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    I picked up a set of turf tires at the big show this past weekend so I was able to swap out the 23x10.50-12 super lug ags off the 1057 and onto the 854. I really like the look of the wide ags on the 854. This one will be in a 4th of July parade this weekend in upstate NY at the in laws place.
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    I had a great time at the show this past weekend, even with the rain! It's about a 6 hour drive from Raleigh, NC, but it is one of my favorite drives! I also really enjoy the scenery around the fairgrounds and took several trips out and about just to take some pictures and look at the old barns. I almost didn't come but my wife, who is 7.5 months pregnant, said "James, the big show has been on the calender for the past 6 months, you can start being an adult next month, go to the freaking show, and quit making up excuses for why you shouldn't." I'm so glad I listened! A big thanks to John, Paul, and Jay for letting me mooch some shade under their tents! One thing that resonated with me this year was that the show is more about the people than the tractors. The first time I went to the show a few years ago (I confess) it was 90% about the tractors, 10% about the people. This was my 3rd trip. It was 50% percent about the people, 25% about the tractors, and 25% about the pie. Y'all, the pie game was on point this year. As far as the tractors go, I noticed myself being drawn towards the short frames. Howard's 857 was especially tempting! I hope y'all don't mind the pictures of the scenery! The trip up on Thursday: Tractors that caught my eye at the show: Very tempting Howard! My view of the Parade! After the ice cream social, the rain came down, but that didn't discourage some from riding on their horses! Scenery Pictures from Saturday Headed out around 5:45am from the camp ground. Here are some shots from the ride home.
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    Just wanted to share a couple pics of the 876 i picked up at Portage Garden Tractor Daze. Here is the before i intended on polishing it and applying new decals (still have to get a hold of Terry) Before AFTER Hope you like them
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    Started a new project I've been day dreaming about for awhile now. I've always been a fan of square hood and more recently round fenders. Figured I couldn't go wrong with a big block kohler either. Started with an 857 that had no engine. So for now and until more parts arrive I have a short frame, big block kohler with round fenders and no cutting of the hood to make it all fit. There's still lots to do but thought I'd share the progress so far.
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    As usual, it was an awesome show! Tractors are what brought us there, but people are what make the experience Like I say every show, I hate to mention too many specific people because I don't want to miss anyone (except my neighbors ACMan & Squonk ). You will see their posts AC Man's niece (Kip's daughter). . . the cutest kid ever . . . fortunately, Mrs. Zeek had a puppy she liked so she hung out with us. AC I believe you know these suspects . . . Squonk, Howard and Craig Da pole . . . no women, just signs (family show) There are a lot of people that do a LOT of work to make this show happen. Some are not members of this forum just because they aren't into the "interweb" so much, but they are still good folks! This is me and Marshall Smith (WHCC) . . . my RVing BS buddy. . . .
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    Once again, thank you Glen Pettit... for keeping our dreams alive.
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    This year was a different experience for me. Having been to the WHCC show each year since 2010 as a "displayer" and an observer, this year I was set up in one of the buildings as a "seller". It was my intention to clear out all my extra parts, tractors, and accessories, as well a sell my Brake Linings, 9-Pin Connector Kit, and Lug Nut Conversion Kits. Among other things, my major sales included the following: Suburban 401 Suburban 551 1969 WorkHorse 700 1967 607 One half of an RJ-58 4 Engines 32" Snowblower 2 42" mid-frame snow plows 2- bathtub carts 48" mower deck RJ deck and several other 1960's decks and parts too numerous to mention. Thanks to one and all, including all the RedSquare members who stopped by to see me. I had a great time, made a little bit of pocket money, and went back home in one trip rather than the two it took to get there. Special thanks to @wheelhorseman Lowell, and @Vinylguy Terry and their families for being my helpers. Any time that I needed coffee or food or ice or someone to just watch the booth while I had to make a nature call, they were happy to help. I'm counting down the days until next year.
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    I just wanted to take a picture(s) of my newest tractor, and my largest, next to my smallest tractor. So below is my 1947 Farmall Cub alongside the 1961 551 Wheel Horse.
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    Finally got the engine in my daughters suburban after a year. Few small things left but end is in sight now.
