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    I saved this jewel from the scrap yard this morning. About a 30 minute trip and 20 minutes of that was backing the trailer up a very winding steep driveway. Has a fairly good deck shell and the gears and spindles feel OK. Plus a sleeve hitch with a pin that is actually free in the transmission. And 2 link vee bar chains.
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    At Le Seuer pioneer power --- Le Seuer Minnesota
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    Picked up this little Commando 8 today. I looked at it more as buying a mid-mount grader blade, a Lawn Ranger dozer blade, and getting the tractor for free. The tired old girl may not be worth much more than that. In addition to being rusty and worn, all the tires are shot (I took 2 fronts with me just to make it easier to roll onto the trailer), the engine is locked up, and one front spindle is even seized in the axle and won't turn. There are a few good parts there, but probably a bunch of broken bolts and seized parts in the way of getting them off. While this tractor may be lacking in physical value, it certainly has an interesting story. The seller was actually quite fond of the tractor, and was embarrassed about letting it get to this condition. He was quite a talker, and we ended up chatting about the history of the tractor and how it intertwined with his own life story. After hearing it all, I feel a bit reluctant to part it out (it IS in pretty rough shape though) so in honor of the tough little guy, I thought I would tell it's story here. The tractor started life in 1968. It was sold by the dealer in Decatur, IL. The seller recounted that the dealer started by selling Wheel Horses as a travelling salesman, and that Wheel Horse convinced him to set up a store with a showroom, and would give him a credit back on his purchases to reinvest in the store. The Commando 8 was originally sold to an older gentleman, who unfortunately had a stroke not long after getting it. The stroke wasn't fatal, but he was no longer able to use the manual lift so he traded the Commando on one with hydraulic lift. Mark, the seller, served in the Army in Vietnam driving an M113 armored personnel carrier. He showed me pictures of his tank after it hit a land mine, which he referred to as "his last day in Vietnam". He later mentioned injuries he sustained in that attack to both knees and his foot. He was rightfully proud of his service and enjoys reconnecting with the men he served with. He showed me some pictures of incredible scale models he had built of the M113's, and planned to give one to each of the surviving guys he served with when he meets up with them again in a few weeks. Very cool. When he returned home from Vietnam in 1971, he decided that the old Montgomery Wards riding mower he had been using just wasn't up to the task of mowing the rough yard he had. He wanted a real garden tractor with a floating mower deck. He and the Wheel Horse dealer worked out a deal on a slightly used Commando 8. He didn't take it with him right away, and when he returned to get it, he was a little early and caught the dealer using it with the grader blade to level the gravel in his parking lot. The dealer was embarrassed to get caught using a sold tractor, so he threw in the grader blade as part of the deal. The dozer blade was a later purchase from a friend who also had a Wheel Horse. It sounded like the Commando had a fairly active life. It's primary job was mowing. Mark mentioned his wife used it to mow and one time she ran it out of oil and the engine locked up. He said he took it to a machine shop and after getting into it they found that other than a new piston and rings, all the block really needed was honing and it ran fine after that. Mark told stories about using the grader blade to level various projects, and how he used it to help dig a basement by hauling cart-fulls of dirt out of the hole. Mark was proud of his tractor and even though he wasn't a collector, he was a Wheel Horse fan and seemed to know quite a bit about Wheel Horse tractors and company history. He held on to it planning to restore the tractor "someday", but realized he wasn't ever going to get around to it, and even if he did it was going to take alot more work than he initially thought. (He also seemed excited about freeing up some garage space.) He enjoyed seeing a few pictures of my restored Wheel Horses. As I was tying down the tractor on the trailer, he went into the house and came back with a Wheel Horse hat he had purchased a few years back that he wanted me to have. I hadn't planned on spending 2 hours picking up the tractor, but fortunately it was a rare day where I had taken the day off and didn't have anywhere I really had to be. Sure, I had other things I could have done, but I could tell he was really enjoying having a captive audience, and to be honest, I found his stories interesting. This long, holiday weekend will be a good one to see if the tractor has any life left in it, and what scars it might have from it's life experiences.
