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    Removed my offer... assuming it was too far of a drive.
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    Some additional pics... i have ave a couple interested parties, so if your able to pick it up expeditiously, don’t dawdle.
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    I’ve rebuilt several Onan p series engines. The issue with the onan engine is that the new parts are extremely high priced. Depending on the issue most I just part now if the crank needs to be turned or if it needs to be bored. What’s going on with it? You may just need it decarbed and valves adjusted. If that’s the case parts will cost around 100.00. I decarb everyone I get. And start fresh.
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    Thanks for the replies all. I picked one up. This forum is awesome.
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    This should fit any D-160, D-180, D-200, or 18 automatic. If I'm wrong guys, please step in. Tyson
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    Does anyone know if this would fit on a 79' d160? I
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    It ran fine and didn't have any leaks coming off of it when I bought it two years ago, but then the next summer, It just wouldn't start. It turned over fine, but would not start. It was a great little lift for what I need, but I'm not much of a mechanic, and just didn't have the time to tear into it. It is old and has been modified a lot over the years, and spare wires everywhere. It is amazing that something with so obviously little maintenance still worked and didn't have any leaks. I bought a metal container (8 x 8 x 17) on Craig's List last month and the seller delivered it on his flatbed tow truck. He took the Clark back with him and is trying to figure out what is wrong in his spare time. I will pick it up later. I hauled it across MI on my two axle trailer and half ton truck with no problem, other than loading and unloading. I think I have that fixed for the next trip. If you have a shop, and the room, a fork lift is a great resource to have around. I have a 1,000 pound battery pallet stacker that has worked great over the last ten years too. These help move the 600 pound table saw and other things like that. My wife grew to appreciate my having these toys when she realized that she didn't have to try and help me move stuff. Good luck selling yours. Someone should love having it.
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    Restored last summer, runs, drives, cuts and looks awesome. Kept almost all original.
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    Changed Status to Closed
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    This is so tempting. I had two basket cases years ago, love the round fenders n square hood....
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    Pics of left side hub pawl and dog etc
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    I highly recommend this fender pan. Adams94 has done a great job reproducing that great replacement product. Edwroy
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    Very easy indeedy, and I do have some - but it won’t be original or have that beautiful aged look of an old wheel horse part!
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    Hmmmm, a head scratcher for ya! LOL I started by trying to find a single, unbranded baby moon to complete a set I sold last week, and must have taken (hit) a wrong turn in the road (keyboard).
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    I may be able to help you. Let me look over the weekend
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    I have not been in the position to remove the latest Eaton 1100 transmission. I saw that a-z tractor answered a wanted ad that he had one for 375 plus shipping. Yes, that's a huge price jump from my 125 but he has one available now.
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    Don't know if Glen has any yet or not Garry
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