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    Found this D-160 sitting in an overgrown junk yard in east Texas slowly sinking in the dirt/weeds. I really regret not having taken a picture of it - no seat, no gas tank, the most horrible cobbled together front spindles, Ross steering bad and of course flat tires. But.... It had a factory replacement Kohler 341 in the Kohler gray paint sitting in it that was still clean. The guy wanted $300 and was NOT gonna budge, so with some misgivings I brought it home. Cleaned out the carb and fed it some gas and cranked right up and ran like the new engine that it was, and, it drove out with the Sundstrand hydro working like a champ!! This is it after I got a seat, tank, and using what spare parts I had on hand got some front tires on and the Ross steering rebuilt, with some new ags on the back, and the silly thing ran great --- but geez, it sure was ugly!! So I been using it around the yard pulling a trailer and using the 3point, handy accessory that!! but I been wanting to help its appearance all along and since things had slowed down lately I decide it was time. My first concern was getting tires on the front that were more suitable for a worker so I posted here on the forum about the possibility of getting 10"ers on the front so with a couple suggestions and some research I put together some much nicer front 'shoes' The Sundstrand hydro motor had an oil leak that was wanting to get worse so I decided that when I went into it I'd go on and get the whole thing spruced up. Turned out pretty nice.... I LOVE my D's!! (Dont Terrys decals look GOOOOOD!!!)
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    Well finally got the 1045 aka "MUTT" out to get some seat time. This thing runs better then almost any other tractor I have had. It got to pull around it's new friend "TUG" the tub cart... also it's adopted yellow and white brother "BUC" and the cart "TAIL" snuck in for a picture
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    I can honestly say that spending time out in the shop has really not happened in the past 9 months. Now that I have some time off I have had a chance to pull some maintenance and go through some of the machines. First up is a 312-H that will no longer be on snow duty. This is a new full time mowing machine for my son. His first time was a huge success. He is going to finish with a nice cut after some more practice. Next up is a 518XI that has just over 500 hours that came back home to be a mowing machine for my wife. She loves having the opportunity to turn on the IPod and have some time to relax. During this time dad did a quick clean up with powder coating of the tins and a fancy new set of decals from our very own Terry Dennis aka @Vinylguy for his 522xi. Also had to make some tough choices to let go of some stuff. One of my first GT's is about to leave. Have spent a lot of time on this 312-8 but no longer have a need for it. Hopefully it will find a new home where it will be enjoyed again. Finally had a chance to grab one of my favorite machines. Here is one of my 701's that I took for a cruise and snapped some photos of. This one is such an enjoyable machine to play with. Hopefully I will be able to find some more time to dabble out in the barn. Hopefully these photos will tide you over!
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    Just finished this RJ 35. Can't decide if I should paint the seat red or leave it black.
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    Started another loader the other day. going to put it on a C160. Will keep everyone up on pics. this will be for sale when complete. Call if interested 573-473-6944 I will make someone a great deal on just the loader , fare less then I go in it.
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    Well, Emory wasn't happy when he couldn't ride with the other kids at the Big Show because his rigged gas tank started leaking. Found him one at the show and got it on when we got back. He has ridden the life out of it since!! He even took it for his cousins to ride in on the 4th of July. They didn't even know what a Wheel Horse was, but had a ball! Thought I'd share some pics of them riding around.
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    I kept this under wraps to unveil at the big show. Got tired of a pinkish tractor. Decals wouldn't be enough. i didn't want to go crazy as this is my snowplow tractor. The hood was bought at last years show and redone last fall. But everything else was done starting mid-April of this year. Started out with this: Torn down to it's skivies and primed: New dash decal: Finished: Skonk has been terribly loud. I tried about 4 different mufflers. I got it better but it was still pretty annoying. During this refresh I decided to change the points. I found the timing was way late and after setting the points correctly the engine is much quieter. you can hear the "Kohler Whine" now!