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    I picked up this old 312- about two years ago for $50. Had three flat tires, missing pieces, messed up wiring, and lots of dirt. I had to drag it out of an old shed that was about to collapse onto it. Lots of cleaning, parts, paint, and work on it over the past two years, probably more than I realize if I add it up. It wasn't high priority, because I had other WH projects that I valued more. Figured I'd just fix it up to sell. But now that it's running, I hate to get rid of it. Funny how you become attached to it after putting a lot of work into it. It runs and looks great, so I might put a plow on it this winter.
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    I needed a way to store my mower decks and came up with this. I have a tractor with pallet forks to move it around. Wheels under it would work as well. I built the base out of 2x4's and 4x4's. Decks sit on 2x10's and I used 2x3's to locate the wheels. 2x4 uprights were put into notches cut into the 4x4's for added strength and held in with 3-1/2" lag bolts and construction adhesive. Decks are lowered into place then a ratchet strap holds it. I built mine to hold 2 48" decks and a 60" deck. 60" deck is in the middle due to it's extra weight. I will put the last 48" deck on in the late fall when I am done using it. The way the decks are held should not cause any paint damage. Cleat
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    A few photo's from Rural Past Times. Home for the weekend. Not the luxury caravan. The little green tent. My Sears/Roper flexing it's muscles. Friday afternoon. Saturday. Fergie The Wonder Dog. Mini D and man with BRACES. Suspenders has a different meaning over here. Basil and Courtney on guard duty. Chris testing a towing attachment. Poor Bolens couldn't stand the pace. Various Bolens needed attention over the weekend. Sheepherds Hut with all mod cons. Sunday. Man Cave. Thresher. Fergie with reaper/binder. One way to pull a bird. Arena Parade. A very nice Ford. Finally My C-81 and finger bar got second in the horticultural class.
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    Found these on the front porch a couple weeks ago, cleaned up well.Still don't know for sure who left them.
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    Now, this is a work tractor, not a show tractor. But Wheelhorse aren't box store junk and never were. I take pride in my equipment and trucks, none of which were bought new but I've always bought for quality and good equipment holds up that's why I bought my 3/12. Was a little dirty and dusty so today I decided to give it a late summer cleanup. Wash, scrub, polishing compound and a coat of wax. I washed and dried it then rubbed some mothers step 1 on it then johnsons paste wax per suggestion on the site. That's a blast from the past, my nana used that on everything! Im happy with the results. Still has some scratches but I'm ok with them. I got this tractor a little over a year ago from the original owner's son. I still am impressed with not only the craftsmanship but the performance and the mowing quality is as good or better than any commercial walkbehind I've ever run.
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    I've been sporting the 520 badge for a lil bit now, so I thought I'd take a minute to introduce the latest member of my herd. With special thanks to a couple of members, I am now the proud owner of a 520H. It was picked up as a non-runner, but after some shop time it runs & drives good. Its first job at my place was to pull down a partially broken branch from my black walnut tree. Of course this beast had no problem handling it. She looks proud after conquering the first job at her new residents.
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    I've wanted a tractor with a FEL for a while but needed to sell my motorcycle to fund the loader tractor. Over the summer I was talking with Duke (Horse Fixer) about his 520H but even if I sold my bike, the distance to get his was holding me back. In late July I thought my Honda was sold and I saw Larry (Elliot Ness) had a C-195 and a loader for sale that might have worked. He's just an hour up the road from me so that was very close. Unfortunately, the sale of my bike fell through so I was forced to back out on Larry. (I still feel terrible about that.) It looks like he has since sold one of his tractors and one of his loaders so I'm happy about that. Well, a few weeks ago my bike sold and I started looking again. Denny Clarke mentioned that Duke's 520 was still in the classifieds. Denny also offered to haul it to his house in central Illinois if Duke and I worked out a deal since he and his wife would be in Michigan near Duke's place. Based on his generous offer, I decided to call Duke. I called and his wife answered. As most of you know by now, Duke had a stroke over the summer. I had no idea at the time so she filled me in on what had happened. I asked her not to bother him since he was in the hospital at the time but she insisted since he still had the tractor. Long story even longer, Duke was home and healing by the time the Clarkes made the trip to Michigan and the deal was done. If you remember Duke's add, the 520 was in good shape with a few dents and scratches on the hood and seat pan. He had decals for the hood and seat pan that he included in the deal. Since I got it home I started pulling it apart to do some freshening and repairs. And, as all of you know, once you start digging in to a tractor, you can always find more items to address. My original plan was to fix the hood, replace the front tires, and a new seat. First off I'd like to say that Duke had gone through the machine and cleaned and serviced it thoroughly. He did a great job making this machine nice. Once I started to pull off tins I found some surface rust and pitting under the floor mats so I decided to work those over too. I also noticed that the drive belt was really bouncing/slapping inside the belt guard. As I looked more closely I found the pivot rod that holds the drive belt idler pulley was really sloppy. It turns out the bushing was gone and a groove had worn in the rod. I wasn't able to find a rod but I filled it and ordered the inexpensive bushing, wave washer, and shim. When they come in I hope to put everything back together. Below is a before pic showing how nice it was to start with and then some other pics of my progress. Sorry for the long winded post. Before: Here's pics of my rattle can painting. Remember this is going to be a worker so my painting isn't perfect. I was able to heat and remove the existing running board pads and re-use them. Since it will eventually get a FEL I put some loaded Ags with inside wheel weights on the rear that I had from another tractor and some 5 ribs on the front. Since I couldn't find any ribs in 16 - 7.50 I upsized to an 18 - 8.50 Vred 5 rib. They are big but the tractor is still pretty level and it steers with almost zero effort even when the tractor is sitting still.
