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    I recently commissioned a young guy to carry out a reproduction of the wheelhorse sudurban sign , I think he has made a pretty smart job of it . Made from a plastic vinyl film over clear glass and contoured with lead . He has done such a nice job I now intend to have a few more designs done .
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    Happy Anniversary Red Square! Very glad I joined this group of great people ! Glad I have connected with many of the members and shared information, parts and the love of Wheel Horse tractors!
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    Well, it happened some years ago. You see, I am the poster child for hating change and technology. I think it was all about cell phones, and I liked the one I was and is still just a cell phone...that is all it does. My wife called me a dinosaur and my friend Tom went one more step and called me Stevasaurus. Needless to say, it stuck. I still live in the 60's, I still use my "reel to reel" "8 track player" "cassettes". I have a VCR on 3 TV's. I still use Windows 97 and DOS 6.2. When I go to the doctor's office, I pull a magazine off the rack and read it while waiting. And while we are at it...what was ever wrong with regular "Fig Newtons"??? Why do we have to have "Strawberry Newtons".?? At least Farm & Fleet still carries Chunkys...but like dinosaurs...they are getting harder to find. My 2014 Silverado has electric windows and I hate em...takes me 8 or 9 tries to set the window where I want it. I could not buy that truck with crank windows. I was a lineman for the phone company for over 10 years before getting into splicing back in the 70', I would be an Outside Plant Technician...same job. How stupid is that?? When someone asks me if I text...I just get this real funny look and say "What?" Well, anyway, that's how I got the name, and that is just Swell.
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    My wife bought this for me last Christmas. After finishing a C121 I thought this would be a fun project. Little did I know at the time it would take 11 sometimes extremely frustrating months. This one was truly an education but I had lots of help from the folks here at Red Square, Stevasaurus in particular. My neighbors father who is now 92 came to my rescue when I "couldn't see the forest for the trees" with the ignition. So...... Here she is!
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    Let me think about this, I guess it would be a 953, but which one? Perhaps on of these, or one of the others!
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    the ones that are hand made brian
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    The model 854 has been on my wanted lost for a long time! Whenever one comes up for sale it’s either a zillion miles away, beat beyond reasonable repair or overpriced (in my opinion anyway). So when @stevebo calls to say he has a nice 854 for sale AND he is giving me first refusal how could I say no! I have dropped over $7500 on a couple home projects in the last 30 days so my slush funds were hurting, but Steve gave me a week to make my decision. Of course I bought it and my wife and I rode out to Steves today for it. This one has had a couple previous Connecticut owners (we love to buy and sell among ourselves 😁) Pics of course....
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    It slipped into gear and before he could get out of the way ...
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    Well I posted on another thread earlier today about wanting a tractor or two back which were sold, "just to take them for a spin and tinker on". Then after walking by one which I DO have, I decided to take the time to get this old neglected girl going, plus it needs to be moved for winter storage. It's been sitting in the same spot since early April and hasn't even been started. Time has been my hobbies' enemy among many other things since starting a new job, but today it just made sense (only to me) to take a moment and make the sacrifice to just do it. "The hell with making money and satisfied customers" I shouted. Just kidding, but that was the basic thought and the reality. So I pulled the carb, gave it a quick spray cleaning and some new gaskets, charged up the battery while doing that and fired it up. It was really nice to just take her for a spin and get the juices flowing through all of the hydraulics. It's such a fun machine to play and work with, too bad I don't have the time to really get into fixing her up. Can't even remember the last time I started a new thread.
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    I want to thank Terry Dennis for making several sets of Wheel Horse logo decals to be applied on some new Chrome (12 inch which is actually a 10 inch cap on a 12 inch wheel) ) and Stainless (8 inch) hubcaps I have (given to me by a good friend) that we thought would look better with the Wheel Horse logo on them like the original old style hubcaps. The true test of this special project will be in time as the caps get older and the UV rays, wear and tear work on the hubcaps. But I think for now they will be very good on a show type tractor. I worked on the Special Chrome Hubcap Decal Project today. Brought in hubcaps and warmed up in house. Cut out a single horsehead decal and cut back edges to about 1/4 inch from each side of the decal. Cut out newspaper to find center block. Did this at first and then decided placing a black dot in center with a Sharpie is the best way to locate decal in center. Decal is 3 inches wide and 3 1/4 long so keep that reference when applying. I slowly applied the first decal on an 8 inch stainless steel hubcap. The arc of the cap resulted in a couple small buddle lines that I could not smooth out. I was more careful to slowly smooth the decal sticky surface with white paper cover on the next three -almost perfect! All in all I think this looks great. Now the real test will be how long they last on a tractor, UV rays in Sun, etc. Several points. 1. Find center and use a black Sharpie dot to be decal locator. You could also use a pencil on reverse of decal to locate center to match up if that gives you assistance in matching centers. 2. The 8 inch hubcap has more of an arc than the 12 inch due to the difference in size and when applying decal on 8 inch make sure to go slower when laying down the decal and pressing the back of the white cover paper (which is sticky) . I cut decal paper backer edges to within 1/4 inch of decal. 3.I had one decal where the black dots on the wheel came off when the white backer paper was removed. This may indicate the need to supply extra black dots with a decal set in case that happens.