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    Spent some quality time with the kiddos. The 1045 got a chance to stretch her legs out. It was a good day today
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    Bought this tractor last fall in anticipation of the Big Show. Bought new seat and tires. Then in January I got ahold of Terry about a throwback to the 1965 (first year for hydo's) 875/1075 . My 520 is a 95 so I thought a 30 years in hydro would be kinda cool and mine would be different from sea of 520's at the show . Terry and bounce ideas back and forth and came up what you see . In May it went off to the mechanic for some tlc . Well my son , cousin, mechanic and Terry (Vinlyguy) surprised me with this. We're still working on the dash plate as I added a cigarette lighter. @Vinylguy ill probably just mail you my dash plate so it's right . Anyways I made it to the Big Show for the reveal and I think it was big hit with all the complements it got . Literally we where finishing up on Thursday, buying footrest, painting them and putting them on . Now for the bad news yesterday the daughter was driving it to get pictures and it wouldn't hardly climb a small hill . Hopefully this doesn't turn out to be just a "pig with lipstick" and the hydro isn't trashed . Off to the mechanic again! There's still some more finishing touches to do (maybe a wet sand and buff) fix the exhaust and I'm still missing a few small parts . I might play with the graphics some more (sorry Terry) to tie in the 30'th anniversary as next year's show is anniversary models (I just make my own 1 of 1 ) . Figured I'll show you one half of the barn to show how bad my addiction is . This isn't all of them as the other side of the barn looks like three round hoods blew up . I really need to thank Terry again , he's one good guy ! Here's a before pic . and one with Terry and I coming up with ideas .
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    I previously had another thread going when I started my hot rod project. But here now is an updated thread. I pulled what was left of a 1961 model 551 Wheel Horse out of a wooded lot about five years ago, May 2012... Craigslist find about 30 miles from my home... Since then, I been working off and on rebuilding this tractor into a hot rod project. This past year, I completely disassembled the transaxle and replaced all internal bearings and seals. Anyway, this is where I am now... The frame and transaxle are now painted metallic black. The frame was "stretched" about 4". Custom items mounted so far include a go-kart racing steering wheel, quarter midget front wheels/tires, and aluminum rear wheel spacers for mounting Cragar rear wheels. Just yesterday, I temporarily bolted on the seat, fenders and hood to check for fit and clearance before those items get a final coat of metallic red paint... So, this project is now on the front burner and I am hoping to get more done to it in the coming weeks. Stay tuned...
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    Well I got the 1045 out today after fixing the lift cable so it would hold the plow, also adjust the belt so it would grab better, but now clutch won't go in far enough to let me shift without grinding the gears. I do believe I know how to fix that just don't have time tonight. But I did get it out for a few picture with the plow. Hoping I can have ags and maybe some weights on it soon so I can go to plow days!
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    This is my tiller steer RR-46 I've never seen another one. Does anyone else have one?
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    Nice sunny afternoon, so I decided to line up two of my tractors for a couple pictures. Featuring my 857 that mows the yard every week, and the recently restored 1276 sporting freshly painted rims and some new rubber. Carlisle SAWTOOTH 4.80-8 in the front, and Kenda K501 23x8.50-12 Super Turf in the rear. Enjoy.
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    Brought my big show purchase to the lake and gave it a test run on the lake front. Needless to say I am overjoyed with the results. Beautiful cut and runs and drives like new. What a machine.
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    I've been working on my SK-486 and 1067 for the past three years. Slowly bringing everything up to spec and as close to "new" condition as possible. Everything works like it was originally delivered. Both machines have about 1,300 hours on their original engines, frames, transmissions (eight speed), and tires. The 1067 is 50 years old and the SK-486 is 35. I put about 15 hours on each of them a year, mowing and pulling. My plan is to have them 10 more years and then to pass them down to my two sons. I'd like my sons to get another 20 years of tinkering and light use out of them. So, what I'm wondering, does this sound reasonable and what more should I consider doing to these machines so they run for the next 30 years?
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    Well, I found what we think is a 701 with the wrong hood and single engine pulleys at the show. Got it for $250 and am very pleased. Runs great with minimal smoke. Starts right off and is a blast to drive. I cleaned the paint with fine steel wool and a Brillo pad to get rid of that pink color! I repaired a square seat pan, put on a belt guard, and fabbed up a bar to mount a set of lights I bought from Ron Greco. I also bought the tiller at the show and had to hook it up just for grins! I might paint the both this winter, but kind of like the look of the 701, even though it seems to be an older repaint. You can see Emory with his lawn ranger in the back of one of the shots, he hasn't let it rest since we got home and I put a good gas tank on it!