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    This now C-175 started out as a C-81. Engine is a NOS Short block KT-17 with parts from a JD 317 and a true C-175 with a blown motor and an isolation mount.. Had to get a new hood and modify the hood mounting to clear the muffler. still hit at times. Has about 180 hours on her but I was tired of the engine bouncing around. The isolation mounts were aging...I know you can make replacements but I was looking at my 418A with a solid mount an realized that would be cheaper and easier to switch to that set up. The only difference between an M18 and KT 17 Series II really is the ignition system ( I have never noticed much vibration in the 418) so I got a mounting plate from A to Z and put her back together. Smooth is all i can say. The new mount is lower than the old one so I guess i will have to replace homemade hood mounts (gave me extra height) with standard ones. The only hard part was getting the front iangular support for the isolation mount off. Th darn bolts were damn near unaccesible had to drop the front axle. Other than my sentimental favorite Lawn Ranger L107 (my father bought her new ) I think C-175s are my favorite horse. Plenty of power and smooth with out the electrical complexity of the 418s and 520s. I have 3 now....
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    After numerous delays I am beginning the restoration of the early production 953 I purchased from @Ed Kennell nearl two and a half years ago. We don't know a lot about it's early history but I will let Ed tell you how he came by it in his own words. I saw the 953 on a Maryland CL ad in Dec. 2014. The location was farther than I would travel for a non runner...about a five hour round trip. But, I was going to Charlestown W Va. on Jan 3, 2015 for our annual family Christmas party. The 953 was within 50 mile of my route, so I made arrangements to pick up the tractor on my way to the party Saturday morning. About two hours into the trip, I got a call that the party was cancelled due to heavy sleet in the mountains in western Pa. where most of my family lives. It was raining where I was but the temp was 33F, so we decided to continue on to pick up the tractor. When we got there, I saw the 953 sitting in an overgrown ditch and by now the rain was turning to sleet. I was really concerned how I would get it to my trailer. Turns out the owner was a contractor and had an excavator. If I did the rigging, he agreed to pick it out of the ditch and put it on the trailer. No problem... it was on the trailer in a few minutes and we were on our way East trying to stay ahead of the cold and freezing ice approaching from the West. I really regret not having pictures of it being plucked out of that ditch and dangling from the excavator over my trailer. I think I posted a pic on Red Square and that's where you and I crossed paths. You probably have more details of the delivery involving Van and Jay than I have. So, Now you know the rest of the story. Best Regards, Ed Here is Ed's "Whats in your Mirror" post from the day the pulled it out of the gully. Nuther one jumped on the trailer this morning. Any guesses? Man, that's not much of a clue. Maybe this'll help. Edited January 3, 2015 by ekennell A couple of months later Ed and I struck a deal on the 953 and I was to pick it up at the 2015 "Big Show". Well, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry and this was a case in point! I severely injured my back and at the time of the show I was on the operating table having spinal fusion surgery. I put out a request for "Hauling Help" on RedSquare and Van @Wheel-N-It responded saying he would get it back to North Carolina and store it till I was able to come get it. James @Jrblanke loaded it in his truck and took it to Van's from the show. A few months went by and I was finally able to retrieve it from Van. Many thanks to James and Van for going out of their way to help a fellow Wheel Horse fanatic. Once it was home I cleaned up the carburetor and replaced the ignition coil and the old horse ran, no smoke, no knocks! Just for grins I turned on the lights and both head lights and the tail light worked. Over the past couple of years life has gotten in the way of making any further progress. Now I have cleared the decks and will begin the restoration. This will be a total restoration including the engine and transaxle being rebuilt.
