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    I had a brief e-mail from Glen today. He said that he will post a message with pictures to the community soon. He was in the hospital for a long time and is still recovering, and is eager to get outside. I don't have anything more, I'm just really glad to hear from him! Looking forward to his note to us with how he's doing.
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    I just noticed that I passed the 11,000 post mark. I don't usually hold much stock in post count, but I am also pushing 10 years on Red Square. The ten year thing makes me proud to be a part of this great family on this excellent site. I just want to thank you all for making me feel so welcome and a big part of this community. When I think back on things, the "Steve on a Stick" at last years show was the height of all this site has to offer for me. All you guys made me feel like I was there. That was very me. We all do so many special things on this site...the top one is all the selfless help everyone gives so freely, and the other one is how we treat people like how we all want to be treated. I just wanted to say Thank You for letting me be a part of it.
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    Finally got to go back to Maryland and pick up my grandfathers C-175 wheel horse. He left it and few other tractors after he passed away 2 years ago. Its a 1983 he bought it new in 1984 remember the day it was dropped off. Was one of the first tractors I mowed with. My grandfather made wood blocks so I could hit the clutch pedal. I was 6 years old when he got it no way I could let anyone else have it. Mira been taken care off well but I want to freshen it up some. He replaced the deck a few years ago. I want to replace the drive belts and deck belts along with blades. And tune it up some and replace all fluids.
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    Met up with Vinnie @VinsRJ today...came home with a sweet pair of WH wheel weights and a pair of brand new never mounted ag’s. Now to decide which of my undeserving tractors gets em! Right now my Commando 8 is in the lead .
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    Single owner estate sale agent opened shed and this was resting inside. Runs perfectly after a quick carb clean and a battery charge.
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    My house is at the base of a long & tall hill, making for near flood-level water run-off. My basement was flooded recently, so I ran a shallow ditch behind to divert the water away from my house / garage. I'm not much for digging, so I improvised a 'sod cutter' to mount onto the A-frame of my dozer blade. This is a 7" dia well casing, about 1 foot long. I sharpened the lead edge to cut the sod, then squashed it to an oval shape of about 5" high. With the solid link in my dozer frame, I could put lots of down pressure to force the cutting edge of the 'sod cutter' into the ground. It worked out pretty well, then only had to rake out the sod strip. Made a 2nd pass to get the diversion ditch about 4" deep...enough to divert water flow.
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    Well, I finally got rid of Christine! It's 5 years and 2 months too late, but it's finally gone! It feels like a new chapter in my life, and helps put at least one of the constant reminders of that day behind me. In it's place, is a truck that I WON'T have to work on. Introducing my 2018 Ram 3500 Limited. I got this truck fully decked out with the 6.7L Cummins Diesel and Aisin transmission. Has the 5th Wheel towing package (just ordered the new hitch), sunroof... well everything! This truck is amazingly beautiful, but I think that I deserve this! I'll post more pictures later, they're on my phone and I'm too exhausted t move them at the moment.
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    Put the C81 and finger bar, (sickle bar to States side lads) to work tonight cutting down the dead daffodils on the green out side my abode.
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    Hello folks! New guy here. My Dad bought a new Wheel Horse Raider 10 on September 2, 1971. I drove that tractor many times as a teenager. I believe some of my Dad's best times were the times he was on his Wheel Horse. He loved that tractor! He used it to cut grass, plow his garden and drag trailers and boats around the yard. Dad passed away in 1995, and my older brother took possession of the tractor and did a complete restoration on it. He used it sparingly, and about 2 months ago, he asked me if I wanted it... Of course I did! Along with a plow, dozer blade, harrow and wheel weights, I was given a time capsule of information on this tractor. I even have an original newspaper ad for Wheel Horse tractors that lists about 10 local dealers. While in my brother's possession, the 10hp Tecumseh ignition went south, and he replaced the engine with a 14hp Tecumseh. This is one of the things I would have done differently, as now the tractor has a hole in the hood with a Bolens hood scoop... The good news is my brother completely rebuilt the 14hp engine and it runs great. He also gave me the original engine. Since I took possession, I have replaced the throttle and choke cables with the correct ones, and made a bracket to hold the cables and replaced and rerouted the fuel lines. I replaced the front tires and glass blasted the rims and repainted them. Three of the tires on the tractor were the original Wheel Horse branded tires. The rears are still original. I replaced the original seat, which was pretty ratty, and made some spacers to give me a little more leg room. I have plans to work on the fit of the hood, as it got a little warped on a wild ride down a steep hill at my Brother's house... I also plan to replace both rear hubs with some billet steel hubs I am making. The rear needs axle seals, and one hub has been welded up and looks really ugly... I am going to try to attach pictures... Let me know what you think. I know Dad would be proud to see his Horse still kicking!
