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    Couldn't find replacement muffler at decent price for my C-145 & C-161. Got with local Custom Exhaust Mfr and modeled one after my "bought new" '76 B-100 system. Muffler is made of aluminized steel and has internal baffles. Exhaust pipe is 16 gauge aluminized steel. Muffler measures 8" rim to rim with 1 1/2" tall inlet, has 3 1/2" body diameter and 4" rim diameter. Inlet accepts 1 1/2" exhaust pipe. Possible replacement for #102258, 105915, 106429 & 106918. You Provide 1" i.d. close nipple, 1" i.d. 45 coupler, 1" i.d. x 2 1/2" nipple, 1 3/8" clamp and 1 1/2" clamp. I use black pipe fittings. Can use galvanized. Muffler has tab for use on engines with cradle mount. You drill hole in tab if needed. Use of separate exhaust pipe along with 45 coupler allows for maximum adjustment in all directions during installation. I'm located in S.W. lower Michigan--can ship to lower 48 for $15.00 Only have 8 units now--hope to have 10 more in 8-10 weeks.
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    Yes it is truly an NOS kit with everything but the box (damn mice). factory zip ties still in place. Manufactured around 1970. Never used. the blade is model 6 9622. All factory paint serial plates, and stickers intact. Almost too nice to use. Ask for Michael.
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    ok this tractor is near mint, less than 80 hours, hydro. briggs anf stratton motor, cutting deck, 3 point and hydro tiller, never used by me. totaly unmolested original. the pictures tell the story. Glenn
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    ok, this is the first to go without getting long winded. My 2002 522xi to a member, asking $3500 I am the second owner. Low hours, 2 stage snowblower, snow cab, 44 inch deck, and plow blade, I bought it (plow blade) used and I NEVER used it. The machine is VERY CLEAN. any questions ask, pictures wanted ask. PLASTIC wheel horse weights will go with it, NOT the cast ones in the pictures. Last month I put a new battery in to. This is a fairly complete package, and the 522xi has PS, cruise, tilt wheel, hi / low eaton 1100 hydro trans, and reverse shut off, keeps the deck running when put in reverse. I put a jumper on the seat switch, It was giving me problems. My 2006 Ingersoll is listed to, in other tractors. Its mint, 78 hours. Offers taken. Glenn
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    I picked this up at last years show, tore it down, sandblasted, repainted and assembled with new hardware. Don't foresee a need in near future so perhaps someone else might actually make use of it. I think this was ohio steel brand but no longer remember. Local pick-up. Will hold and bring to show if payment is made now. This is the no dicker price. Would trade towards C195 or Case rear wheel weights for 15inch rims.egards, Aldon
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    I have a 1984 wheel horse c195 for sale....740 hours, with 60" deck and 3 point hitch. Everything works.
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    NO!! The price isn't $2500 LOL .. but I honestly don't know just yet what it's worth. It will NOT be available for several months. Currently it is running fine, and I will post a video soon. Many chrome parts, new starter, coil, wires, internal carb parts, fresh valve job, piston tops and heads cleaner than my dishes!! Engine side tins have been trimmed, so if you are going to use it heavy, you will need to find a set of them. Not needed for light duty. ALL stainless hardware, including head bolts. Looks nice!! Just think about it, I will post more pics and video later. Thanks, bob
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    Miscellaneous Wheelhorse Parts - some have part numbers and some don't - these parts have never been used - if interested in anything contact summittrees@excel.net for pricing and availability.
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    Very nice running Economy tractor with front end loader.Has 14 horse Kohler engine that runs great.Has single 3 speed tranny.Fairly new battery.Has a new seat cushion.Brand new rear ag tires and tubes that are filled with ballast.Heavy odd-ball rear wheel weights.Rear hydraulic lift.I've changed all fluids....... engine,rear axle,transmission,rear bull gear housings.This is a turn-key tractor.Buy it today......use it today.Even has a full tank of ethanol free gas.I want 2,500 dollars FIRM.Only reason for selling it is that I have too many tractors with front end loaders..So please,don't contact me unless you're willing to pay 2500.This tractor is real cute and I wouldn't mind a whole lot if it stays here.
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    Well, with my purchase of a 520-H with a 60" deck not too long ago, I've decided to let go of my D-160. She is all original (except for the headlight bezel from an 18 Automatic), I added on the 3 point hitch, got that at the big show this past year. I bought the tractor last spring and mowed with it the whole year, had no hiccups, runs like a top and has a strong hydro, she's super solid. The oil pressure gauge doesn't work, and the hour meter doesn't work, probably just a loose wire, but other than that, she works great. I bought a brand new deck belt for it when I bought it, it comes with all the original manuals (except I want to keep the 1979 brochure), a 48" deck and a new set of blades. Looking to get $1200 or best offer! Thanks for looking!