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    So ya this is my first post here and my first riding mower ever. I'm 32 had to get somthbig for .87 acres and came across this mower. I have been browsing offer up and other sites and see the JD's, Troy builts, Murray, and so on. I came across this while driving around. Guy let me ride it and for some reason but it just felt good. I'm into old stuff and like to tinker. Just seeing all the gauges and levers with grease points and what not made me want it. I'm sure I paid more then I should have $500 but I don't see why it can't run another 30 years. I drove it about 15min home from where I got it ahaha its a 1990 model 312-8 according to the model numbers. Hope to use this forum as a repair and maintain excellent resource. Also for modification if possible.
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    Polished the moons on the 417 today. Before Jacked up the one side and spun the cap while wire brushing and then buffing with rubbing compound. after
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    Stumbled upon this in the New London, CT CL listings. Pretty cute, and potentially pretty handy. Definitely innovative. Looks to be nicely done. A little pricey, IMO........but an original, for sure.
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    Seem like that truckster comes up for sale every couple of years, nice for sure. here are a couple more.
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    I bathed the red team today and to make sure I'll have very little snow removal this winter I put the blower on. If I want to wear shorts in January, I'll put the chains on.
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    Neighbor is redoing his driveway. They dumped a Triax load 20+tons of 2A modified. Didn't run it, dropped in two piles. The D200 with FEL and york rake got a work out spreading the stuff up and down the driveway. (I got a good work out also. Steering a D200 with a full bucket is not easy). Also with the York rake on the back (also serves a counter weight) this thing is long and hard to maneuver.). Hydro temp never got above 180 and she dug holes in the driveway pushing into the piles. (with beet juice in each wheel and 50lbs weights on each in addition to the york rake. Got out the C120 with Midmount blade and it did a great job leveling off the stuff and was much easier to use.
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    The state (PENDOT) is milling and repaving rt 74 so I managed to get 20 ton if the millings to repair the washed out road. So I took the deck off and put the dozer blade on to spread and roll the millings. Got about 6 hours of seat time yesterday.
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    Some of you may remember me mentioning a very special WH not too long after I joined RedSquare that was purchased brand new by an elderly friend of mine who was the one who got me to looking for my first WH. Well after several months of waiting I was finally able to go pick it up today. Ray couldn't remember the model, only that it was a WH that he bought new sometime in the 70s with a tiller...turned out to be a C-141. She should start and run with a little patience and tinkering, but will be awhile before she's up and working again...needs 4 new tires, new gas tank, and I have a feeling the 8 speed is shot (no oil, rust flakes on the dipstick, & won't shift between lo/hi or into 2nd/3rd) still I'm very excited to finally have this one home to my stable. Now I will quit with the senseless rambling and get on to what y'all really want...
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    I have been very busy lately and have let a few issues that I have needed to address go by the wayside. Sorry for that. First, I want to thank @ACman (Jeff) for buying and sending me an official T-shirt from the Big Show. I owe you Mate and Thank You Very Much. I have one from all the years I have been there, and I did not really want to miss this year's. Jeff, I apologize that it took me this long to acknowledge your gracious gift. Second, I got a PM from Squonk a few days ago telling me to look for a package on Saturday. I did get a package from Mike on Saturday. My wife brought it down to the "Man Cave" and asked if I was expecting a package...I said "yes" and she produced it and said "here ya go". I told her it was from Squonk...she rolled her eyes and said..."not more dinosaurs?". I was in the dark...had no idea what was in the package. Opened it up...3 more dinosaurs...one of them lights up, and a plaque (which I collect) from the 57th Pagent of Steam show in New York. Thanks Mike I have quite the collection of dinosaurs now...I think I should take a picture of the entire collection at this point.