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    Hey all, I’m a newbie here. Just wanted to share that when I brought home my 86 310-8 my 4-year old also caught the Wheel Horse fever. He had a JD electric ride-on and asked me to make it a Wheel Horse. How could I resist that request. So some cans of IH red, a few decals, and some fun time together in the garage he has a Wheel Horse “like daddy’s”. It doesn’t look like a 310 but he loves it just the same!
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    Picked this original 867 up locally. Runs and drive great
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    Ok it’s that time of the year again so I decided it was time to break out the wheel horse planter for the first time ever - for the first time it didn’t do to bad - it slipped a few times so I might have to make a few small adjustments or put a small weight on it next time.
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    I aquired this tractor 2 weeks ago weather was finally nice enough to get some glamour shots. Runs ok, its going to need an engine rebuild this winter, came with rear split weights. Going to leave it in its barn dust for now! Really liking the color of this one
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    So this weekend my cuz took some of the herd to a pole barn he can use in exchange for grounds maintenance . He went to the barn loaded the C120/160 frackinhorse then come by my barn grabbed the Commando8 . He dropped off the C120 at his dads and then took the Commando8 to or mechanic friend. My cousin and friend went back over to the barn to grab something and when he opened the door this was in there ? Now mind you he was only gone for a half hour . Well I’ll after a while we figured it out . The high school football team was doing a scrap drive and the dumpsters were located behind the old middle school where the barn is also located across the parking lot. The coach had seen my cousin with the trailer loading and moving tractors around. Five minutes after he left a guy showed up with this for the scrap drive. Told them it just quit running last year and wasn’t going to mess with it. So after the guy left the coach rolled it across the parking lot and put it in the barn . When the coach was telling my cousin this he said just make a small donation to the team . My cousin responded right back and said you know all that scrap your getting at my cousins most of it was from my jobs . Four trucks worth. Cleaned up my yard ! So in the end we all won . Is your addiction bad when the whole town knows you collect and you have people just drop you off tractors or call you about a tractor they have . Two weeks ago we picked up a 520H for under $200 . The guy called out of the blue and said please come get it . I’ll get pictures of it after it gets done doing yard cleanup chores at my cousins FIL house. Yes it’s a running mowing no smoking tractor too .
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    This is probably silly but I was made very happy today. The new shed that I had planned on getting since January was finally installed, six weeks after ordering it. It almost didn't happen though due to the HOA that I now have to live under! They were upset with my submittal to them as it didn't have enough information. Also, even though the city was fine with partially encroaching on an underground drainage easement, the HOA wanted it out of the easement completely. The pad was done the other day before approval which also irritated them. Luckily common sense prevailed. Th trailer by Pine Hill is really neat as it can move sideways with the lateral set of tires underneath. It is a 10' x 16' shed with an 8' workbench and 4' loft at one end. I had to match the house color and, of course, architectural shingles. Now to landscape around it and load everything in to it! Especially the new-to-me 314-8. About two hours later the sky opened up with a quick thunderstorm to baptize it. There is an 18" culvert that dumps right there.Even though it looks close, the bottom is about a foot higher and six feet away from the water.
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    Decided that for now my new AG tires will go on my C121/8speed. Dang do they look good! That's my opinion anyway
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    Picked this up at the local WH dealer yesterday. I like Chargers and didn't even notice the engine is a K341. Turns over and has compression. Guy who traded it in told dealer it ran. Not the most attractive horse in the stable...
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    So I was on Face book looking at junk for sale and This Pops up ! Plus it was Close to me !!! So I went to look at it and find out it was this boy's Grand fathers Who Passed away . He Bought it New and was always in the Gurage . The engine has a oil leak and the deck has Bad Rust out. ( Note looking for a deck !) When he told me what he wanted for it I loaded it in my truck ! Don't see this kind of Original paint very often. Want to mow with it but Keep it as you see it Just Cleaner !!
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    I’m happy to say I’m the new proud owner of this fine C-195. Hour meter shows 208, but it’s not working. However, the owner said it probably not far off, as he only used it for about 2 seasons after buying it from original owner and then he retired it. He was nice enough to get running and even put a new battery in it. The tires are in great shape, and as you can see from the pics, wheel weights all around. 3pt hitch and Rear PTO!! No belt on the rear PTO, but i did find a diagram for routing it in the files section. Could use a seat, but boy does it purr like a kitten. I’ve never seen one of these before in NC, so I had to bring it home with me.
