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    Well, I haven't posted a lot lately since life seems to have taken over. As many of you know, my son suffered a stroke before birth and technically has cerebral palsy. You would never know to meet him. We were lucky enough to get him enrolled in a medical study to help him gain use of his right hand through Virginia Tech and Carrillion Research center. He is one of about 140 kids from around the world to be chosen. He has a cast on his arm and hand he favors to force him to use his affected hand. We have had to move 2 hours from home 3 days a week. I thought it would be something fun for him to go get a cultivator from Limited12. Tommy has been a good friend for the last couple of years. When we got there, Emory wanted to look at Tommy's tractors. He really liked a couple of Lawn Rangers Tommy had. Before I knew it, Tommy and Emory were off talking about the tractors. They ended up flipping a penny for the tractors. Long story short, Tommy told Emory he would "sell" him both tractors for a penny! I couldn't believe how generous he was being. Needless to say, Emory was thrilled and can't stop talking about his tractors! I told a couple of girls I teach with about Emory's gift. One said, "That's proof that there really are truly nice people left in the world!" I know where a bunch of them are - right here on Red Square! I can't seem to get the site to let me upload any pics. I'll try again Sun. or Mon. when I'm back in cell range. Thanks Tommy for bringing a big smile to his face!
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    How many lawn tractors made today will be able or around to accomplish this 56 years from now?
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    I just had to post this photo! There is nothing more needed to be said!,
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    I knocked down some weeds this past weekend and Pop had to have some seat time, he had a great time and I got a break to stretch
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    Dicks Wheel horse in Towanda ,Pa had a closing auction today I managed to get some nos parts and two lighted signs Brian
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    Instead of having a couple of the resident stallions take care of pasture this year I decided to let Old Milly enjoy that task for a while anyway. Its nice using her, we are about the same age and understand each others limitations.
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    Hey guys. My phone died just as I realized I needed to renew my supporter status. Been here so little lately that I didn't realize it had lapsed! Anyway, Emory wanted me to run back out in cell range to share his pictures. His smile says it all and I don't think he'll ever forget this experience. He wants to come to the show again this year, but that is in question due to my dad having to have prostate surgery. Just wanted to share our story! Good night!
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    I recently purchased my first Wheel Horse tractor, a 1966 Model 1276. Overall I am happy with the purchase, but I did have a few surprises after I got it home. Originally, I intended on giving it a freshen up with a good cleaning, some general maintenance, and replacement wiring. At this point, only the rear transaxle is sitting on the floor with the rear tires still attached (for now). So, what did I find that other first time buyers should take in to consideration when looking at a tractor to buy? Many of the units I have seen for sale, do not have the correct decals or markings on them, and many times the owner is not correct in the model that they think it is. Check the tag on the tractor to be sure. Research it and tell the owner where to find the tag, and have them give you the number from it. For example, according to the owner, mine was a “C120” model, but when I checked the tag, happily I found it was a T-1276. Obviously, the first thing is to do a functionality check, does it run and operate properly? These tractors are quite old, and the wiring and ignition components degrade and corrode. Expect to replace at least some of the components. On mine I found most of the wiring cracked and frayed, but these have a very simple wiring scheme, so they are not difficult to rewire. The older Kohler engines remind me of the old flat head engines I used to work on in antique Chris-Craft boats. If they have fuel and any kind of spark, they will run. This does not mean they will run efficiently. On my 1276, I found that the coil wire and the coil output tower were badly corroded, and was shocked it was running at all! Replace the coil, coil wire, condenser, spark plug, and you should consider points as well. The voltage regulator is key to a properly operating starter/generator system. It will probably have been painted over at least once, and as a minimum you should clean all the terminals when replacing the