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    Dragged my Honda 5hp powered 656 out of the shed today, hasn’t run in five months or so. Typical Honda...fired up on the third yank! Decided to do something I haven’t done in awhile, cruise the trail that @Docwheelhorse and I blazed years ago for our kids to tear up with quads and dirt bikes (and tractors of course). It poured like heck yesterday so plenty of wet and muddy spots but she never got stuck. Just took my time...2nd gear with the motor just above idle. Enjoy the pics! This is the widest and deepest water crossing. Probably 15’ across and a good 10” deep today! Hard to capture with a camera but this is a pretty steep hill, had to up the RPM’s before heading up this one. Tony’s “woods art”. Classic New England stone walls are everywhere around here. Tree down!!! Somebody call maintenance!! Long muddy uphill trek to get home. And you can just see my house thru the trees...home safely!
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    So the C195 is mine. I bought it to help literally drag the machines out of the weeds. Story goes the guy I bought from had a friend who was an old timer who used to restore old machines. I picked up an original 1959 RJ with mower deck and clinton 1290. It needs a restoration but it is all there. My son Brennan Bo wants to do his first restoration so I think this will be a perfect candidate. I also picked up a super straight 857. Has been repainted at some point but is also complete with deck. Lastly, I picked up a Economy Jim Dandy. Came with a deck but that is shot. These were in the storage shed/tent that is long gone. The old timer passed several years ago. I am happy to have saved these machines. Outside of the Wheel Horse I am partial to the Economy machines. There was a round fender (1966ish) John Deere 110. I left that pig there Some pictures before, during and after a pressure washing.....
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    Brought this home tonight. I didn’t title this post “New Horse Hauler” cause I’m BROKE now! Won’t be buying any Wheel Horses for awhile 🙄 . But I will ride in comfort to the WH Show.
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    Hello y'all I just purchased my last mower! Found this 414-8 on craigslist and she is a beaut! All I had to do was free up the choke cable and clean the carb and ready mow! This machine has been taken very good care of . I am looking for other attachments for my tractor specifically a snow blade .
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    Wheel Horse Advertisement from TRUE Magazine of April 1963 on page 79
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    This will take a long time to do but what the heck. I am going to design a set of collector cards with a card for every model made from 1955 through 1997 The problem is I need to find good quality images of each. I realize that this may be impossible but once completed I will be glad I did it. The 1974 thru 76 Alphabets were the same as far as I know so will only make one card for each and label them 74 through 76 saving several cards there. Probably wont do the electric"s and reo's but could always add them later. Please feel free to give your feedback on the design and info that would be useful on the cards. If I use a picture of a members tractor I I will ad a credit to the image if they desire. Maybe I will produce them like the old baseball packs with five random cards per pack. No bubble gum though. Let me know what you think good or bad. This is a very early image to get started. Need to write some history on the lower area for this one.
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    No C-130 involved so the Commando wasn't prop blasted but she was airborne. She was a roller I bought several years ago. Tore her down last fall sand blasted and paints most the parts. (Hood and fender are only primed), has not been painting weather lately. Been reassembling her over the last few weeks on a table in the heated part of the shop, with lots of interruptions for snow removal, power outages etc. She is now ready to roll out for a test firing carb adjustment etc. (If the weather ever improves...it snowed this morning.) time to jump off the work table AIRBORNE!!!!
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    Yesterday I was at Lowe’s checking out what’s new for Spring around the Great Lakes. I was looking at the specs on some lawn equipment when a sales person approached me to promote the top of the line Husqvarna. After a minute I stopped him and told him I already have two horses that work on my lawn. He laughed as if I was making a joke of his pitch. So, I pulled out the iPhone and showed him a picture. His reaction ... “what is that!”. Hard to even explain the difference to a young person.
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    A rare day of nice weather in the UK saw a few escape to the field...
