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    Little things I forgot to add, there is a chrome "air" horn, very loud, and it works off the horn button center of the custom steering wheel, all the electrical stuff is protected by a auto style fuse panel. Gonna guess, and say there is between $300 and $500 worth of chrome and stainless fasteners on here. The local Ace Hardware store used to laugh when I came in with my bags of dirty bolts to replace. ... for a lawn mower that doesn't cut grass!!
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    I have one...Ill dig it out of my shed and send you a PM with pics and a price.
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    Ive bought 2 or 3 D tanks off Tyson - hah, Im surprised he still has any😉! Seriously, Tyson is great to deal with and everything Ive got from him was great and reasonable....
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    I have one with the correct mule drive off a 92 520 near Toledo.
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    Someone is looking at it tomorrow I will let you know.
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    well I sent two messages out to that guy and have not Got any Response back, sorry.
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    Will separate. Best offers entertained. Phyber Priced dropped, Someone must want these?
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    Thanks Tyson. You're probably right, as I haven't had it apart in three years. All I know there is slippage even after the tension adjustment. It was installed used but has functioned flawlessly. Sure I'll look at some pictures., and thank you for that duty.
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    If I'm not mistaken, the 520's (and similar age tractors) did not use rivets on their PTO clutch discs. I have a good clutch disc if you are interested. Tyson
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    I know a guy that does them but have not talked to him in a long while. ill put a message out to him and get back to u
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    Try giving this guy a call . http://a-ztractor.com/
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    Yes, the top picture indicates the piece that's missing. The lower picture is all there except for u bracket
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    Jim I might have one. I'll check later today. It's yours for the trouble of stopping by and putting up with me. Hehehe.....
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    Mark, As I previously suggested, use a relevant title for your subject line, not your name. Probably the appropriate title for this wanted ad would be something like this: Wanted: Parts for Deck E5 - 36XR01 Also, since you are in the UK, you might want to try a Classified ad in the Euro Wanted section of the forum. http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/classifieds/euro-wanted_12/ As to US parts suppliers, I would suggest emailing your list to A-Z Tractor, one of the excellent parts vendors here at Red Square. Owner Lincoln Martin is great to work with and very helpful. Also, here in the US, his shipping is very fast. I usually have items within two days of ordering. It doens't get much better than that. http://a-ztractor.com/
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    How many you want my email bkindig@msn.com
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    I have a couple but they are junk (worn throttle shaft) and in need of one also. I bought a cheap knockoff carb on ebay and tried to fit it to a 1290 but the bowl hits the breather cover so either a spacer or stack of gaskets might work. If you have a rebuildable carb PM me, I have a contact that has kits and possibly whole carbs.
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    Try "TheV-belt guys" online.... killer prices
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    Hey! I know those guys!! I can brag on the stacks. Very well made. I have 3 of them installed now.
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