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    Nick machined one of these for me. Expert job and everything thing fits like a glove. If you have a sickle bar you know this shaft is the weak point. Mine had broke in half and with Nicks work I now have a working unit again. Thank you Nick.
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    That unit does not bolt up. 1974 Wheel horse came out with "no tools needed Quik Tach" brackets integrated into their equipment and it simplified changing implements, and this is the belt tensioner for the mower deck that mounts in front of the front axle. There are "update " kits that can be added to a lot of the '73 & older tractors to adapt them to later year attachments.
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    My buddy has a nice one for sale, has new bags and is in good working order (it used to be mine) He's in California until Friday. I'll talk to him this weekend and see what he wants for it, only down side is it would have to be shipped from Nebraska. If you don't have any bites by this weekend I'll be in touch. Tyson
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    I seen some on Ebay, if you have an account, if not send me your address, i'll ship you a pair, if you like , then you can send what you want in return, mine are off a C145, same as my 416-8. Let me know, Fred
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    I have a really clean used deck (48") I would sell for 500. I am in CT and will ship.
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    Changed Status to Closed
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    Anything can be fabricated. I guess it depends on your skill level. this is a good place to ask. I know my skill set is about the level of a circus monkey so I won't do it.
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    Heres some pics for those asking Please pardon my disaster of a shed and the inch of dust on the tractor.
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    Thanks for getting back to me. A lot of the others do not. Much appreciated. Sorry but i do not need a snowblower.
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    Thanks guys. I purchased them from @wheelhorseman tonight.
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    @wheelhorseman in the vendor section sells them
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    Well, had an issue with the tractor engine bogging down under an implement load. Got a replacement diaphragm for the vacuum fuel pump and it seems to run fine now. Is this plow still for sale?
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    I just reduced price to $1,200. Also, yesterday I found 3 bags of new parts my neighbor gave me in 1983. They contain four pulleys with bearings and nuts and bolts. He also gave me a like new, molded one piece, 1983 wheel horse seat and an old C160 hood. And he also gave me three, brand new, circa 1983 mower deck spindles. Yesterday I found these spindles listing for $118 each on a Toro parts site. All these new parts are included in this sale. I'm also including the many old but usable parts that I replaced with NOS parts, when I began a restoration I never completed. They include front and mid hitch parts, front mule drive, mower deck mounting hardware and a few other parts. All these could probably be sold. I think this is a great tractor for mowing and general yard work but it is also a good candidate for restoration. I've also listed my brand new, never used, Toro model #79364, long frame plow. Its been sitting in dry storage for over five years. It would look pretty cool on a restored tractor. Also, The last photo was taken before I put on the new left front tire and it also shows the back corner of the never used plow.
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    cdr_warsstar, I am interested in your no name 12 auto, I am Jim the cub fan in Carmel. I'll try to reach you o Thursday by phone. l have a trailer so dellivering is not a problem. Thanks for the pictures. Jim😊😊 my e-mail is jkatterhenry@indy.rr.com
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    Great info, I have an 856 (1966), so there's a chance this will fit. The interface chart only lists the BD-4264A as fitting the 856, but in the '55 - '65 table it shows the BD-4264 fitting all the same tractors as the "A" version. It might take me a week or two to figure this all out, but I'm in the Chicago area, and lived in the region years ago when I worked for Inland Steel, so I can find Shererville pretty easily.
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    The classified rules state you must post a price in any "For sale" ads. Thanks. Mike...
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    I have no use for it. Sorry.
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