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    1976 or 77 due to 8speed transmission
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    Man I sure appreciate it! I actually got a lift assembly today from my new friend @WVHillbilly520H I had a great day meeting the first of the WH crowd! You guys are great! Thank you @ebinmaine
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    I hope to replicate the wheelhorse emblem also on the back. I'm going to try to get a steel die to imprint it on the vinyl. We'll see if I can do it.
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    Check with Glen Petitt in the vendor section. He's been ill, but he should have what you're looking for.
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    Have you tried our vendor Wheelhorseman? He makes and sells them.
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    I feel your pain. It looks like my garage.
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    Barry, I guess that new supporter status paid off quick, eh? .......assuming you sold it through Classifieds here at RS
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    If you only were closer to indiana, I would be happy to take this further. Good luck on the sales Those D tillers are really really good!
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    I believe I have a nice one. Send me either your cell number or email address and I'll get you pics and a price. Regards, Tyson
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    @Machineguy I didn't get a chance to look at the handle and stuff that we have yet. I'll be out of town till late next week. I think we can help you out with what you need.
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    At one time we could enter a part number and get a list of parts manuals that contained that part number. Not any more. Checked 1977 long frame and the part number for the tube handle is different. Check 1964 short frame model 854 and it is the same part number 2266. So it was used for a while. Garry
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    Would a lift handle from a long frame work?
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    My Honey's 657 had a handle or two on it we aren't putting back on. We have no attachments to use. I don't know if I can get the time to look at the pile until late next week as we're heading out of town for a few days. I'll look when I can. Do you have any pictures or diagrams of what you need? Eric
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    common part for many applications, not just WH tractors, e.g., tool boxes ebay has them cheap
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    I got two nos left.
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    yes they are different the 1/4" roll pin holes are at different angles off 90 degrees I will look and see if I have any Brian
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    Some updated photos.. Yes I would ship
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    I have a good set, pm me your e-mail address or cell number and I'll get you pics and a price. Tyson
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    ok I got the part numbers I will check when I get to the shop in the am.
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    Hope this helps @hcminis
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    You can buy the 5 pin connector at the key switch and build the whole harness from there. I've used 7 conductor trailer wire harness to keep it neat and color coded. Works well.
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