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    Cleared two driveways today with my 1967 Wheel Horse LawnRanger with the 30 inch snowblower ! I have enjoyed using this for about ten years. This six hp Tecumseh was purchased new by me when i redid this tractor in 2008! 720436BB-5D6E-43C2-9835-346C90493962.MOV 154.MOV
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    So I’m fond of the Blackhood tractors and this weekend brought in a couple new ones. The C-105 was a trade with a member here. Looks rough but runs real nice. The C-165 was found by my neighbor and he offered it up to me. It runs good but needs a few things (like they all do!) Pics....
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    And, a few of the Boys rolled out to greet Her.
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    It's now officially... in my family. Definitely makes the statement. RULES! Thank you Terry. @Vinylguy
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    Nothing like a high-HORSE power snowblower to get you through a mid-April blizzard!
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    I thought this was just hilarious and sharing here.....
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    Tomorrow is the first trip with equipment to the new house. One of the advantages of the brand trailer I have (Sure Trac) is that the gate can fold down onto the deck of the trailer. It will be loaded going down but empty returning, With the gate up it feels like I am still towing a parachute. The problem with having the gate down is that the trailer disappears behind my truck. I had bought a pair of 36" snowplow marker guides for the 42" single stage snowthrower a few years ago. They were to help locate the ends when pulling into our side-load garage. But before mounting them I found a shorter pair that worked better. So the longer ones languished on the shelf until today. I had a last minute thought to mount them on the trailer. It should work great.
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    Ad was posted for my dad on Harrisonburg Craigslist yesterday. If you all have any additional questions I'll try to monitor this thread and I'll ask. I know a little about the tractor but not like what he would know. Here is a copy of the text in the ad and I'll attach the pics here too. If you all want to see additional pics from other angles or features let me know and I'll see what we can do. Up for sale is one of the most rare Wheel Horse tractors ever made restored to near original condition. This one has the 8HP Wisconsin AEN engine with one reverse and three forward gears. Starts and runs great. This was up for sale a couple of years ago and went unsold. The 2016 pictures are attached but the condition is unchanged.You may feel free to make offers, but this price is based on rarity and condition so low ball offers will be quickly rejected. Phone calls only, no email or texts. Ask for Charles at fivefourzero fourthreefour twosixzerofour or fivefourzero eighttwozero fivefivezerozero.
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    Nice early 57’ , 551 with reel and a ,400 with sickle and a shelf of parts .
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    Lost, but it did find it's way home this dreary morning. Let's hope the HH100 fires and runs as good as my HH120.
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    Had another sleepover with my twin nephews and niece...Of course the highlight of the evening was another round of WH Trailer rides on Uncle Jim's ... Gotta get that Uncle of the Year Award somehow...
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    That what the Mrs was calling it anyway & grandkids sure do like it! She hopped on the trailer on the way back from another score. Never tell a buyer you got it for free from a guy you work with.. "I have a new battery & belt, & oil change in it" seller says. So I offer what he has into the battery and belt & oil and he takes it without hesitation. Now I know not a bucket list tractor but still kinda cool. I was hoping for an older Lawn Skiff labeled one but this one will have to do for now. From what I gather this one is an early 80's. ID tag is worn off so who knows. If anyone knows a way to bring those numbers back to readable let me know. Does have a unique right angle drive train. My intentions were to strip the deck off, a little re-pully for speed and the Mrs can use it for running around at tractor shows on and pulling tubs. Having second thoughts now cuts grass pretty good. All it needs is a front tire tube, clutch spring & a bath. Runs good and starts no smoke. Them old Briggs seem to go forever. Does steer a little hard so may put some tri-ribs on the front but if I do that I would have to find some ags for the rear. If I did that @PeacemakerJack is gonna wanna hook a plow up to it somehow and put it in a furrow! Deck safety switch is just flopping around so if anyone has a pic of how it was attached I'd appreciate it.
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    First decent day for outdoor work in a long time. Need to fill in some muddy spots. Later will put the york rake on the D to smooth out my work and the ranger will get in front of the lawn roller to pack it down. The trailer was a Father son project from the early 1960s. Originally designed for use behind a Porter Cable Mark26 rider. Was modified to fit the Ranger and then again a couple times to use better wheels/tires. May have to replace the bed soon, the almost 60yr old T-111 siding we used is starting to have issues Edit: Keep in mind the rear wheels on the Ranger are the same size as the fronts on the D
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    Got my garden plowed last weekend with my very nice original new to me plow. Did a great job!