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    My family owns a old Allis Chalmers Ag dealership and my uncle started a Heating and Cooling business in the mid 80’s . I started working summers with him along working at the store and living/working on our dairy farm. In 96 I went into the HVAC trade full time but had to stop at our store everyday . So I like big orange tractors and installed my share of air conditioners . So mine has a double meaning.
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    Loaded up my Mrs Rules, and our two twins(Suburban models 400&401) & headed over the mountain for a ride around West Point's Morgan's farm today. We were just in time to catch a few minutes with Ace, a little American miniature horse boarded there & his owner Cathy. Made for the perfect photo opportunity...capturing Ace, the mini real horse & two of our little Suburban Wheel-Horses checking each other out. And here's Ace taking a little bite out of the competition.
  14. 20 points Kids kill me. Wait, 4 and 7, those are the numbers I need for my next birthday cake.
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    1947 Empire (Jeep) TractorThe Empire tractor consisted of military power components from World War II-era jeeps. It had a 4-cylinder, 40 hp Willys-Overland engine, a Model T-84 Spicer 3-speed transmission, Spicer transfer case with high and low speeds, Willys rear end, steering column and gearbox. It also had PTO, individual clutch-type rear brakes with a stop provided for parking and a rear belt pulley. The fuel tank and an Empire-style seat were mounted on a large operator's platform (made from Navy ship decking). Its simple, basic gauges (ammeter, oil pressure and temperature), ignition switch and starter button also came from the jeep. The Empire tractor was originally made for exportation in the Lend-Lease Program after World War II. If I had to mention a couple of things that made the Empire Tractor really unique, one would be the straight bar hitch that pulled from under the center of the tractor (patented) thus making an overturn nearly impossible. The other selling point was, of course, the Willys engine and drive train made famous in the Jeep during World War II. The Empire was a well equipped tractor, very reliable and versatile with its wide range of speeds. Today this tractor draws a lot of attention at shows and is very sought after by collectors commanding higher than average prices. $5k
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    Just want to say hello & share a bit, to start. I'm not new to Wheel Horses, really, my Dad having owned them for as long as I can remember (he had @ least as many as 4 @ one time, that I remember). 20 yrs or more ago I remember we skidded ALOT of firewood with them before every winter; he plowed snow, cut lawn, etc. But it was only recently---these last few months---that I found a real interest in them, and told him so. I had always liked using/riding them, but never really said as much. Well, when I found out he more or less gave 2 away recently (they needed work), I kinda spoke up about the collectability, and how had I known, I woulda been glad to try n learn something, maybe fix them up. Then, just in talking/looking on the net, I learned more. He still had a '74 c-120; I bought a replacement headlight lens for him...he still hasn't installed it, but I think that's when he figured, and liked, that I found an interest, one that I know he always had. I will take this moment to state, straight up, that I am NO mechanic; nor am I mechanically inclined, like he is. But when we started talking Horses, him and I, I told him simply that maybe it was time I try to learn something new (small engines, and the like), and since I just like the looks of those Red Horses, it'd be neat to maybe try, and that'd be a good focal point, since he has experience with them. It's how I found this site; been lurking for months...and because of what happened next, has already been a big help & paid dividends, as i'll tell now. Was quite surprised last month when he told me he was going to look @ one, maybe two. He wasn't even going to take a trailer, 'cause he wasn't that serious. He came home late the next day with both, plus a handful of implements (all factory WH) and a homemade cab, with the help of the 1st fellow he bought from, lol. Imagine my surprise when he said one was mine, if I wanted. You'll see in those pics, the 1st time I took it for a spin...I dunno who is happier, him or me. It didn't have an hr meter, but he told me he thought it the better of the two. Well, b4 I even saw it, I found a NOS volt & hr meter for sale here, and bought them. Bolted/wired right in...I couldn't/wouldn't have bought one for the dealer price (I had checked). One final bit, then on to the pics...Dad bought his 1st WH from a local dealer way back when; Feldmann Sales & you'll see in one of the pics, There is a dealer sticker displayed proudly on the hood of it...kinda neat that @ sometime in it's life, this one, too, passed through there. They are still in business today; started out in 1956, selling WH---and the owner knows his Horses, and is a nice guy to boot (already bought some parts there). There is more I could add, but good enough for now...I already have plans for a next horse or two, as I'm able, if I can....I plan to be around for awhile, lol. Thanks for having me. And 1st Horse....1992 vintage 312-8, on the 1st day I actually saw it. Annie, the Pointer, and Clara the Burmese / Border Collie mix checking things out. Annie likes to supervise EVERYTHING. Here's the whole fleet, now...FWIW, Dad has said 5 of those Husqvarna's don't equal ONE of the WH's, lol.