wiring, and consider replacing the carbon steel terminal nuts and screws with brass nuts and screws available from the hardware store. The Kohler engine manuals describe how to clean and adjust the voltage regulator, and/or consider replacing it with a new one. If the tractor you are looking at does not use a solenoid in the starting circuit, then the ignition switch is carrying the full amp load for the starter/generator, if you replace the switch be sure to get the correct one. As a minimum, remove and clean the terminals and look at replacing the hardware as previously mentioned. The size of the wiring will be #6 gauge for the starting circuit and battery ground, and all other wiring can be #14 gauge. Choke and throttle cables. Check these for corrosion and function. A lot of times you will find that someone has routed one or the other right under the exhaust outlet, so it may exhibit heat damage. Several models used a twist to lock throttle pull, if so, you may find that it is worn and will not hold the throttle setting. Both cables are readily available on a popular auction site. Fuel line, unless recently replaced, expect to replace the line from the tank to the fuel pump. If it is old, and you move it any at all, expect leaks. For the proper look, use the squeeze to expand fuel line clamps rather than a worm drive clamp. Pulleys, check over all the pulleys for wear, including the idler pulley(s) hidden behind the belt guard. On mine, not only was the idler pulley shot, but the brackets it was attached to had the holes elongated from wear, and the associated spacers were shot as well. I found both the 2.5” and 3.5” diameter pulleys on the shelf at a popular farm store. You should check your belt condition as well, if they are hard, expect to replace them as well. Tires, my tractor is 51 years old, and it has original Wheel Horse branded turf tires on it. Needless to say, they are very hard, show lots of weather checking, and leak air. Expect to replace your tires at some point. Structural condition. These tractors vibrate quite a bit, and can see a lot of stress in certain areas. Probably the weakest area of the frame is the plate that bolts the frame to the rear transaxle. This is a high stress area as it carries all the weight on the four bolts attaching it to the transaxle. On mine, I found that it had its back broken at least once, and had been poorly repaired, and was cracking again. Solution, tear down the tractor to the bare frame, clean it thoroughly to remove any oil and grease, and have it properly welded. For longevity, consider either adding side braces and/or a plate welded in over the top of the existing plate and use new grade 8 bolts that are longer than the originals by the thickness of the new plate. Other areas of concern. I found stress cracks in the following areas on my 1276. Behind the bracket on the hood stand for the PTO clutch lever. Mine was cracked all the way around the two fastener inserts. Grind out the area slightly and have it TIG welded. Engine Motor/Generator belt cover, two of the three mounting tabs had broken off the cover, and had to be TIG welded to reattach. Corners of the hood, I found one small crack in one corner of the hood, it will need to be TIG welded at some point. Tool storage box under the rear fender assembly. I found numerous cracks around the four mounting bolt holes, these will need to be ground out and welded to restore integrity. The transaxle mounting area has two narrow raised flanges that the box sits on. It is also cantilevered off the mount toward the rear which creates very high stress on the mounting points. After repairing, consider adding an additional plate inside the box, and/or, find a small plate that will fit between the transaxle mounting bosses (same height) to help spread out the stress. If yours has the manual transmission, then inspect the brake band for wear and proper function. If you have the automatic transmission, inspect the plastic sliding plate that the control lever moves for cracks and/or breakage. Mine is missing the top corner on one side, but still functions. It is located under the square plate where the position indicator is located. Check the rear axle for any signs of leakage out of the housing which would indicate the need for new axle seals and possibly axle bearings. Check the front axle for any fore and aft play which would indicate a worn pivot pin. This is a common wear area, and if the axle pivot bore is not worn out, replacing the ¾” diameter pin should restore proper axle geometry. Lift the front tires off the ground and check the front spindles for wear. I did not have any wear, but others have reported wear in this area. If worn beyond an acceptable amount, then you will need to get replacement spindles and/or a front axle (less worn used parts). Tie rods, again with the wheels in the air, check for play. If loose, replace them. Nothing is more annoying than to be turning and have the ball rip out of the rod. Your