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    Update, got a blade and rear axle bracket from a gentleman in southern Indiana. Mike
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    Looks a... ...bit different now.
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    I'd like to find this one...
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    Kevin, I bought the cab and 2 stage snowblower together. They came off a New Holland GT22 with 80 hours on it. The snowblower was made by Toro Wheel Horse for New Holland. And I "am guessing" that the cab was made by the same company that made the "red" cab for Toro Wheel Horse as it is identical in every respect, except for the color of course. Glenn
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    Here a couple pics of mine. Total of what would go with it is the tractor, rear Discharge deck, 48" deck, tiller, grader blade, 4 extra tires on rims, 2 extra rims, dual wheel adapters, wheel weights, 3 sets of tire chains, extra mule drive, extra rear axle mounting bracket, homemade weight bracket that mounts to the rear hitch with approx. 100-120# of steel weights, and misc. Spare belts. All for $2500.
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    Hello I have a nice restored 1054. Also I have a running 953 that is all there the starter is not working. I would have a snow blade and a mower deck that would fit either tractor. The 1054 I am asking $1200 and the 953 $600. The snowblade is $200 and the mower deck $200. I have a picture of the 1054 attached. As far as the cub tractors or parts I would consider a trade but will have to see what you got to give you a price. I am located in PA. I do wheel horse salvage so if you ever do need wheel horse parts check out my website at http://a-ztractor.com/ My email is aztractor255@gmail.com
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    Try ebay, we were able to get the ones we needed, just typed in the part number in every day...
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    Cas Thank you for the !!! It definitely is well made and will fit many applications. It is my pleasure to try to fill a need in the community. Glad it worked out for you. Jim
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    Did you have any luck finding a tiller if not I have one will measure it tomorrow to get the size
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    Jim Received muffler . Really well made piece, identical to original and at about half the price. At only a few dollars more than a used one, no need to take a chance on an old one. Separate elbow provides more flexibility than original on different tractors. Thank you for offering it. Cas
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    Changed Price to 1600.00 obo Willing to bring to the 2017 Wheelhorse collectors club show June 23 & 24.
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    Well I think I know where that one is .. I didn't know that was yours
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    Nice job! Wonder if I can stuff one of these in the nose of my Commando 8 to quiet her down some more? Went and looked, nope, the ignition coil sits in the nose in the way. Mike
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    Hello I do wheel horse salvage and I have a gas tank for that tractor. The tank sells for $40 and shipping I would get to be around $9. Let me know if you are interested. I can send a picture if you want. My email is aztractor255@gmail.com or you can call me at 1-717-821-2542. Also if you need other parts check out my website at http://a-ztractor.com/ and search for your part numbers there.
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    It works. Thank you. Put me down for one I will PM you later today when I get back home.
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    IMHO it is about as quiet as the factory mufflers. You Provide 1" i.d. close nipple, 1" i.d. 45 coupler, 1" i.d. x 2 1/2" nipple, 1 3/8" clamp and 1 1/2" clamp. See picture above with the red background. I am not very computer literate, but I will see if I can post a video. The nipples and the coupler are available at any hardware or big box store. The 90 degree exhaust pipe comes along with the muffler. Thanks for the interest... Jim
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    Awesome job. How quite is the muffler? Could you make a short video of it so it can be heard? Does it come with the 45 coupler?
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    Hello I do wheel horse salvage and I have a K91 here that is a good running engine the carb might need cleaned because of it sitting. I would sell it for $250.00. I am located in the US so shipping would be very expensive. But if you wanted me to get a shipping cost for you email me your full name and address at aztractor255@gmail.com.
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    For a repop belt guard check out joe papke http://horsedr2004@yahoo.com
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    Very nice tractor I'm interested but the price is alittle out of my range right now. I travel to MN alot because that is where the corp office is located. Transporting would be easy. Wish I have an extra 2K. It would look nice next to the 314 Hydro I have now.
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    Yes I am sure it is 4 inch, they are hard to find and would be off of the riding lawn mower, I want them for my custom wheel horse and also for a lawn ranger.
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    YES.... the one in the 1st pic with the 1/2" dia hole in the drawbar is ORIGINAL and not bent at all. I just painted it to make it ''pretty' It is also the original pin and circlips...and spacers too.
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    Purchased one from a member...thanks to all who reached out!
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    If you still have this I will take it...
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    Should note, I'm willing to meet someone who is interested at a reasonable distance with a deposit placed. Clearing house to get down on tractors. Won't have time to mess with them for a few years as priorities have shifted to more family orientated events.
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