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    Went out to the family farm today and took a couple pictures . @Achto Will get better pics of the Cockshutt in a couple weeks ... promise @WHX12 here’s a wooden sheet metal brake made during WW2 .
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    Inspired by the latest pictures from @Al C. and those who showed interest in my 875 “Iron Horse” thread, I’m starting a thread that can house pictures and backstories or your horses that have been with you for a long time. Maybe it is a tractor that a parent or grandparent bought new and you now have. Maybe it is a tractor that you bought new and never relinquished. Maybe like @Racinbob it is tractor that you bought then sold then bought back. Also remember that it isn’t just tractors from the 1950’s and 60’s that fit this thread. I hate to tell you guys this but a 2000 model xi is already nearly an antique! I love looking at the vintage photos and so dig into your archives and see what you have... like this one here—Dad and I on the 875 (circa 1978). It is amazing how just sitting on that tractor and starting it takes me back to relive a lifetime of memories with it and the ones that I love...
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    Dual ags on my '58 Ride-Away Jr.
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    You couldn't ask for better weather and the variety of equipment was outstanding. Member @turnnleft was there with his grandson and a lot of outstanding RJs. This poor horse has been abused! Here are a few more photos of the show. Don't know what this is but it was Not For Sale, owner had picked it up a few weeks ago and hoped to find out more information fro people at the show. Here is a Standard Twin walk behind tractor that has been converted to a rider. Very interesting! I have one in my barn and have plans to do something similar with it. Massey was the feature tractor this year. This gentleman had a great Deere toy collection
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    @Terry M and I went for an early morning horse rustle. She's tight and rusty but will stay as original as I can make it.
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    Who ever imagined the role a Wheel Horse can have in shaping the next generation. The grandkids love these machines! So much healthier than their new technology toys.
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    Wheel Horse did not mass produce advertising materials like those green guys of course. There are still many cool items out there and truly tell a story over the years. I have always held these pieces very close in my collection. Post up some of those prized possessions!
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    I've always liked the '72-'79 ford trucks (especially the split grill's). I searched locally for a while now and unfortunately all of the Ohio trucks where too far rotted out. I picked this neat 1977 F100 Flareside short bed up out of Mississippi. It sat in a barn for about 20 years. (the squirrels where nice enough to make nest's everywhere including the a/c duct work). After inspecting and replacing multiple things it is almost ready to be put on the road. It has a 351M and a 3-on the tree. Power brakes, trailer hitch, and new bed floor are coming soon.
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    I want to take a minute to thank all the veterans here and all over the world for their unselfish service and sacrifices. God bless all of you.
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    Haven't had time to post anything . Some new stuff enjoy !
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    I asked Terry @Vinylguy if he could reproduce a dealer advertisment from one of my Dealer Binders into a decal, this is what i sent him And this is what he came up with ! Not only did he make the decals like i wanted he made them into his awesome aluminum signs too! Cant wait to hang it up! Again THANKS TERRY!
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    It was time to switch gears a bit. After working hard for many years to acquire a nice little collection I decided to let many of them go and enjoy something else with the family. Over the past couple of months the number of machines and attachments have been reduced considerably. With the funds I went out and grabbed another pony, that is red, still has 4 wheels, but seats all 4 in the family. Welcome to the Horse Barn a 1964 1/2 Mustang.
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    That means I've been "hanging out" here for 11 years now . I need a hobby!! Thanks for remembering Lane !
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    Mine is my first wheelhorse i ever owned C160. And this was the first time I've ever done any disassemble and repair on a tractor. Total down to frame, i opened transmission and replaced the axles and bearings. Totally repaired the whole tractor. Best running tractor I have. It really was a labor of love. 2nd best is my 314-8 I got this one this year. Only has 263 hours now and looks and runs like new. Before and after picture of C160
  31. 17 points all makes perfect cents, sense, since now!! Sorry...can't help myself. Chunkys rule....give a like if you remember what a Chunky is.
