suggestions!!
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    Hello all! Long time no chat. Finally able to get out and do something even though it's not planting or mowing season. This project had to come home with me. Better yet, I hauled it and the wife to be claimed it. Does run but needs carb. And the blue oval seat must go per her request! 😆. Good to be back!
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    We decided this year to plant a garden. So my oldest son and I laid out where we want it, and spent the better part of the morning digging up rocks. I've got a new dump cart ordered, but it won't be here for a few days and he was getting impatient wanting to haul off the rocks we dug up. So with a little help from the 753 and an old bathtub we had laying around we got it done.
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    Picked up @ 9" of snow today, so I finally got some seat time on the 16 auto that has the snow thrower on.
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    We all have dealt with these helpful gems at one point. From Danger/Poison to the famous Do Not Eat. I couldn't help myself when a garbage truck we purchased from Tampa FL arrived and this is on both sides of the packer body...
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    I swapped a 42" blade for a 54"er Yesterday and put it on the 520. Thanks Jessie. We'll see if this wide body can make the P220 grunt. I may have to add another set of springs to keep the blade from tripping. Yep, I'm one of the old wimpy and smart guys that even needs a warm cab on his plow tractor.
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    Hello All, so instead of adding onto the thread about my 2013 Sierra getting totaled I figured I'd just start a new one... Looked for several days online and driving around. Didn't find anything worth pursing that was under $15000... went and came very close to buying brand new but decided against it---$15000 down and $320 a month for 75 months plus the property tax and insurance and so on. Looked at a few off lease ones but payments weren't low enough to go that route. While driving around to various wholesale spots (I have access to whole sale license...) I saw this and stopped.... long story short, its a one owner out of Florida... 78 year old Portuguese man bought brand new 03/23/2001... it has 122,000 on it and is so clean it could be mistaken for new... never seen snow or salt or any off road even. It was sitting in front of his sons detail shop---the son says the father is selling his CT summer home etc... and going south permanently. I drove it and its amazing... only issue is a flaky gas gauge... and it could use some shocks and TLC. He said "Dad wants $7000... I said ask dad if he will take $6500" Dad reluctantly did... I pick it up tonight. If I get 2 or 3 years out of it and get at least one of my kids finished with college then maybe I get myself a new one. Its not what I REALLY wanted but is a huge step up from the 2013 2wd V6 regular cab long bed I was driving.... Tony
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    Installed my riser blocks for the rear attach-a-matic to lift the snow/dozer blade higher on the 520H. Added an extra bit on the left side to "level" out blade from the twisted A frame. Also installed the new angle lever I fabbed up last spring.
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    I agree with with the others to flip those rear tires. I do not completely agree with adding weight to our tractors using the draw-bar. My reason is that any weight added to the rims only (wheel weights) puts all the weight on the rubber tires and none on the rear axle bearings . Weight added to the draw-bar puts that additional weight on the rear axle bearings. Just seems like it could possibly promote premature wear or failure of those bearings. So I run a 50# cast iron wheel weight on the outside of the rim and a 25# weight on the inside of the rim.
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    Thought of you today. Saw this at the Flywheeler’s show
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    Ok guys, I’ve been toying with this idea for a few years and I have most of the spare parts laying around. What do you get when you cross one really worn out wheel barrow tub, a manual trans, short frame, 16 up Briggs Vanguard, flipped axle, and hopefully two trashed suburban hoods welded into one? I don’t know, so what do you guys think? Worth it or just save the parts? Stretch the frame another foot or so or keep it short? Have I lost what’s left of my mind?
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