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    Few people knew...at the same time as our Biglerville show... on the opposite side of Gettysburgh was the big AMOA AMC show/convention...just sharing a few picts here for anyone who cares to look. BTW, the AMC Nationals are being held next weekend in Kenosha Wisconsin if anyone is interested. Interesting side note, hardly anyone in the AMC circles knows anything about the AMC/Wheel-Horse connection... but curiously, I did see someone at the show riding around on an anniversary model ...next years feature tractor. Couple walk-around videos here... ...seems my hand isn't as steady as it used to be.
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    A couple of years back, I acquired a 1962 Sickle Bar. Serial number A-40719. No mule drive with it and in my wisdom I thought I'll make one and fit it to my 1979 C-81. I refurbished the Sickle bar some time ago. Unfortunately, due to my computer giving up the ghost, I can't access any photo's and Photobucket won't let me access what I have in there. I had to change my e-mail address due to Freeserve/Orange discontinuing things. There is an topic on our sister forum www. My Old Machine of the earlier work done. Last week I decided it was about time I dug things out and got stuck in. So here we go. First thing I did was make a couple of pins to mount the frame at the rear. Save messing about with nuts and boltsI know only one is shown, but I did make two. Here they are fitted. Next on the list was the mule drive. I got some plate, 22m bar, bearings and pulleys with taperlock bushes. Then measure up and fabricate the plates. Then build up the whole assembly. Below all bolted on. The sickle bar was then fitted and a way of holding it vertical solved by a ratch through my bits and bobs. One problem here was the lift lever under the tractor. Where it curved down it fouled the belt guard and top pulley. Sorted this by disconnecting it and fastening it up out of the way. A shackle and two links of chain took care of the rest. On to a clutch to mule drive belt tensioner. My first attempt was unsuccessful. I had an Idea it would be. The belt kept running of the bearing shown. That was all I could find at the time. Eventually I remembered a box of Husqvarna bits tucked away and found a suitable pulley for the idler. Here it is set up and all runs well. The next thing to do is give it a proper trial and all being well, strip down and paint. I still need to make a handle to lift up the cutter bar when down. The original fouls the footplate as it was meant for a machine that didn't have footplates.
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    I waited to post my pics a couple days to drag it out a little because the show is just to short . With talking to old friends , making new ones and just the sheer amount of people , tractors , parts it truly is hard to take everything in . Your brain is truly in Horse overload i did get some pics closeup of some tractors but I also tried to get pics with a wide view to show how large the BIG SHOW is . I still didn't get to see everything it's amazing . Make sure to check back to this post as my wife and family have more pics on their phones which I hope to add . As you can see some of lost our canopies cin the storm Friday evening . I do believe nobody or tractors were hurt . My cousin and I didn't bring home any tractors from the show but we did manage to buy three back home while we were in PA ! So pics of those to come along with my 520 Wheel-a-Matic that I debuted at the show. My wife , son and cousin secretly had my 520 finished for the show . Z
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    A friend of mine built this little beauty...
