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    Settled for a heavy duty trailer tire
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    Carlisle classic Ag's and brinley hitch.
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    Said to be a 1964-65 1045. K241 with Spark Advance, not compression release. Also, has the HY 3 Hydro Pump Assist and Linkage for a seeder.
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    The first electric Wheel Horse Elec-Trak converted to solar power. This is the only Wheel Horse on Earth that can actually run on the Moon & Mars! Shown at the 2016 Wheel Horse show in Arendtsville, PA. Will also be there in 2017. Converted by SolarStallion.

    © 2016 SolarStallion

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    Another pic of the 74 B-100 Resto. I made a makeshift escutcheon for the hood. I'm not sure I like it, but it's better than a hole in the hood. Made it out of 3/8" MDF and affixed the center of the old broken one so as to have the Wheel Horse emblem on it. I think it needs to be thinner, and maybe with a Red stripe around it.
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