stuck until you replace it. Wheelhorseman1000 which is a supporting vendor on Redsquare can supply you with new upgraded parts. If yours has the attachment hitch assembly on the front, check the locking lever for proper function. People like to run into solid objects which tends to bend the release rod which can lock up the mechanism if bent enough. Mower decks. Probably the biggest area of concern is the condition of the spindles. If shot, this can be an expensive replacement. Check the condition of the blades, pulleys, and belts. Do a structural inspection for major rust through areas or cracking around the mounting areas. Decals and paint. Well, if you have gone through all of this, then you are probably considering a repaint and new decals which are also available from one of the Redsquare supporting vendors. Good luck, and Welcome to the Wheel Horse addiction! Update: Pic 1 shows back side of the frame mount after being ground down. There are cracks all around the bolt holes and was split down each edge from bottom to almost the top. Pic 2 shows the front side of the frame mount with the booger welding. This will be ground out and rewelded once he back side is done. Pic 3 and 4 show where the engine belt cover tabs were broken off and rewelded. Pics 5 and 6 show the side of the hood stand where the PTO clutch lever bracket mounts. We also found cracks on the very bottom on one side as well. Pic 7 shows the cracks in the bottom of the tool box, you can see the stress the small mounting area puts on the metal. Pic 8 shows the idler pulley and bracket. You can see how worn the small pulleys spacer is, it was cutting into the bolt. The red link shows how worn the hole where the spacer rides compared to the bare link. Pic 9 shows the wear on the front axle pin, fortunately the axle had minimal wear. Pic 10 shows the corrosion in the coil tower terminal. The welds will be ground down smooth and then, the parts will be refinished.
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    Finally have both blades set up and dialed in. The rain has stopped in East Central Missouri so I used the little guy to fill some ruts and pot holes with gravel. It worked pretty well and I had a lot of fun playing in the rocks.
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    About 20 years ago, a friend I grew up with & I stopped by my Uncle's house & this tractor ended up going home with him. He used it for his garden a couple of times but mainly his kids grew up enjoying riding it around the yard. By chance, my wife spotted him at a gas station about a month ago & he asked her what I had been up to, she mentioned the Wheel Horses & of my Uncle's passing shortly after Memorial Day last year. She said his stunned response was, "I have something that needs to go home to him". He called me the next day & we set a date for my Uncle's tractor to come home. I haven't looked her numbers up yet, but I'm pretty sure she is mid - to early sixties S14 Speedex, made by Elmer Pond's brother Harold. I'm happy to report that she has now joined her half sisters in the stable & they seem to be getting along nicely. The first pic is how she looked just after we pulled her out of the weeds.
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    Did some spring cleaning/shuffling over the weekend, the horses now have their own barn.
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    Well I certainly don't need any more but the cuz and I couldn't pass on this mostly original 1276 . I believe the seat and three spoke steering wheel aren't correct . It did come with a snowblade , chains , and a homemade plough . The handle on the hood was free ... the owner was 98 years old and needed it to get on . Kinda feel bad for what We paid though he'd would having taken less . ! He also had manuals and a couple brochures to go along with it !!! More pics to come...she went right to the stables new mechanic for a full service . and as a bonus...
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    A short story : Last week I got home from work and while cutting the front grass , something caught my eye . Something that i was sure wasn't there when I left for work . A second glance at my porch and sure enough there was something there . It was a little wind-whipped plant with Quarter sized yellow flowers wilted and almost dead . It was in a little clay pot that had a hand painted American Flag on it . ( Other side of the planter ) There was a Popsicle stick stuck in the dirt with a little paper Sunflower with the words " From the students of Martin Rd. Elementary " With a little water and some care , my gift is looking much better today . A ride down the street showed every home in the neighborhood got one ! I sat down and wrote a letter to whomever at the school was responsible for carrying out this act and thanked them . I'm hoping that letter makes it back to the students so they can see that such a seemingly small act is really much bigger !