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    Hi all. I have been a member here for a few years but have just been in hiding. Until now. I have recently started a build on MoM and have been urged, pushed, threatened by Chris, Mr Showman to post on Red Square too. So here goes. As some will already know, the Showman and I have been clearing a friend's land of his large collection of various garden tractors, horticultural machinery, workshop equipment and whatever else you can think of. Nearly 2 :1/2 years later the end is in sight. As friend John is having to sell up and move soon due to ill health, my Roper tractor which was stored on his land has now moved on to a new home. As I have very little room at home to work and store in, mainly a single car size garage which is already half full of stuff, thoughts turned to something small to build which could be transported in the back of my Meriva car. Small enough to fit in the car, but hopefully big enough to ride on, but if not towing a trailer which I can sit on and operate the tractor by remote steering etc. Various options were looked at, thought about and discarded due to too many compound curves etc. Then, after studying photo's of the D-series Wheel Horse which has very few awkward curves a plot was hatched. During the clear out lots of "might be handy one day" bits and pieces were kept. One of the few tractors which remained, unloved and unwanted, was this Bolens ride on mower. It was eventually stripped of useful parts, gearbox, axle / diff assembly, wheels and various other bits before the remains were left to be dumped much later. Also found among the junk in John's barn was the bottom end of a small engine which was later found to be a 65cc BSA 4 stroke. After further hunting by the Showman other parts were found in various locations in the barn loft. Enough parts to build a complete engine with spares left over. Engine just roughly assembled in this photo. John never stored related parts together and in one place. We think this was his anti theft device. Find a few parts, no good without the others, so leave alone. Appears to have worked as we have found on various occasions. Tri rib tires Chris. After looking up the measurements of the full size D-series Wheel Horse, a half size model worked out at approx 38" long, 22.5" wide and 23" tall. I did not intend building a 100% dead scale model, just something which looked right. If all the main measurements were close to half size and the main components looked compatible with each other, then Some parts, for various reasons, were altered slightly in size without being too obvious. First, a suitable building bench was required. I have one along one wall in my garage but too narrow and my creaky knees object to crawling around on the floor.. A tool trolley, unearthed from John's workshop, was pressed into service. The wheels moved outwards to give more stability, a mid shelf added which was boxed in on three sides, and a thick sheet of chipboard on top. Not shown on these photo's. The Bolens bits were cleaned up and placed onto some box section which would be used for the main part of the chassis, Due to the width of the gearbox, the rear end of the chassis had to be a lot wider than scale. This area was one of the main problems of the build, trying to keep the gearbox far enough back without touching the differential which revolves with the attached sprocket, plus keeping it and the surrounding frame within the width of the fenders and the upper sections of the footrests. Hours and hours of head scratching, trying different positions etc resulted in "This might work". When fitted to the Bolens, the gearbox input shaft pointed down. It was hoped by mounting with the shaft horizontal a short prop shaft could be used. This was found to be a no go due to the height difference of the engine crankshaft and gearbox shaft. The centrifugal clutch assembly also left very little room between the engine and box. The next stage was to work out a mount for the gearbox. Bits of angle were pop rivited or self tappered to the frames and lots more head scratching followed. The long lengths of box section had been cut down at this stage as they would have been too wide further forward. The next photo's show these in the correct, sort of, position with the engine roughly mounted to see how things line up. The axle bearings from the Bolens were used plus the front axle mounting bracket which was hack sawed from the frame, cut in two, excess removed, slotted and drilled to take the bearings. The extra holes were for possible height adjustment at a later date. Easier to do now than later. These were pop riveted to the box section ready for welding later. The front axle was then given a lot of thought. The full size is a cast, tapered in two directions, webbed unit. Something simpler was needed. A piece of thick walled 1" square was used with tube king pin mounts. A test piece was cut to gauge the angle required, followed by marking, cutting, bending, filing and drilling the main components. Small infill pieces were inserted to give the weld something to bite on. The axle mount was made up of 3/16" plate fastened to chassis box section cross members, with 1/2" bore bushes. The pivot is an old Austin 7 king pin. All a bit on the beefy side but just materials to hand. I should say that ALMOST all the materials used in the entire build were saved during the clear out at John's. Also, as I do not have proper machining facility's, most of the work was done by hand. Hand drill, hack saw, jig saw, files etc. I do have a small Unimat 3 model makers lathe which was used for some of the lighter machining jobs. Also an old Drummond round bed which is in need of work and a chuck adapter. Guess where this came from. I also adapted an old Picador drill press to take a larger hand drill. This wasn't too satisfactory, side play and too fast for the larger drill bits. These were more suitable for wood, not metal. Photo's later. The next few photo's show the chassis and axle mounted on a board ready for welding. The nails were just to hold parts in place before clamping and weighing down. The rear axle mounting plates drop into slots in the board. The two dark colored angles are temporary and just to help keep things square. A few photo's of a few welded up bits. The welds on the rear end of the chassis were nice and neat. No photo's of this. The welder decided to be naughty at the front. Wire feed kept jamming until speeded up which resulted in heavy welds. Some ground or filed down and others left as will not be seen. The used Austin 7 king pin for the axle pivot seen in the third photo. A bit rusty but good enough to use after a clean up. The chassis was cut away to allow for more axle swing. The rear wheel adapter hubs were made up from 2" thick walled tube and round plates into which the tube was welded. The plates already had bores of near enough the correct size. The cut to length tubes, after a lot of head scratching and measuring to make sure the holes would be in the correct place, were drilled 5/16" using a standard center drill for the first hole. I was going to use this as a guide for a 5/16" drill to spot the lower hole, followed by gradually opening up with other drills, but found a long series 5/16" center drill which did the job in one go. This also did away with numerous height adjustments on my not very accurate drill press conversion. The plates were drilled after marking out using a card template which was cut to just fit into the wheel dish and over it's hub. 4 holes were also drilled through the wheels using the same template. This ensured that all holes lined up. Even though my drill conversion was a bit of a blacksmith job, after drilling the axle shaft I found that it and the hubs lined up almost perfectly.