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    Another member here had a complete 704 frame that was cleaned up in the past and painted. I thought I have an 8 speed and a great running yank start Wisconsin I wanted to mount to something. Jay Paxton member here stepped up and offered a donor hood to me for free! Thanks Jay. I plan on relocating the tank and add wheelie bars. Here it is so far..
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    I decided to mount up my winter tires on the C-121. Gotta say I really like the black rims!
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    I picked up my second 520 awhile back from @DeterminingFactor that had no spark. Changed out the 9 pin connector from @rmaynard as the red wire was already routed around the 9 pin. Found the coil was bad and replaced. Motor runs good and now on to the next step. PO said hydro was leaking I think I found the problem so tomorrow I will open up the hydro and replace all seals and gaskets. Plan on wet sanding all the tins and repaint, new decals will need to be ordered. Now if I could only convince @ACman to release the rights to the wheel a matic decals, other wise it may end up being the patriotic series decals. This one may take a while as still working 10hr days and Saturdays. I'll try to post as much as I can. Also picked up an Ark loader for it. Need to build subframe, new hoses and modify a few other things
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    So one of my bucket list tractors has been a 701. I've came across many but couldn't make a deal happen or there just wasn't enough of a 701 to restore. Picked up a few that were bits and pieces of a 701. But they were broke down and shelved for parts inventory. But came across this one on CL last Friday and I inquired. Well the gentlemen offered to deliver it on his way to work and give me paperwork for it and extra parts. So I didn't even knock down the price. He said he swore up and down the machine runs great and he mowed with it until the front spindle broke. So he delivered it this morning! I had a extra spindle waiting and battery. Well she fired right up and drove around like a dream! Even came with 4 nice hubcaps. Now just got to give it a complete tear down and go through it top to bottom and bring it back to new! I'll post the serial number when i get chance to slowly remove some paint.
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    The A-81 is coming along nicely 😊
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    Not sure if this is the right place for this topic, but got a vinyl cover today. Not a great fit for the C-105, but can't go wrong for $5.
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    Driving to Athens Ohio tomorrow (3.5hrs) to pick up my new trailer to haul the tractors around on. My little 5'×10' Carry On is just too small and flexes too much. Picking up a new Diamond C, 7'×14' tandem axle utility trailer. Painted a nice bright red! Has black rims, so guess I will have to paint them the same as the tractor rims. Little more than I wanted to spend, but the extra $500 gets me a much sturdier trailer than getting another Carry On brand tandem, plus I get a bunch of adds on including the bifold gate and a PPG automotive paint finish.
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    Here's my pics from the show... Great turnout... crappy weather. Cool and rainy pretty much all weekend.... until time to pack up, then the sun shine was bright and hot! I think the rain kept a ton of people away, especially from the gas engine areas... not many displays up there this year. There was a display of antique snowmobiles too though... can't have a tractor show in Minnesota without some snowmobiles! Some random pictures from around the grounds and then lots of the groups display below.
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    Just message a guy on CL about his two wagons for $200 (he said he paid $250) and he knew they were worth more . It was only up for 9mins when I responded and told him of my situation (physically & financially) and these were on my bucket list for my collection . I told him I wouldn't be able to get them until next weekend and would give him $250 if he'd work with me . I asked him if he had heard of RS and that I was ACman on the forum . He responded right back and told me he'd hold them for me and yes his username is @gkendall99 so that might have something to do with it . The four wheel wagon looks like it needs new rims and tires but for the price for the two I'm not complaining I'm dancing in my chair ! Now I just have to sneak them past the wife ... We'll see if he keeps his word , but I got a good feeling about this one .
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    This is a rj35 1957 is my bucket list tractor it is all restored. Has the k-90. One nice machine could pass it up!!
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    Not sure how many members are from there but will be thinking of all you people out in Texas and Louisiana. Hurricanes are no fun but 20-30" of rain is even worse. Hope all of you stay safe and be careful out there. Praying for your safety!
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    I think I can solve the problem Jay. 1. mow for 29 minutes 2. take a 30 minute break and have a cold beverage 3. repeat steps 1. & 2. till mowing is finished.
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    If your into family events alittle of everything for everyone from a large sand box for the kids to your misses candle burners to good food to music and a tractor parade. hope it grows bigger they had all kinda of different tractors. Got to spend some time hang out with @Achto always a good time, i am sure he has some pictures to show.