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    This is a great thread @ebinmaine! Thanks for thinking of it. I should have chosen the avatar “the Storyman” because I have a story for everything. I guess it is the way that my brain works, I see the connectivity with many things in life and on top of that, I’m really sentimental. I have always liked the name “Jack”. When I was a kid and my family was traveling across the country as missionaries, I would occasionally tell people that my name was “Jack” much to my parents dismay! Peacemaker is a longer story. My first car was a ‘69 Mustang. (Look at that 17 year old kid!) As a Christian kid, I wanted a personalized plate that had something to do with Scripture. I tried three different things—none of them were approved. I was pretty disappointed until one of my buddies suggested “peacemaker” found only one place in the Bible, “blessed are the peacemakers...” it was approved and has been on my cars for over 23 years... (This pic was taken mid summer this year. I’ve owned the Goat since 1998) Then in 2007 I got into Cowboy Action Shooting. Those of you familiar with it, you know that everyone goes by Alias names. I had to choose one and as unoriginal as I am—guess what I chose? The Sacketts were Louis L’Amour’s favorite fictional western family that he wrote numerous novels about and so I “unofficially” joined that family. When I joined RS, I kept using the moniker that I’ve had for years. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!
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    Having served in the Coast Guard which is the USA's oldest sea going service, one of the nicknames for Coasties is "Shallowwatersailor" as it is thought we only sail close to shore. I served before the current "Bender Blues" uniform and wore the traditional sailor uniform that had the US Treasury seal on the right sleeve. It was said that the seal was an indicator of how deep the water could be. Ironic as I have sailed in the Pacific over the Mariana Trench which is nearly seven miles deep!
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    rmaynard, that's me Robert Maynard. Temporarily went by B100BOB when all I collected was B-100's, but that was short lived. The older I get, the easier things are to remember is key.
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    Guess I'm partial to the C series.
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    Did my annual tractor/saw massacre. Went over big as usual. For those into saws that's a 1984 craftsman/poulan 3.7 "thin ring". Surprises a lot of people
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    I just picked up a C-161 from craigslist today for $300. I'm thinking of putting the tiller on I got from @Ed Kennell since most of what I have are hydro and a tiller works best with a gear drive. The only gear drives I had previously are a Commando 8 and a couple round hoods. This makes number 8!
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    I picked squonk because nobody would know what a squonk was or did or looked like without wkipiedia. Also midwesterners prounounce it skonk guys from the high roller areas pronounce it skunk and @elcamino/wheelhorse Calls me what ever he wants to And Steve I like Chunky's too and get them at Tractor Supply and Kinney's Drugs.
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    I got Stormin' from my off road competition days. Something to do with my driving style and it rhymes with my Christian name. Norman.
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    I have an o"Olivet 2-44" front end loader backhoe at the farm and I used that name as my handle on big tractor forums before I got into garden tractors. It's real name should be "Beast"
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    Huge Pink Floyd fan. Shine on you crazy diamond.
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    JC is my initials and 1965, well that year was the best of times and the worst of times for me. I had just graduated high school and bought a new Mustang convertible. Had started dating my wife and a few months later got a letter from uncle Sam. I was drafted into the Army.
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    My buddies tagged me with it back in the early 70's for what should be obvious reasons It has stuck with me all these years and it's my user name on everything. Thinking back it's amazing that I never got a ticket for my street driving habits.
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    Last name is Prondzinski, nickname in highschool was Prondzy, so i just went with it.
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    I was a Journeyman Lineman for 41 years ( electrical not football) and of course I am old.
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    Cool thread.Here's me pulling our oldest daughter (now 38) and a friends son around with my 76. It was still a B-80 at that time. Geez! I forgot that I once had brown hair. Same daughter on a 953 I had. Probably around 83. Both daughters driving. The 76 was now 'converted'. I hauled two of mine over to my parents place to pose with three of his. 83 I really wish I had some earlier shots but they just weren't taken.
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    I cut out a few pieces and they have been laying on the work bench. I've been real busy with some family problems that we won't go into. I've also got old with eye problems bright lights bother me. My welding not what it used to be in other words it ain't pretty. I can still put two pieces metal together that take something bigger then a Garden Tractor to pull apart. I think this is an original ideal but I would put any money on it. It's a removable 2" receiver hitch with a single pin mounting. This tractor all ready had a 2" receiver hitch but the winch has taken up perment residence.
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    Happy SVS I Had My Only 3 Horse’s Out Today A RJ59 A 1968 500 Speical & My 1989 312-8 For My Lawn Care Services & Snow Removel Buisness & Of Couse Dirt Work Also Lol The RJ Will Be Plowing My Driveway In The Winter Times Only
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    This is an easy project that is a lot of fun. If you use this while mowing, better have a side discharge deck. (Have two WH for mowing, Honda is for running around.))
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