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    Got all the fab work done and all painted.
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    Err, maybe those are BALES. Farmer George was busy this evening.
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    This weekend was my home town show weekend. Got to stay in my own town while others brought their goodies for me to see! Enjoy! This custom Wheel Horse sport utility vehicle was a work of art, Frame was stretched and the bed was a functioning dump bed. Powered by a 16 HP Onan and lots of great custom touches. My 953 street rod tractor is in the background. As you can see it was for sale and about an hour after I talked to the owner I saw another guy driving it; Big Red was SOLD! Here are a few more pictures for you enjoyment.
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    As usual my plans and what actually happened stuck again. This year I invited my friend Rick and his grandson Bubba to attend the show with me and we would spend the whole day at the show. Picked them up Friday morning and realized that we had an hour drive ahead of us. Arrived in the rain and got breakfast sandwiches and drinks . I went one way and they took off in another direction. I kept looking for @857 horse so he could install my sign on the post, Only took him 2 1/2 hours. He likes to talk to everyone. I walked around made my purchases and talked to many of the guys and met some new folks. Since I did not take any pictures last year I was determined that I was go to correct the problem this year. Got my camera out this afternoon to transfer my work of art to the computer. Found out that I had taken 25.92mb of video of the inside on my pants pocket. After playing tag with friend Rick and his grandson all morning long we decided at 11:45AM we were going back home. Sorry I took off so early but thanks to the offer of sit in the chair its dry , thanks Howard I had enough and my friend has some heath problems so he was also ready to depart. He plans on attending next year with a truck and trailer. His grandson thinks they need matching to play with at home. The few pictures that came out have tractors and some humans. By the way @857 horse I hope you have my sign. Also @roadapples if I had known that you were going to leave your unattended , we would have driven the truck and trailer to the show this year. I know I had a key in my pocket. Maybe the attendance at my 3rd show will go better. Wish me luck.
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    Well I knocked out some of the main projects on my agenda so I decided to get started on the new 9×24 garden shed addition. Much room for the old man and his attachments Much more ahead on this project this is just a sneak peek!
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    I am usually in Delaware with the Sons on July 4, but this year they were in a NY baseball tournament, so I was able to attend the local stay at home holiday in Red Lion, Pa. So, I loaded some horses and joined the show. They had quite an assortment of old iron. The Kids are not allowed to touch the cars with the high priced paint jobs, they were all over my li'l red tractors with the rattle can paint. My next door neighbor won first place in his division with his T Ford. This '48 Plymouth coupe was my favorite. Then I got home in time to see the big green machine cutting the wheat. While I picked a few crabs left from Sundays catch. Hope all my Wheel Horse Friends enjoyed their Holiday.