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    I spent last week on a fishing trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness of northern Minnesota. The BWCAW is a huge wilderness area along the Ontario border about two hours north of Duluth, MN. Except for a few designated lakes with a 25 hp motor limit, the area -and the adjacent Quetico Provincial Park - is off limits to engines or motors of any kind. Access is limited by a permitting system and it’s completely realistic to spend several days in a row fishing and not see another human being. Truly one of North America’s treasures. Anyway, my family has been making annual trips up there since 1976. I’ve been going since I was a little kid, so over 30 years. Like anywhere else in this part of the world the weather can change really fast. Ice went off off the lake in the pictures you see below on May 11th. I took these pictures Tuesday after they had a couple weeks of weather in the 80’s. Surface water temperature was about 74 degrees. That’s a FAST warmup and spawning season for the various fish is all messed up. Tuesday evening a storm rolled in. I thought these pictures were awesome and wanted to share. First picture was taken at 7:46 pm. Water was flat calm but the storm was coming and the clouds were the same color as the lake. Wall cloud picture at 7:47. Notice the limp flags. Next wall cloud picture at 7:49. Lake still calm but the flags were fluttering. At 7:50 the dust was blowing and dad was holding on to his hat. 7:51 the Adirondack chairs blew off the dock into the lake. 7:53 the lake was boiling. And the temperature has plummeted at least 30 degrees F. Amazing. Steve
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    hi men, a few years ago i helped a co-worker acquire a C160 with a tiller. i did my best to rig a hardware store system to lift the tiller. any way my co-worker reported that the tiller was leaking. i picked the tractor up and when i got it home i realized this old tractor needed some additional maint. both axle seals were leaking. so i pulled the hubs and replace those. the brake band seal was leaking so i replaced that. oil change, air filter and fuel filter for the kohler. grease all the zerks. then i replaced the tiller seals. next, i installed one of lowells rear rockshaft kits. WOW! fits perfectly. the tiller now has plenty of travel to till deep. yet, still when fully raised up it has plenty of ground clearance for traveling back to the garage. the quality of the hardware in his kit is first class. not exactly cheap price but, you get what you pay for in this life. hope this helps you guys mike in mass.
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    Set the D-200 out in the sun today 98 degrees to help bake the paint, been in shop for 3 months. Need to get some tail lights yet.
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    Figured I would start a thread for all of us headed to the big show this year. I started to load up the tractors on the trailer. I was just able to squeeze the trailer in the barn so the machines will be out of the weather until we head out. Post up pictures of your rigs as you start to head out to the big show 2018!!
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    I went through this little motor(k91t) replacing all gaskets, seals, head bolts, rings, bearings. rebuilt carb, new plug wire & plug new gas filter bowl assembly. the cylinder was in good shape only needed a cleaning and honing for new rings. The gas tank was cleaned and sealed, has small dent on top , adds character. The hardest thing was rebuilding the recoil pull start, you need three hands. It was my third Kohler K90/91 project. The serial number indicates its a 1974 production run. Enjoy the photos..
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    My 68 commando 8 after working the lakefront at our redneck lakehouse. She fits under the fifth wheel perfect. Got to get her cleaned up for the long trip to the show. It's not how well it mows fast, but it's how well it cuts.
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    1974 B 80. Patriot horse. Love This Thread Sparky.