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    This was a fun little show, & it was great to hang out with @Rp.wh and his boys. Rare tractors can even be found at a small show like this. I know that a lot of us rib on John Deere's but I still appreciate rare ones. This is an experimental model M, most of the 23 built were destroyed after testing. This one is a restored survivor. Some day I would like to own one of these Roof Palomino's. While the DeVere Lock was built in Racine WI, they are not found too often in our area. A Bantam tractor is also on my wish list. I was able to take this model 8000 for a joy ride. Very cool little tractor. I have never seen or heard of the Pigeon scooter. An old water pump used by fire fighters at one time. A big high light of the show for me was spending some time on this Port Huron Steam engine. An operators view while running the thresher. Had a great time & enjoyed hanging out with some friends.
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    Thanks to a fellow member here, my Autism Horse now sports one of Glen's older cast resin horse head hood ornaments. Came to me as raw resin casting. I had to shorten the "tail" a bit to match the stock hood ornament length and to keep clear of the custom lettering on the hood decal. First paint coat after a light sanding was grey primer. After that cured overnight, a coat of semi gloss black. The following morning, the coat of chrome paint was applied. Once dry I found some self tapping screws and mounted the ornament and its rubber base to the hood. Turned out pretty good. Mike
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    I have two means of cleaning paint/rust here and some thoughts that might help others about their use and mods to make them perform better . One is an old Snap On glass bead blast cabinet that lives in the basement shop , the other an older model Clarke sand blasting pot . The Snap On works ok , but it's gun was super expensive as well as replacement tips and especially the tempered glass window in the cabinet . Solved the gun issue with a TP Tools Scat gun with a carbide blast nozzle and their custom pickup tube design which helps to better mix air into the media stream since this cabinet is a suction type . The dumb glass window and it's associated gasket was replaced with some aluminum extrusions , gaskets and just common grade single strength glass from the Hardware store . Lasts just about as long as the tempered , much easier to change and I've only broken it once . I also opened up the cabinet's air intake with a larger hole and diversion baffle to help it flow air better . Still needs a proper dust extractor , will eventually get a Scat Hepa type as they have a nice design and far better pricing on filters and such . TP also has some pretty good rubber coated gloves at half the cost of Snap On - and they last longer . The Clarke blast pot has been a pain in the keister for a very long time . I hated the dead man valve setup it used , the tips weren't easy to get nor cheap for their short life span and they only sell the dumb things in 3-packs that are 3 different sizes , if you need only the 1 size you're screwed with quite a few useless spares . A trip to the large Auction site and solved that problem by switching to a ball valve setup that a guy builds that uses the more common and far more durable 3-3/4" long by 5/8" tip by 1-1/8" base tapered ceramic venturi nozzles . Now - for the warning : this is not a dead man setup , if you drop it or something happens to you that setup will not shut itself off since it's just a common ball valve , so be wary with it . However , those tapered cone style nozzles last 50 times longer than the little junk design short ones that come with these common Chinese built blast pots . There is another dead man gun out there that might work better if you want to go that route and it will use the cone style nozzles , but it's quite cumbersome and hard to use in tight areas . To stop blasting , this one works by just shutting the ball valve off , quickly . Be aware that his included valve won't last long since it's brass - the thing wasn't even machined straight and the Black diamond media found it's way around the ball in short order , so it started to leak/bypass air pressure a bit . Once that gets started , in a short time of about 100lbs of coal slag it blew a hole in the side of the valve . Found an old heavy USA made steel valve rated for high pressure steam systems - this one should hold up for a long time . First , let's start with a bit of lesson on media - it can be the biggest part of what you're trying to accomplish . Too heavy of a grit requires a much larger nozzle and far higher cfm compressor , which most people don't have . The profile left by that larger media or screen size can also damage lighter gauge sheet metal , aluminum and other soft metals - it will leave a very rough profile . Now , on heavier rusty , scaled steel such as 1/8" thickness - it's perfect but having enough cfm is the problem . Here's a chart to help understand the media sizing : http://www.blackdiamondabrasives.com/media/1060/usminerals-blackdiamond-nozzleconversionchart.pdf The numbering system is the screening sizing - 2040 means grit size between 20 and 40 grit , which is pretty aggressive and works only with larger cfm/hole size tips , otherwise it will clog easily . At 3/16" nozzle sizing , that would require either a very high volume reciprocating 2-stage compressor over 30cfm or a engine driven rotary . Running 30/60 grit and using the smaller 1/8" nozzle allows the use of a good quality 2-stage compressor in the 23-28cfm range . Common size