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    Show went by too fast. Dodging the weather made it interesting. Different feel this this year. How will I make it thru the show with out my "Dino" fix. Well Richard took care of that problem! mirror shot; Wed. Night arrival. soon as I get there it dumps! Could get out of the truck for 10 min. no one at the hotel bus stop waiting for me. Came down from cleaning up. look who's here! Caption This: Me Aldon and "Steve on a Stick" dinner at the Green Village Italian Kitchen. My favorite stop. Steve waiting for the Stromboli. Wed night tailgate. That's Phil Bowling and Aldon discussing the price of Free Range eggs. Great talking to you Phil Richard (953nut) unloading. Who says roadapples isn't a morning person! Bud Andrews stops to chat by the pole. Howard kabitzing off to the side The pole taking shape. woodchuckfarmer (Wayne) I think Bud and Jake Kuhn and Dad Wayne and Brian (buckrancher) First time I've ever seen Brian ride the stainless. Ed Dog! (Ed Kennel and his hot rod) (Mrs. Zeek) ( Mrs. buckrancher Jo & Zeek in the background) Howard and a new show visitor BJ (I think Betty Jo) What a wonderful person both of these individuals are. Howard as the Big Show "Wal-Mart greeter and BJ made a beautiful sign and picked cherries Fri. morning and was passing them out around the show later. Wish I had better pics of this event Howard didn't like my first name tag so I had to "upgrade" Terry doing a little Horse tradin Jay (JPWH) Terry leading his horse to water! Jake and Dad again. Jake looks like he's plotting something Caz (formariz) Taking the family out for a drive. My new ride 61 701 wallfish (John) John's dad & Waldo (elcaminowheelhorse) in a "Caption This moment" ) (The're planning something evil for me)! Zeek showing off his beautiful 1276 Don (varosd) asking if anyone knew where he parked his car! Waldo asking Jeff (AC man) if he knew where I was. He couldn't find me! Steve on a stick waiting for the bus to Chi-Town! Jay (JPWH) and grandaughter Finally stevasaurus' official I'D' badge hanging from my sign.
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    WOW!!! Is everyone OK.?? Do you actually mow down that hill?? I think you need a retaining wall and level out the yard. This picture is unreal.
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    yesterday we managed to carefully get dad out to his tractor. He never got to sit on it after repaint was done until yesterday. yes i stuck a rag on seat just for precaution. @Vinylguy you can see i got the trailer in the picture . i also got a little something i read to dad. here it is. now guys this is what ill read at his wake if i can hold together. i read it to him tonight he cried. i wanted to read it to him now rather than waiting, because eachday he slips further away. Dad I wanted to say I am proud that you are my Dad! I thank you for adopting me. You mean the world to me, you taught me a lot and I will truly miss you. My first memory of you was when you lived in the Enos hotel; I was only around 2 I think. Which shocked Mom when I told her. I remember you leaving for work during the night you sometimes woke me up for a hug. I even remember Mom taking me with to your work place sometimes. But I can't remember why. I remember the semi in our yard that you back in all the way down the driveway. Now to some this might not be important; but to me it is! You got me into liking tractors. I remember my first ride on the 502 Wheel Horse I was young, you did the shifting and assisted in the steering while walking along beside it. I also remember riding in the homemade trailer in the yard. There was a time I was sitting on the tractor, I kept flipping the toggle switch and you told me to "quit it". That I'd break it. Surprising it STILL works! I have a lot of memories of you with the tractor from you hitting mom's shed with it and flipping it over trying to get the neighbor's John Deere unstuck. I even remember you telling me NOT to touch your Wheel Horses and I did it anyway just to get the driveway plowed. I broke the pull cord on it that day. The past couple years I wanted to restore the 502 which I am glad I was able to restore it when you could help still. We took a few trips to get the parts, but I wish you could of gone on the last trip but you were in the hospital I put a lot of money into it to get it to where you would be proud of it, including the special decal. But that doesn't matter how much money we put into it because it means a lot to US! As I said we made parts runs, some across the state. I enjoyed every minute. We only got to go to one tractor show together that was the time when I hurt the trailer springs and the transmission in the Sonoma because I bought too much! I know you didn't like getting up so early for the trips, but we always had a good time. You helped me a lot over the years, without your help I couldn't have amazed you at times. There was times where you thought I was insane for bringing certain tractors home. Then you were shocked when I got them running. I will cherish your 2 favorite tractors which are the 1962 502 Wheel Horse and the 1972 Sears Compact 8E. I thank you for helping me fix the tractors when I needed help. I will miss the help! We had a lot of fun times. I loved sitting outside next to a fire listening to music with you, now I won't be able to do that anymore.... There were also video games we used to play together. I have a lot of good memories with you and I know spiritually you will always be there for me. I love you and I will miss you!