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    Nice old plow, original paint.
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    This deck was sandblasted then treated with anti rust, painted, all new bearings etc. the belt is only moving part that may not be brand new. This deck was used to cut a small section of yard to test for functionality before being put in storage. I prefer to sell both deck and parts as a package deal. Should by some chance someone offer me an amount towards the deck that convinces me, I will then consider selling the parts separate. This is for local pick up only at this time. I might consider bringing to the show in June with full payment. PM me with cell contact info and I will get back to you.
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    Tractor and tiller combo. Tins are in good shape. Tractor starts right up and runs good. Tiller idler assembly needs some tlc but all parts are there. Thank you for looking jeremy watson
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    Selling or trades. (Must be clean ) found another machine I been hotnon for 2 years . rj-25 that's started off as a 1955 rj-35 it has the proper cast Briggs 8 with air vane governor . The machine has been fully rebuilt from motor to rear end . The tractor hasn't been started since full rebuild It has assembly lube in motor and transmission . I don't have plans to start it . The motor is all nos parts including tank and many other parts . I don't Have a second thought in my mind it won't be perfect once started . Once you own it your more than welcome to start it . The hood is fiberglass. Any other questions I can be reached at 860-681-3610
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    Runs and drives. Does not come with deck. Comes with heat shield, but doesn't have a belt guard. $425 or best offer
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    You wont be disappointed.
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    I hate to part with my 520H.... Had a full valve job in 2010 100 Hours since then, Runs Good, 48" Mower like new, had it welded and gusseted(I have $300 into it). Matt's pedal's($200) , New seat, (Seat frame has been welded up) Wheel weights. LED lights in front need better fastening. All old parts included. I think it has 1300 hours. Many SS bolts and nuts but not all... It needs a new muffler and brakes, I didn't get to them. It had a new battery last I ran it (2015) might be dead now, I'll have to charge it and see) It has been kept inside since I have had it. I would like to sell locally my wife is sick and I can't travel or be away from her. Thread link to when I was cleaning it up...
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    I have up for sale a Raider 12 that I bought as a package just for the tub cart, so the cart is not for sale. The reason the owner parked it was that the drive belt broke and after they replaced it, they could not get it to shift into gear (always was grinding). They had never put the belt cover back on to test. It hasn't been run in a while now but spins freely and the gas tank looks good. The battery is likely bad, and this will need a bit of mechanical TLC. All the gears shift easily. The PTO is off I am assuming when the belt was replaced, but you will want to take a good look at it before reassembling. I bought it from the original owners nephew and it has been stored inside all of its life. The paint isn't perfect, but it is a VERY GOOD original paint. I believe the nephew repainted the tower some years back, but you would be hard pressed to notice. I only noticed when studying the tag. The dash housing is broken, as you can see it was strapped back together. The original seat is in AMAZING condition with one small blemish on the top right hand side as you face the front of the tractor. You can see it at the top right edge of the seat picture. The mower deck spins smoothly and appears to be in great shape. It has the cast Iron bracket attached for the pulley. The snow blade has been well used and is tweaked, but looks like it could be fixed. The blade frame is excellent. I don't know what the extra red brackets are for but they came with so they will go with. It has a slot hitch on it. I am offering this currently at the no-haggle price of $350 as it is because I want it to go to a good home where it will be mechanically taken care of and left in its beautiful original condition. I don't really have time to mess with it or a place to store it, so I want it to go to a good home quickly.
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    Hello all, This ad is for a Wheel Horse D200 that my father used for years. It was running up until a month ago when it broke a connecting rod. The connecting rods are not available, and we have decided to part out the tractor and implements. We have: $250 Complete D200 ...engine and all. Everything shown except the implements. The hydrostat was weaker than when new, but does work. As stated, this tractor was used up until the connecting rod broke. Engine was only dissassembled enough to diagnose the problem. It was then put back together as is and put back on the tractor finger tight. This tractor has nice turf tires with weights also. $250 Ark 550 loader. Yes it works and is all there. Cylinders leak a tiny but, but it works fine. Everything including brackets, pump, stands, even the instruction/owners manual is included. $125 48" original mower deck belts included. Works fine, This hasn't been used in a couple years, but was hung in a dry shed for storage so it will be fine. $125 Brinley-Hardy Co. B-75 blade mounted to 3 point hitch. This was used often, is in good shape and mounts on the D200 3 point hitch easily. OR $650 for the whole lot of it at once. Don't think the prices are right? Well then make us an offer....worst we can say is no. Honestly, if you could find a crankshaft, and connecting rods, you could put this back together and have a D200 with loader, mower, and blade....with a tolerable strength hydro. Although not shown at the time of the pictures, The hood etc will be re-attached. Thanks for looking Dave 314-246-026zero Florissant, Missouri
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    NO CALLS BEFORE 2:30pm est ON WEEK DAYS PLEASE I have for sale a D160 and 520H. the d160 runs and drives i can send you a video of it doing so. the 520h had water in the motor and it does not turn over all of the way , the carb is junk and the coil is missing. they both have decks and i have the grill to the d160 I NEED THESE GONE ASAP I AM RUNNING OUT OF ROOM. i will take some of the price off for: B80 gas tank Suburban hood,gas tank, steering wheel w/ colum, fenders (seat pan?), belt guard. Text me anytime for pics or video.