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    I have only been on here a few weeks, but I can't begin to say thanks to all who have already helped me get aquainted with these tractors. So why are these tractors my therapy? Back in 2001, I was officially diagnosed with MS. It actually started long before that, but really started getting worse in 2000 when I had a rather vicious attack that did the majority of the damage that I deal with today. Lost about 20% of strength on the right side, and about 60% on the left side. Fortunately due to the meds I have been on, been pretty stable since then, and I still walk, go to work everyday, and get around pretty good all things considered. But, a lot of things I can't do, such as walk long distances, ride a bike, strenuous labor, and heat kills me. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, many have far worse issues to deal with than me. I accept it as part of life, and thank God I am the way that I am. I have always been a motorhead, bikes, classics and customs, restoration of antique Chris~Craft boats, 4x4's, you name it. Even ran a company for awhile designing and building turbo systems for modern Hemi's. But, that is all in the past. One of the things that I can still do, and refuse to let anyone else do, is mow the yard! (on a rider) Both here at home, and at our Church, nobody touches the mower without checking with me first. I had been looking for a 60's Sears Suburban tractor half heartedly for a while. This spring I got serious about finding one, until I ran across a Wheel Horse and was bitten by the red bug. In a month, I went from none to four! Here was something that I could work on, are classics in their own right, fills the motor head craving, and they are readily affordable. Plus, I can mow with them! So, my tractors are not only cool and collectable, but they help fill that void that my disease left me with. So not only are they my lawn tractors, but they are an awesome therapy to boot! I just finished a 2 year undergraduate course in Theology (4.2 grpt av⛪thank the Lord), so Church, building and painting guns, reloading, and my WH's keep me pretty well occupied! I am pretty anal about what I do, so I am looking forward to turning out some nice looking tractors in the future. Attached are some pics of stuff I have done in the past, and what I have to work with now. Working on a refresh of my 1276 (incorrectly marked as a C120) for the Big Show, but my basket case 854 is the one that will really get attention this fall. (Yes, I used to race offshore powerboats). Now you know a little bit about me and why I love my WH's!
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    Dear Lord, Craftsmanmowerfreak’s Father has a medical condition that needs your divine intercession. Please guide the surgeon's hands to be steady and effective to do the task at hand, and not create any further damage We pray against any infection or complications. Calm the heart of his family. Give him your peace so his body can heal under the best conditions. In the name of Jesus, bless him to be healthier after this procedure than before. Lord allow this temporary trial to bring this family closer to you and each other. When he is coming out of surgery, let the side effects be minimal. Work a miracle in this whole situation and bless it from beginning to end. Thank you Lord for your blessing on this family. We praise you as we know we are in good hands- the very hands of God. In Jesus name, we thank you for each day. Amen.
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    A while back I was the happy recipient of a 1995 312-8. The engine had a very bad wobble, so it sat parked. Recently I obtained another Magnum 12 which runs perfectly so I switched. Later today the 312 will be setup with my older (1994) 42" RD deck and will begin lawn duty. It looks like it got a little sun bleached, but very little surface rust!
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    I have found 3 uses for the 312H and it's plow frame. WINTER Standard 48" snow blade SPRING Tiller Time SUMMER Trailer mover About 5 minutes to make the blade to ball hitch change. Both use the standard two pins from the blade. The tiller takes about 15 minutes. It uses the front blade pin and two bolts connecting the braces to the frame. Of course the PTO hoop must be opened to install the belt. Due to the arthritis in my neck, I only have about + - 10 degrees movement, so I am not able to look back. This is probably a good thing, and it may be the reason I like all my implements in front. It is much easier to wiggle a trailer into a tight space with the hitch on the front. And there is no danger of doing a back flip that can happen when pulling a heavy trailer with a rear hitch... ..don't ask.
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    Went to the local Pioneer Power swap meet today ended up bringing these two once in a lifetime sprayers to add to my "Allied" attachments collection. This is the 2nd trail and spray i have found. And i even scored this one i never thought i would find a Matador. Both of these were produced by the Hudson Sprayer Co. I have the literature for both models.