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    ....we have the best site on the planet....somebody chimed in on @dells68 thread about scoreing him (was it you Greg @Amcwheel85 ?!?!) a t shirt at the BS and I jokingly chimed in about one too. Low and behold I get PM from said Dells when he is at the BS, and I'm sure busy soaking in the sights & sounds, he & his main little man goes out of his way, gets me a shirt (very correct size & color I might add)... packages it up and sends it to me!!!!!!!! Now how cool is that!!! Now I never met Mr. Dells face to face. Although he was at the BS last year I just got too busy to shake his hand. A big Dells!
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    Over the past few weeks, as time permitted, I rebuilt the 48” deck, replaced the front wheel bearings, pressure washed, tuned her up, new fuel line, belts, engine drive and idler pulleys, tweaked the exhaust, added a second set screw to the rear hubs, some wiring work, throttle lever knob, tore the transmission down for a good inspection, new seals, and some other odds and ends. Today I put everything back together. Except for a 1 ½” muffler clamp (I broke one) she’s ready to roll for another 41 years.
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    The Suburban that I started last December is almost done. Just some final "tweeking" to the engine. I was told that the engine did run and I took them at their word (my bad). Didn't have any spark. Tore the front end off and found a real mess. Started to fix that problem (coil, condenser, wiring) and got to wondering....... Pulled the head (looks to have been rebuilt right before what ever it was mounted on broke) got new head bolts, changing a couple of wires, adding a "kill switch". Not sure how much time I am going to get to finish it. We are on "baby watch" for grandsons #5 and #6. Our daughter is having twin boys. My wife got real tired of me crawling around on the garage floor and then complaining that my knees hurt all the time so so bought me the handy machine the Suburban is sitting on (works great)
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    Just picked this up this afternoon. Its the real deal allied attachment. A Bark Buster.
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    While I was walking through the one swap meet barn I run up on a conversation around a Wheel Horse that was for sale ..... and it didn't sound right. I knew the one guy was the seller but the other folks really didn't seemed to be buyers. Well it turned out the real interest about the tractor was that a snake had crawled up into the air fan shroud of the Kohler when the seller opened the hood ..... and it didn't come back out ! (now ifn's the engine had been a Tecumseh the snake would'a been too scared to do that). Lucky for me I realized I had business to attend to in another building! The snake eventually crawled out and went away. Wild Bill in Richmond, VA.
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    I found that carburetor screw that you lost. I saw him working on his motorcycle muttering "I need a screw....." Found it.
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    My good friend @squonk (Mike) mailed me an envelope after the Big Show...contents unknown at the time. He kept asking me if I had received it. I had not. We checked the address for errors...all good. Mike said that he had mailed it about 10 days ago...he could have mailed it by Pony Express and I would have gotten it sooner. We were just about to give up, and I got the envelope in the mail today. Just wanted to let everyone know that the Post Office is still tops on my list. You have to check out the plastic bag that the envelope came in. I want to thank Mike and everyone else at the show for making me feel like I was there this year...including Howard @857 horse . Thank You
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    Hey guys, I just picked up this C-161 Twin 8 speed this morning! My C-175 recently popped the engine (series I) and I wanted another horse to leave the mower deck on so I don't have to keep switching from the blade back to the deck on my 310-8. Plus I've really started to like the look of the black hoods and this one was in pretty decent shape compared to other horses I've seen for sale recently. I'm not a huge fan of the big light on the hood so I may remove it and have the hole patched. I already swapped the seat pan for the metal one that was on my C-175 because the plastic pan had a few cracks in it. This is my first Briggs powered wheel horse, and honestly I wasn't super excited about it because when I think wheel horse I think kohler engines and I really like the cast iron kohlers, but from the little that I've read about it it seems like a pretty solid engine. Hopefully better than the series I kt17. Anyway, the first pic is how I picked it up with the plastic pan and the next two are after I swapped the metal pan and seat from the C-175. What do you guys think?
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    Was showing off for the Mrs Rules this morning... the "new" trailer I picked up from Tommy(aka Limited 12)at this years big show. In the process, discovered my Ol' Smokey(1960 Model 400) might be due for a set of rings. Still not bad though, considering it's only 57 years old. Can't seem to figure out why... the crustier this old stuff is...the better I like it.
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