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    With the exception of the seat covers this 953 is as found nearly twenty years ago, it is my go to and is dependable as the day it was built.
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    The recent thread about towing a 4000lb manlift behind a horse got me to thinking. Many of us have dragged cars, boats or trailers but what about unique things. Here is my L107 working hard.
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    Nothing really unique but I use any excuse I can get to tow with the Horses.
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    There's an old race track near my home (20 minutes away) and for the last 54 years on Easter Sunday (if weather permitting) have held a "Funny Car" show and usually female racing legend Bunny Burkett has shown for at least half that time driving her funny car, her team was there today as well as her(just not driving anymore), I have taken my boy a couple times but today was the first time for my step son, I'll share a few pics and videos from today @Achto a LUV truck just for you too, @ACman a couple G-bodys, Jeff. VIDEO0097.mp4 VIDEO0095.mp4 VIDEO0103.mp4 VIDEO0100.mp4
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    Salesman was probably 20 years younger than your horses... The problem of course is that all us "old" guys just don't understand... It's all about the eye candy design now...Gotta look "cool" and "zoomy"...It isn't about the work it can do or how durable it is, since it will be at the scrapper in 3-5 years...and besides, they will change the color scheme so you gotta get a new one anyways...right? I mean, when you post your selfies on snapchat the tractor's gotta look cool after all. Cuz like...that's what its all about, ya know? Low monthly payments for the rest of your life...new one every 2-3 years... UUHHGG...
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    Completing this one this weekend for a client.Kind of hard to let them go sometimes.
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    So after work today I spent some time digging into the RJ. Got the front steering freed up and it moves nice now. Basically soaking everything with WD including the piston and valves. The frame looks like it may have been repainted long ago but not the hood. The hood is gonna need some straightening too. Those who know me know that I try to keep my machines patina. I am just not sure that I can bring this one back. PO told me the tranny was locked up. I think it was a victim of a "little" ice in the tranny... lol
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    Thought I would share a video from local TV station about Pioneer Power. If you have ever thought about coming this may help. @Achto @PeacemakerJack @Rp.whEnjoy
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    Arent Terrys decals the bestest!! You can paint, shine, clean, etc, etc and it still wont POP until you get those decals!! And speaking of a 414-8 ---- I just finished one myself and of course it got decals to finish it off....
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    As some of you are aware, a few weeks ago I picked up a couple of basket case 8hp Horses, a B80 and a 8hp 4 speed. Now that the 8hp 4 speed is running well, I figured it was time to look at the B80. I got it into my workshop and started the initial exam. Everything is covered in peeling red barn paint. All the control cables are rust frozen. The fuel line is dry rotted. The transmission is lubricated with ice. The wiring is...questionable. The engine is not seized. The metal is mostly straight, though there is some rust. Tonight I managed to do the initial exam, loosen up the throttle cable and governor linkage, remove the fuel tank, and remove a critter nest from behind the dash. So far I see nothing but...potential?
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    More assembly pictures.
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    I'm only 27 and I have had the exact same experiences. Now don't everyone go hating on me, but I mow my grass every week with a Cub 102 that belonged to my wife's grandfather. Great tractor, runs like a champ, cuts nice. My neighbor has a brand new Cub Cadet he got last spring and makes fun of what he calls "my old jaloppy"...........what does he know about tractors lol
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    I am only 32 but I was raised a bit different then most people my age. So I get a laugh from this because I get people stopping me all the time when they see me working on my old tractors or hauling a new horse home. If its the older generation there usually excited to see them and are always up to chat about them. But if it's the younger generation it's always what are you gonna do with that junk. So I tell them I'm gonna restore it or I'm gonna use it for work. Then you get the the normal oh why not just buy a new one. Then I get my laughs and say this is a new one to me and it will out last your plastic $5000 investment by many years.