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    I picked this nice running little 603 up a few weeks ago from Fun Engineer. I added the back rest and some old wheel weight I had laying around. Had it out putting around and thought I would take a couple pics to post. I will probably blast the whole machine down piece by piece and give her a new coat some day. I have had just about every, sought after, model from one time to another, but this is my first 603. Glad I picked her up.
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    So while I was out mowing for the first time this year on the 314-A, I looked down and saw that the transmission belt activation lever was missing the little end pieces that make up a handle. I hopped off the tractor and started to look around in the grass. All I was able to find was half of one of the pieces. Looks like with time it just fatigued and cracked. Seeing how simple it was I got an idea. I am a designer/engineer by trade and do lots of model making and prototyping where I work. I looked at the part I quickly modeled it up in solidworks (3D cad software) and ran over to my 3D printer and knocked it out. I made it so one of the pieces can hold a lock nut so it should never work its self loose again. Attached are some photos of the printing process and final parts on the tractor. Everything is back to normal and it works great! I'm trying to think of other common parts I could model up and print as the old plastic starts to fail on these great machines! Justin
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    Snagged this tired ole C-195 today. She is pretty beat up but definitely worth fixing. Someone has hacked up the wiring. Wrong seat obviously. Voltage regulator is missing. Pretty sure the condensor is on wrong post. Can't find where it says the right diagram for the condensor. Not sure how, but the hydro fan blades are all busted off. Paint is not so great. Front right tire won't hold air. Guy said it ran a year ago..... This is the biggest Wheel Horse I've owned. Came with the Flexible Flyer 60" deck. Even with all the flaws, I hope it will run again. Will get more pics hopefully tomorrow
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    Today is was a great day wheel horse wise. 1) Got to go to Danbury meet and greet and hang out with great people, talk tractors and share knowledge and ride tractors. That in itself would be a good day. 2) I had already planned on adopting one of @fireman 's resto tractors and it was one of the reasons I headed there today but a couple days ago he called and asked if I would be interested in another he was deciding to pass along. I jumped at the chance. So I snagged two very nice tractors to add to my growing addiction:-) 3) My good pal @fast88pu surprised me this morning. He did me a favor as he has a bigger welder and had agreed to weld the centers into my GT22-8 project rims as I had recently determined backspace. However he has been very busy of late and I had not expected he would prioritize the favor. I met him around 8 this morning thinking we would caravan to show and he hands me my rims! Much appreciated! As it allows me to step up the pace quite a bit now on my project. All in all it was close to a perfect day! The RJ58 is well documented by Jeff in the thread: http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/7124-the-rj58-resto-has-begun/ Here the 24x12 is next to the 29x15 TRU powers that will shoe the GT22-8 for comparison
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    I spent the past week in the North woods. Beautiful weather, good friends, and the gobblers cooperated.
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    Just picked up my new deck: Complete with Mule drive and belt! Now to pretty up the 416 so I can put 'er on!
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    This situation opens up the opportunity for members to start manufacturing replacements themselves, as many of us have. The quantities will be small, much too small for the big boys to reproduce. Many of us may have special knowledges to do this, it does provide an opportunity to make a little extra money and "stay out of trouble" with the spouses. It does not take a big investment if we start small and conservative, utilizing just what we may have. Red Square and the Venders Section provides a great opportunity to advertise and we have a great community to help promote our replacements. From someone who has been happily doing this for 17 years now; start small, very small and listen to input. You're not going to get a lot of sales the next week, it takes time for people to start purchasing your items. Good Luck . . . .
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    Picked this up today and I'm very happy with it!! Early 1956 RJ35 with cast iron steering wheel. Down the road I will be tiring this into a 1955 RJ! Thanks Shawn!! What does everyone think? Definitely a project but definitely a restoreable one!
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    While taking the family out for Mother's Day lunch I spied this ,sitting in front of a L&G small engines shop (of course I got the you're crazy and I need help bit, because it was close to a 100 yards across the road at 35+ MPH that I spotted it amongst all the other lawn equipment) D series with an Ark 550 loader, maybe later this week after I get off work I'll go back a get a little bit more info on this WH, Jeff.