machine for most shops and finding a good used one is generally pretty easy . It must be a continuous run capable unit - not the cheap modern versions sold in the stores today but a commercial grade type with a heavy cast iron pump and at least 5hp . Anything smaller/lighter won't last long and can't keep up with the demand of the cfm required - you'll just burn it up and probably ruin the pump/motor in short order from heat . I use an old early 80's Speed Air 27cfm 2-stage unit with 5hp heavy series motor - this thing is north of 500lbs total with the 80 gallon tank and was a freebie - but needed repairs such as new legs and some work on it's pressure switch . It's ran here for nearly 20yrs now with barely a glitch , oil changed when it turns dark and new air filters when needed - will probably outlive me . Nice part of this one is the common Champion rebuild/gasket/reed kits will fit it as the pumps were made by Champion in my hometown of Princeton , Illinois . If you can find an older R-30 series equipped pump/ 80 gallon compressor used - buy it as they run forever . Prior to 1985 is best , but even later models are far better than other brands . Now , to the pot - This old Clarke used a crappy cast tee and brass ball valve to regulate the media at the bottom of the tank . This results in a less than consistent media flow and the tee's won't last long due to the media having to make that 90* turn when it's mixing into the air stream . I found some mods others have done on the net and ordered a malleable iron wye fitting in 1/2"NPT . Not easy to find , but they are out there - https://www.amazon.com/FNPT-Malleable-Iron-Wye/dp/B0078S2P4Q/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1504186031&sr=8-3&keywords=1%2F2"+wye This fitting mod allows a much smoother transition and far better/more consistent mixing of the media and air as well as provides better overall air flow/volume . Much less clogging at the valve as well . It took some adapters and such to get it fitted but sure made a difference how well the unit works . I'll have to get some better pics but you can pick the wye out in this photo of yesterday - trying to clean out a batch of wet media from the pot (no , not fun) . Blasting this irritating 6.5'x12' US Cargo utility trailer and it's heavy mill scale/rust/paint . They evidently used imported steel and the mill scale layer is tough to get off - not to mention they painted right over the top of it , which allows it to rust from inside out easily . The heavy rust/mill scale where the decking was sitting had to first be removed with the needle scaler - otherwise you'll spend a lot of extra time blasting it off as the stuff creates a cushion to the media stream . Needle scaler is the Ingersoll Rand attachment version that fits the common air hammers threaded heads - scaler runs on a simple medium barrel one and works great for the $40 cost at TSC . This all started when the trailer was loaded , the big D180's hydro coupling failed and I had to put the trailer on the jack loaded . The original tongue was only built with 1/8" thick 2x3 angle iron - not a good idea in my opinion but I'm no engineer . Needless to say - the tongue failed when the trailer tried to roll against the wheel chocks when it was on the jack - just a slight depression in the driveway did the damage as the tongue just twisted into a pretzel as I was trying to hook it up to the truck . Watching it slowly go sideways to the ground in the truck's rear view camera is a sight no one wants to see , trust me . New tongue is 2x3x3/16" wall rectangular tubing , US Steel specifically . All welded with 7018 rod with beveled joints in 2 passes for proper strength . This will also help stiffen the nose of this thing - the angle iron allowed far too much flex in the front half of their design - it had cracked 4 welds in the main frame already - all of which have been properly repaired . Between the heavy mill scale and rust in the main frame areas I've had to switch from the lighter 80/100 grit from Menard's https://www.menards.com/main/building-materials/concrete-cement-masonry/bagged-concrete-cement-mortar/black-blast-blasting-sand/p-1444445322601.htm to the more coarse 2040 Black Diamond from TSC . The only nozzle size I had here was the 1/8" tapered cones so I'm waiting on UPS this morning to bring the 5/32" size nozzles from McMaster in Chicago - I love how they can get me stuff overnight . I'll try to get some better pics today of the blast profiles , Clarke pot tank mods and the nozzle setups I'm using . Maybe it will help others determine what to get and how to use it when cleaning their tractors/equipment/trailers for restoration work or otherwise . So far this mill scale issue has cost me 14-50lb bags of coal slag . I should have used the heavier grit size to start with , but the finer grit should have done the job . I will say this - the Black Blast brand from Menard's might be cheaper at $6.99/bag , but the amount of dust and extra fine media isn't worth the savings unless you're doing very light work . The Black Diamond brand is far more consistent and nearly no dust or fines , but it also costs more at $7.99/bag . If the trailer hadn't been so bad to start with I'd have used a large tarp to catch the media and recycle it into the pot with a sifting screen to keep out the junk . It's more work , but does save money in the long term . Hope this all helps - figured I'd give back to the forum a bit while I'm waiting on the brown guy to show up with my nozzles ...lol . Sarge
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    The Chambers tractor pulls/Montgomery NY tractor parade was the happening place to be today. ...