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    No smoke or knocks. I have a video of it running. Located in Central VA. Comes complete minus PTO. new carburetor and fuel pump.
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    Came with a 2002 268H parts tractor I picked up. I don't know if it works or if all the parts are with it so I am selling for parts. The bags have no rips or tears any where on them.
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    2 nos hoods left one 300/400 series one minor ding in the front the headlight bezel should cover. right one fits 516 / 518 / 520 HC perfect shape $225 each or both for $400 (860) 681-3610 located ct
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    2005 model # 79362 used only a few times.comes w/ wheel weights & chains
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    Complete Clevis hitch set up. Ready to install. PM me for details. plus shipping.
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    This deck is of a 1964 854 in really good shape NO RUST HOLES
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    after doing a lot of research the 953/1054 and C-160 8 spd are my very favorites if you have one and willing to part shoot me an offer setting cash aside for either or if a little rough or non running still interested also have cub narrow frame cub stuff willing to trade as well towards one of these or sell outright i'm located in western maine if you have a plow to go with it i'm listening...........lets make a deal!
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    Runs good and drives wheel horse 1257. Well worth the money. Getting hard to find them at this price.
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    Looking to sell this wheel horse to fund my upcoming 4x4 project, restoring my grandfather's cub cadet 100 that was passed down to me, and keeping my grandfather's f250 that was passed down to me in good shape. The 312... Sandblasted and painted, looks great No decals Tires hold air Deck was refurbished New belts New hardware almost everywhere New wiring New lights Runs great. Looks fantastic, but not showroom new, so its uo for some work out in the yard I would like to keep this but I would like this tractor to go somewhere where it will be used and kept out of the scrap heap. Also I have a thread under the title project 320-8 in the customs section, because it was originally going to get a 20hp magnum wich I still have the mounting plate for.
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    1961 Suburban 401 with Clinton B1290 in running condition. Nice solid tractor to restore or leave original. Rear axles are leaky, so it will need seals at the very least, but tractor and mower are operational otherwise. Tires all hold air, has what looks to be the original seat cover. No shipping please. The unit must be picked up in Montrose MI., which is 20 minutes North of Flint. It is very rare to find these with the original serial numbers still in tact, but this one has the original serial number on both the tractor and mower deck.
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    For sale is my 1966 656. She has newer tires all around, a slot hitch, 1 7/8" ball on the hitch and comes with original owners manual. Transmission works good, has been repainted at one point, because you can see, she is slightly orange. Sometimes I can get it to run if I jump a belt around the pulley to another tractor, and even when I do that, normally I can only have it running for a minute or two, but sounds great when she does run. I've replaced the coil, condenser, air filter, points, fuel filter, put new starter brushes in it, and I also bought and installed a brand new carburetor, but I do not have the interest to dive in any deeper. Was told it could be bad flywheel magnets, but I haven't pulled the flywheel since hearing that option. Looking to get $300 or best offer.
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    I have 3 D250 one is either 78 or 79 ( needs a fuel pump and has a 3 point hitch ) and the other 2 are 76 or 77 ( one run needs some TLC the other is parts ) the 2 D200 I don't know much about 2000 for all obo
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    Like to find any custom tractors .. like to find this one pictured
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    I have an A-800 for parts. The engine is in parts but seams good. The deck and rest in tact. Rear is broke but good parts left, Also have 2 rear 5 lug 7x8 wheels in very good shape. can ship parts . Thank you Tj
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    Hey All, I have a pretty big WH snow plow and a mid '60s Kohler K-141 6.25 H.P. on the Indianapolis CL. Not too sure what either came off of. Feel free to let me know if interested. I'll work some on money with anyone on R.S. Thx
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    Runs and drives. Comes with heat shield and deck, but doesn't have a belt guard. I will include a new recoil, but it doesn't have the starter cup. $625 or best offer with deck and $575 or best offer without the deck. Deck is very solid
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    Looking to buy any original clean or restored machines 420-law , rjs 753,704,854, etc
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    Custom Quality Wheel Horse Extended Frame Grader. Have all parts down to the decals, just needs assembled. Engine and 8-Speed Tranny is GOOD. I build nothing but quality stuff. This is a ‘What if Wheel Horse made a Grader’ project with an underbelly blade. Frame is extended 11” along with the steering. Paint is fresh but has dust and dirt from sitting. Brand new Tires. Included is: Several Grader Blades and frame, Cultivar, another set of Rear Tires and Rims, new dash & engine decals, Wheel Weights, new control Cables and all the parts needed to complete along with a bunch of extras. $750 Other Parts for sale separately: 4-Speed Parts Transmission (has a chewed axle shaft where the wheel hub mounts), Custom Front Bumper, Nice Hood. I can send pictures. I have other stuff as well for sale. A custom made tow-able water pump for garden tractor with brand new motor and pump. Buy the Tractor Project or the Parts or all of it! I can deliver this to you within reason but shipping is difficult. If you want me to finish it out for you, let’s talk!