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    Got 3-tractors, 2-snow plows, and 3-decks. Plus 3-walk behinds. That is just the first load Fourth tractor I took to help pull them out
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    Designed this to clean out a clear cut lot at a friend's garage. Should work well. Mostly brush and small trees. I tested it out across the road in some pesky knotweed after the township cut it back. I'm going to make some gussets at the hitch point. This was just an eager test run 😀
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    Nice day in Terryville Ct. To work the horses
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    Any one seen anything like this before??? Its a dual port I believe, which would make it 1600cc? Quirky for sure. Never heard it run. Have to wonder if there's enough air movement to keep the thing cooled. No shroud or fan........doubtful, IMO.
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    Great story and great guy for sure.
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    Finally got the deal complete with Lane Ralph on this nice B-80. The Haban sickle bar is amazing. The engineering that went in to this small piece of equipment back in the day is awesome. Still working out a few bugs but got it going. Needed a throttle cable and lever which was a fairly easy swap. Removed the front plate that covers light bucket hole and will install the light bucket and nice original lens without any cracks. Major item that needs attention next is head gasket. Not excited about that since my past experience has not been good with head bolts. Will hopefully get to use the sickle bar tomorrow evening. P.S. IF anyone feels lead to come help change the heaf gasket, please feel free to do so.
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    Well the new to me 520 has pleasantly surprised me. No hidden issues and runs strong. Today after cutting it got another bath. I love getting on a clean machine.... specially in a neighborhood of cubs and craftsmen machines!
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    Big THANKS! to daveoman1966 for helping me get some needed parts to get the new style deck adapted to my 1276 Tractor, and to replace a worn out drive belt idler pulley and linkage. Thanks again Dave!
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    Went to Tractor Supply today to get a tractor cover, didn't find one but picked up one of these... His name is Cole (for now at least)
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    So my wife is looking over my shoulder this morning as I am responding to a post here on RedSquare, and she says "did you know that you have 9999 posts? You must be the gabbiest member on there." I said no, I'm not by far, and she says... "So much blah, blah, blah". I guess that says it all.
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    Happy Sunday, I drug an empty Yaall Haul up to the Michigan Thumb and a 312 jumped in and wouldn't get out. It followed me all the way home. Mom said I could keep it if I cleaned it up and found a place to store it out of her sight. I saw this Horse sitting by the side of the road up near China TWP, Michigan when I was headed to a pre-bid walk thru at a natural gaspumping station near China. Have you ever stood on top of 4 billion Cu Ft of compressed natural gas? I stopped and knocked on the door but there was no answer so I left a business card with a note that I was interested in the tractor in his front yard. 4 hours later after I had returned to Detroit the owner called me and said he would sell it. Long story short another trip to China with a trailer and a hand full of twenties, ten of them actually, and it was mine. He also threw in an aftermarket seat that wasn't all torn up, which may go on my C101 when I get to restoring it, and a Brinley thatch rake. Here are the particulars- ID 2112K804 20067 The other number is not readable. 1058 Hours on the meter, Three out of 4 tires hold air, none of them are dry rotted or weather checked. There is a minor electrical glitch. The parking brake warning light stays on until you turn the key on then it goes out. In the meantime it drains the battery. The steering seems to be to be tight and the engine starts right up and runs strong. Do all of the Kohler magnums idle extremely slow? The transmission is full of brownish glop that will get drained as soon as I get a chance. And the engine is up to the full line with black tar looking sludge. It was raining today when I got home so didn't have much chance to mess with it. Will post more when the sun comes out and I can give him a bath and tear into it a little. Right now he is in the back yard sleeping under the tarp with his big brother 416.
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    Here are a few pics of my project.Neighbor kid mowinGrandpa plowing 1999.