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    6-13-1961 CECIL E. POND patents POWER DRIVE MECHANISM CECIL E. POND was issued United States Patent 2,988,185 POWER DRIVE MECHANISM Cecil E. Pond, South Bend, Ind., and assignor to Wheel-Horse Products, Inc. South Bend, Ind., a corporation of Indiana Filed Sept. 8, 1958. The present invention relates to a power drive mechanism for vehicles and more particularly a transmission for vehicles, such as for example tractors, small trucks and power implements for lawn, garden and farm cultivation. One of the principal objects of the present invention is to provide a compact, easy to operate drive unit for vehicles, containing a transmission, differential, gear reduction, clutch and a braking mechanism all controlled by a single lever and a foot pedal. Another object of the invention is to provide a drive mechanism of the foregoing type for a tractor or the like which is relatively simple in construction and operation and which can be assembled as a separate unit and then mounted in the vehicle as an integral part of the frame. Still another object is to provide a sturdy, durable transmission and differential combination unit which can be easily serviced and repaired and which requires only a relatively small amount of lubrication to maintain it in optimum operating condition. A further object of the invention is to provide a drive mechanism having a brake and clutch operated by a single pedal such that the mechanism is automatically declutched whenever braking action is required. Another object of the invention is to provide a relatively small powerful transmission mechanism for tractors or the like, having three speeds forward and a reverse and containing a single braking mechanism adapted to effectively and efficiently brake the two rear wheels of the tractor. Another object is to provide durable, light weight operating parts for the aforesaid transmission, which can be easily and accurately fabricated and which will withstand prolonged rigorous operating conditions. The present power drive mechanism is designed primarily for tractors and lawn care and soil cultivating equipment for use in suburban areas, by inexperienced, mechanically untrained and unskilled operators and consequently must be relatively light in weight, sturdy and versatile and must be capable of long use and wear with little attention and servicing. The present drive mechanism has been developed and constructed to meet these conditions fully and to be handled and operated efficiently and safely without special instructions or mechanical skill. These and other objects and advantages will become readily apparent from the following description and the accompanying drawings, wherein: FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of a suburban type tractor with one of the rear wheels broken away to show the position and relative size of my power drive mechanism in the tractor; Referring more specifically to the drawings and to FIGURE 1 in particular, numeral 30 designates generally a small tractor designed primarily for suburban use, including a frame 32, front wheels 34 and 36, rear wheels 38 and 40, a steering mechanism 42, and a hood 44 enclosing a fuel tank 46 and gasoline engine 48. Numeral 50 indicates my power drive mechanism which is shown rigidly secured to and forming a part of the tractor frame and which is driven by engine or motor 48 through its pulley 51 and a V-belt 5'2 and is connected to the rear wheels by an axle 54. The operator sits on a seat 56 mounted on the housing of the drive mechanism and controls mechanism by manipulating gear shift lever 58 and brake and clutch pedal 60. A hand lever 62 conveniently located on the tractor is provided for controlling the implements being pulled or driven by the tractor. For the purpose of the present description the parts of the tractor not forming a part of my power drive mechanism and the controls therefor may be considered conventional in construction and operation and will not be described in detail herein. The present power drive mechanism 50 includes a transmission 70, differential 72, and speed reduction gearing 74, operatively connected in a compact arrangement and enclosed in a housing 76 with side plates 78 and 80 thereof supporting the various parts of these mechanisms, the housing including the side plates forming a sealed chamber 82 for retaining a lubricant for said mechanisms. The transmission is driven from belt 52 through a pulley 84 mounted on a power input shaft 86 which in turn is journaled in a bearing 88 secured to side plate 78. A spline shaft 90 is axially aligned with shaft 86 and journaled at one end in a bearing recess 94 of a gear 96 rigidly secured to shaft 86 and journaled at the other end in a bearing 98 secured to shaft 86 and journaled at the other end in a bearing 98 secured to the internal wall of plate 80, shafts 86 and 90 being adapted for independent relative rotation. Two gears 100 and 102 are mounted on spline shaft 90 for rotation therewith and are adapted to move axially thereon, gear 100 being the high gear and gear 102 being the low and reverse gear.
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    We went today to pick a for my honey. '67 657. HH60. Runs and drives great! We are going to use it here on the acreage for moving loads of firewood and also as a secondary tractor when we go down into the forest so that she can tow the splitter and I can tow the wood trailer. Only real issue a big one... Wrong color. She's going to start taking it apart tonight to correct the error of someone else's ways. Mechanically, all it needs is fluid changes to axle and engine and a good tune-up. We would love to have all the information we can about this machine. Like for starters, why is the gas tank mounted to the engine instead of in the steering tower like my B&C series? We are wondering if maybe it is a replacement engine from a snow blower or something else? And, the muffler. Another reason why I think this may be a replacement engine. It points directly to the inside of the hood and nose area blowing carbon all over the place. We definitely want this to be a quiet machine so a straight pipe is out but what can we do or what should be there? Here's some pics.