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    Another good year at Pioneer Power, the weather wasnt so great but i beleive Jason counted 50 this year! Im not the best at remebering to take pics but here are a few i took
  41. 13 points
    Found the perfect new/old decal in the classifieds(Thanks Greg-AmcWheel85)... which looked to have the perfect patina to match the one missing from my 1056. Problem was, it was so old & not stored properly, and it seriously did not want to come off it's backing paper. Took some determination, & about a 1/2 hour of coaxing with heat & a razor blade to actually get it off in one piece. In the process, I discovered that the backing paper actually contained another decal on the opposite side. That one is the pressure sensitive type, outlined silver Wheel-Horse...not sure what they were originally used on. Once removed, I started by cleaning the hood with wax & grease remover... sprayed the back with a good coat of trim adhesive... positioned it on the hood... then, a liberal application of heat, for good measure... and some pressure, with a clean, soft cloth. Then, after it cooled, a nice application of wax to reseal the area. I think the final outcome was a success... and, it matches the other side perfectly. Who says "them old decals will never work?"
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    I wouldn't be at all concerned about it. Any oil you buy today is equal to or superior to the oil it had in it when it left the factory.
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    Here Ya go Eric.
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    Finished up the engine belt cover today, and got it back into paint. Took a little longer than I anticipated... but, after three weeks...here's the before. and, now the after.
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    My sons Birthday is next weekend so i assembled his trike this week. It is a HF all terrain trike, better yet its red! He has a fascination with and can pick the symbol out in a pic so I ordered some decals from Terry and this is what i came up with. I think he will like it
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    Two more followed us home again. One is a 654 and the other appears to be a 551. The 654 runs cuts and drives, but needs throttle and choke cables, ignition switch, battery, and of course, axle seals. The 551 has the complete deck and even the belt guard, but was bundled with an H60 that was pulled off a snow blower, and is missing the carburetor. The pair set us back $175. I hope we didn't get taken...
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    Spent a lovely weekend at our annual tractorfest show with a few Wheelhorse's and a special guest. heres a few photos i took over the two days.
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    The best measuring tools in the world will not do you much good if you are not proficient in their use. A cylinder bore gauge needs to be held exactly perpendicular to the cylinder wall and the slightest variation will give you an erroneous reading. You can get a good idea of the condition of the cylinder by removing the piston and removing it's rings. Compress the top ring and insert it into the cylinder and use the piston to "square it up" at the top of the cylinder then measure the end gap of the ring. Use the piston to keep the ring square and move it about a quarter of the way down the cylinder and check the end gap at this point; also shine a light from below and look for the slightest light leakage past the rings (out of roundness check). Repeat this process at one half and three quarters and bottom of the cylinder bore. If there is any light leakage past the ring you have an out of round condition. If the measurement of the end gap changes at all this is an indication of cylinder bore wear. In either case a hone won't do the trick and you would be well advised to take it to a small engine machine shop for proper measurement.
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    Nice orignal c100 -cleanest original I've see. 854 with factory headlight and tail light kit http://pho.to/AmgxX
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    Well the US postal service seems to have misplaced a couple of my shipments and it's slowing my project a bit. Took the opportunity to do some odd jobs in the shop and then figur d why not install the 3 point. At least it clears the parts off the bench for a while. Pretty sure I installed cylinder incorrect but for mock up it is fine. @19richie66 handwork is in one of the pics.
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