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    Well got them both up and going. Just a few minor touch ups. I didn't put the weights on either yet, or the plows but there done to. I also got new ag's for the front and back of the 702.
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    Bearing /Flange Puller??? Heat the pulley if you go that way. Try standing engine so pulley faces up. Hit it with Kroil and wait a day....
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    Picked up this little gem yesterday. Not sure what model the tractor is yet. Sickle measures 44"..... I'll look for maual today. So far it runs good and sickle is very nice. The drive belt on sickle keeps slipping off. Never been around one of these so not sure what the problem is yet
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    From left to right: 1987 414-8, 1986 310-8 finally 1995 312-8. Recently picked up the 2-stage blower hooked upto the 310-8 and the parts needed for 312-8 to get back on the road. Here's the dilemma: I got too many, gonna have to trim the herd, but which to go?
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    Bad model? UUUMMMHHH...does not compute...No such thing as a "bad model" WH... Besides - 30 years of faithful service? Seems like you answered your own question!
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    Scored a rough c121 with 42" blade and 36" sd deck for $200 and a running '71 jd 120 with 48" deck for $200. The 8 speed out of the c121 is going in one of my b80's and the jd's going to be up for sale.
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    Several years ago after my Dad passed, my sister had come down and picked out some tractors that she wanted and took them back to north Florida with her. Well long story short, they didnt have time to mess with them due to thier business keeping them busy. So earlier this year she called me and asked me if I wanted them. Ahh.... yeah! So this weekend I made the trip up to her place and picked them up. They had sat for a while but I managed to get them all running before I loaded them. So I have Dad's first wheelhorse, a C-120,a C175 that he cobbled together(and is also the only tractor I have a photo of him with) and a Gilson hydro. The mowette mustang will be fixed for the grandkids. So they are all coming back home. Now I really need to build a bigger storage awning.
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    My sister has made a couple backrests (plywood board and upholstery also) for my old Wheel Horses. She has used 3/8 plywood but I have seen other folks use different types of materials. Glued chipboard is not a good materials to use as the embedded three prong threaded 1/4 x 20 clips ( I guess they call these T nuts) that go into the seat back to secure the two screws will often come loose or work out. I am posting pictures of two of the backrests my sister made for me . The measurements on these drawings is what she used to sew up the materials for the seatback. I will note that I took a picture (last picture in this set) of one of the early seatbacks and found it to be one inch wider -so you can take that in consideration if you want to when making. This posting may help some of you wanting to have a seat back made or reupholstered.
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    I picked this little guy up with the 603 a few weeks back. I'm currently looking for a new seat cushion for it. Funengineer was kind enough to pitch in the complete L157 Lawn Ranger decal set with the deal. I also have the mower deck, but I am currently trying to button up a deal on a lift arm for it.
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    I see where your coming from Craig but I think it's ok, the levers stand back fairly well plus the boom is down so that's as 'shut' as it gets. You would have to put your fingers in the boom ends, which you could do with any loader (if you didn't want your fingers). Had another rush of blood to the head and blitzed through bucket bracket and ram mount without pictures,...sorry. This is where this design (without additional linkages between ram and bucket) comes unstuck. Because my one piece boom has a steeper angle down and up compared to a two piece boom of a FEL, crowd and dump angles are more limited. If this machine had to dump its bucket at full height effectively, l would have had to make up a linkage that would have given the bucket more 'throw'. For my needs however this wasn't necessary because I will be loading or spreading at ground level, the highest thing I have to load into is about a metre high. Working low ment my priority was a good crowd angle, running around with a bucket of stone without spills, etc. Chaining up the boom to put it on stands ment I could move the bucket/ram through its full range to get the best position for the 500mm stroke ram/ bucket bracket. Once found, marked, tacked, checked and finally welded up. This shows I've cut off the angle used to keep things square on the boom and welded in a 200x50x5mm between the booms down by the bucket. I also had a play at reusing the seat pan, it could be done, but I think the mud guards would wobble about too much and I prefer the open wheel f1 look anyway.
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