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    Actually, the fishing was really good. Lots of walleye, bass, bluegill, and pike. Kept some but we’re pretty selective with what we harvest. The smallmouth bass fishing is unreal. Dad kept a journal so I can confirm what we actually boated over the 6 days I was there, but I’d guess I caught and released at least 50 bass over 15” plus lots of smaller ones. Biggest this year was 19.5”. In years past we’ve boated 21-inchers. I like to fish topwater, so most of mine were on poppers. Also used a classic rapala minnow but had to remove one of the trebles to make dealing with the pike easier. We like to keep fish too. Even bass. Minnesota limit is 6 per angler (total possession, not per day as the morons in the cabin next to us insisted 😡) and we try to keep 14” fish. That’s actually a bit of a challenge when you set a tight tolerance. I’d guess the smb in the pic below is a 14”. Not a Lunker. I didn’t take many fish pictures for some reason. Walleye were still shallow. Found them in wood. We aim for 15” fish there and release those that are bigger and smaller. I think you’re limited to one over 20”, but we don’t usually keep that big. Bluegill were hot until the weather changed. Lots of 8”-9” fish. In years past we’ve lucked into fish to 12”. Couldnt find crappie this year. And I burned a day trying for lake trout with no luck. But for a southern Illinois fisherman it was worth the effort. Spring fishing is easy. It gets tougher as the summer progresses. Another favorite minnesota catch is pictured below. Wish we had old Dutch chips down here...Jason knows what I’m talking about! Steve
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    The truck and trailer are all loaded. Heading east in the am!
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    So a GMC Facebook Group I’m in has different names for picture posting on different days. Figured I would give it a shot here
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    So about 3 weeks or so ago I purchased a whole bunch of parts tractors and miscellaneous wheel horse parts. Well after I got that stuff home. The people I bought stuff from called me about this b80. They said they found it in the barn and suspect it's been there since the early 80s when there grandfather's dealership closed. So I went over to check it out and they offered me to take it for free if I would fix there garden tractor in return. So I did and intended to just sell it. Well a guy called and came to supposedly purchase it. Well I think he kicked more tires then I was aware I had so to speak. So I ended up getting it running good and used it a couple times. Well I ended up loving the power with the 8 speed. So I went through it mechanically and changed up a few things. Now it's officially a member of my collection. Just got to add lights and give it a good wax job. I scrubbed it down good and power washed and it cleaned up nice. First 3 pics are before and the rest are what it is now. I'll post more pics when I get the rest done.
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    Hi just joined...(not going to be a very active member) but wanted to say that I bought a new 420LSE in 1986 and I still have it... I used it yesterday it has done 1000 hours and I still love it one of the best purchases I ever made I live in UK just outside London and when my wife and I went to a big flower show at Hampton Court Palace a few years back the bloke on the Toro/Wheelhorse stand saw me looking at their new models he asked if I might be interested in a Toro I said 'no thanks I have an old Wheelhorse' he asked which model I said '420LSE' ah you are Mr H !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my wife and I were both staggered but it sounds like mine was the only one ever sold in UK not easy now to get it serviced as my old Wheelhorse expert in UK seems to have closed his business that's it for now all the best
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    Well I went to get a Speedex and came home with a lot more LOL. I got a all original radio that works, three headlight covers brand new, two 654 hoods, a light kit and lights work, a raider 12 8 speed for my dad with 2 deck and a snowblower and parts snowblower. Also a 1955 2hp Lauson, Swisher ride king with 6hp tecumseh and the 1966 speedex s18 with original wheel weights/snow plow/ cultivator and molboard plow. I will get some more pics up when I get everything in order and put them in there proper topic areas. 20180603_160931.3gp
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    Stumbled across this video earlier...Beautiful collection...hope y'all enjoy it as much as I did
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    well got her painted up new rubber new hydraulic lines for the pump installed new trany gasket new shifter and did retap the dog screw threads new carb added on new tail lights on the rear fenders just waiting for the seat to be done also new non detergent straight 30w motor oil plus new gear oil also the plow the plow i have for it will be repainted too also new decals here's a pic of so far whats done
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    Went to a town 30 miles over yesterday to meet my grandma from kansas who is in town for a few days...stopped by but buddy Glen's house on the way home, after a few beers he talked me into buying this 51 Farmall Cub...
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    I take tractors to about 8 shows per year. How I set up depends on the rules at the show. Some shows will allow you to have your trailer or camper by your display, others don't want any trailers in the display area. Most shows in our area will have card board signs that you can fill out with your information. I took the time to make some out of wood that resemble the grills of each tractor, then I burned my info into the wood. Here is a pic from one show last year.
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    Well she runs. Amazing what a set of points and a condenser will do for you. Oh and not having the fuel pump on upside down. Don’t ask, it was a late night when I put it on. Not good with staying up late anymore. Took all the power steering stuff out and went back to factory steering at least till after the show. Might leave it that way and use the PS on something else. All hiem joints except for onerod end. Steers good to me. Also got the headlights installed and they seem to work. Had the lense on for a little while and the fan running and the lense didn’t get hot. We’ll see how long it lasts. Half the fun of building stuff for me. Also have a pic of my helper for the day. She wouldn’t leave me alone so I let her jump in.
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