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    I have several 48" side discharge decks here some are very nice.
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    Have more kits that I put together. If your cylinder has the large snap ring and takes Toro p/n 101699, this kit will fit. I included all o-rings, an improved rod wiper, back-up rings, a new snap ring and the o-rings for the hose fittings. These kits are more complete than any others I've seen. I can mail one or two for $4.00 to any of the contiguous 48 states. Price is $20.00 per kit.
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    I am looking for a new D250 rear fender pan. I hear their is someone making them. Thank you kyle. PM me
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    NOS 50" mmgb for a 5xi tractor (518xi, 520xi, 522xi, 520Lxi, 523Dxi). I don't think that this will directly fit C-series type tractors without modification. Not in original box, but this is new and never been assembled. I am not taking it out of the box for pictures. Heavy, but I can ship it if you really want me to. I'm guessing it weighs 90 pounds. Pick it up here in St. Louis.
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    I wanted to put a new add up for my stack mufflers , these are 6" or 8" mufflers with 8" chrome stack , 3" dia body , they have 1" pipe thread inlet but I can build them with a 3/4" pipe thread inlet if you needed , they are baffled on the inside to give the motor some back pressure , These are great for pulling tractors or just to add that custom touch for your daily mower , they are $60 shipped to the lower 48 states only , ( sorry the price went up by $10 as the chrome tip price went up ) , And yes I now have a paypal acc so paying for just got easier for every one , PM me if you need more info , Thanks Jim
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    Motor will turn then get stuck. Choke is sticky. Coil is missing had water in the oil when i drained it. I crossed the starter it will turn then get stuck might just be rusty in the cylinders who knows. Just dont have the time/ patience to pull motor 350$ at least. deck looks to be in good shape and blades do spin. 269 hours on motor
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    Previous owner jb welded a new a new spark plug in the head because the threads were stripping could Healy coil it, but runs and starts up great. Rear tire has a leak but good tread and front tire is worn. Has about about 1167 hours on it from what I remember and it still counts. No use for it only purchased because I planned on doing pulls. Make an offer thank you!
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    Up for sale is my 1998 520 XI with a 52" deck and Kwik-Way Loader. The tractor has 443 hours on it. Loader is currently detached.
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    Wheel Horse Electro 12. Needs right front steering arm. The weld is busted where it connects to the wheel. A guy on wheel horse junkies fb page sells them in a set for $50. Comes with plow and chains. I used it last winter and parked it. I haven't moved it since.
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    Well, if you have been wanting a 58 RJ here you go. I rode this around at shows earlier in the year with a incorrect Clinton engine stuffed into it. I was able to finally buy a k91 without mortgaging the house ........and aslo found an oval tank that would work much better than what was under the hood (cheap-o plastic)..........................so was going to finish it up this winter. I have since decided to finish up some other projects that are getting old and pass this little tractor on to someone else to finish up. The engine is just sitting in the frame and has not been run, it has good compression so I am sure it will go with a little tinkering it will be fine.....(kohlers always go) It needs a little but as its a 58 it is well worth the effort. Brake works tranny is smooth and it steers nicely. Hood needs a little filling but, that can be done later. I doubt you can find a better 58 for under 400 ..................but you can always try , or just come pick up this one! Thanks for looking Eric 1 413 626 9809
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    I have 4 front rims with bad tires and a front axle that fit my 73 No name. I bought 2 new tires and rims and no longer need this stuff. $75 OBO. Jim
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    Parting out a 1969 Electro 12. with a blown motor. Also have the Hydro listed and I have all the parts for a hydro lift conversion. Sheet metal, frame, wheels, engine block, bearings, many parts, let me know what you need and hopefully I can help. I would like to find new homes for all these excellent old parts! Will sell the lot or individual items. Call or email for more details.
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