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    Yesterday I filled the Rear wheels with RV Antifreeze, Got the wheel Weights on and mounted the plow. Today Grading the 1500 ft Driveway. I'm impressed the new Eaton 1100 pushed like a bear. The Hydro lift is great. For the last 12 years I've been doing all the work here with the 310-8. Huge difference, When I bought this Tractor it was in tough shape all rusty and no maintenance. After some sandblasting ,Paint and a new Hydro I love it
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    ....but she runs and drives and has got potential. The good... 2k & some odd hours but engine sounds real strong and starts easily, no smoke and we all know how bullet proof the 1100 is. Sheet metal all strait and rust free. The bad.... none of gauges work, no lights, steering turns tight one direction but wide to the right. The PTO hoop and linkage as well as the pto center trunnion are all missing. Who in their right mind would take it off and lose it? The hoop you gave me Dan is too short but can be modded to work. The tractor came with a nice 48 incher!?! Somebody correct if wrong but was the coil relocated? Not to worry about Mr 9 pin...already been cut out! The ugly... the seat could have easily won my ungly seat contest. The fronts ...no extra charge for the racing slicks seller says! If all goes as planned with the sale of the attachments, a nice deck and a almost NOS plow, this might be a free tractor.
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    Here you go Josh, the day I dragged it home & now. Seems to be a little difference in the pics.
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    Wish I had a picture, but I don't. When I built my shop in Florida I had an old shed that was eight feet wide and sixteen feet long that a neighbor wanted and I needed out of the way. It was on a concrete slab and we backed my 5' X 8' trailer and 1055 inside, jacked the building up and ran planks across the trailer to support the building. The doors had been removed so down the road I went with the trailer and 1055 inside the building. From the side it looked like the building was being driven down the road. Only had to go a mile or so and it was early Saturday morning so we didn't create much of a traffic problem.
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    My 312H pulled out a Deere. Wait for it!
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    I have some work to do, rototilling and then some bottom plow, had to get a couple snap shots before I clean her up!
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    So I went this morning and rescued these two horses and a brinly cultivator. Theres a 1964 lawn ranger and 1962 552. I'm gonna see how bad the 552 is. Cause I recently picked up another 552 that was a parts machine as well. I even got the original bill of sale for the one serial number.
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    Feeling blessed on this Easter Day.
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    Assembly was going so smoothly that I for got to take many progression pictures. I slowed down when I got to the decals though because I wanted to share my method of installing them with you. First pic is the decal as received from the supplier. I usually like to work with the top of a decal but the nice strait line along the bottom of this decal made me choose to work with the bottom. You will notice that I drew a line along the bottom of the decal, I did this because the white on white edge was hard to see. Next I trimmed the paper off along the edge of the decal. After trimming then I put a strip of masking tape, half on the decal / half off along my trimmed edge. I stop the tape short of the ends of the decal, this allows me to be able to see the ends of the decal for alignment. Next I clean the surface with glass cleaner. Now I can use the masking tape to hold my decal in place. I position the decal and take measurements and reposition until I'm completely happy with the location. Once the location is perfect then I press the masking tape down tight a long the full length of the decal. Next step is to fold the decal down using the masking tape as a hinge. Now I clean the paint surface again with glass cleaner. Now I remove the backing from the decal and fold it back into place. Starting in the center of the decal I work all of the air out towards the outer edges. This method works very well for me. As for the rest of the tractor? Well, if I hadn't procrastinated so long with my hubs I could have been able to go for a cruise. I have finally decided what I'm going to do with my hubs, hope to share that soon. No hubs, no ride but I was able to fire engine and watch the paint cure on the exhaust stack.Ooooo,Ahhhh As long as it was running I worked all of the air out of the hydraulics and ran through all of the gears on the tranny. So far every thing checks out great. Very happy with the way that my belt guard for the hydro pump turned out.
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    A couple of years ago I restored a much abused 414/8 that had a similar problem (among many). I used a mounted sleeve bearing from McMaster Carr that I modified to accept an angled zerk and now it is part of my routine servicing. The inst. panel on the 400 series tractor is different then yours but yours looks easier to make this modification. I then fastened the steering shaft lock under the bearing. The result is a smooth shaft with no play in that location. See the attached picture. Eric
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