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    Ok Guys ... I tried to do the running scoop the gun off the ground like they did in the old westerns ... well ok it was only a garden rake... garage wall came up way faster than it was supposed to & tractor tried to drive right up the side of the garage wall and was dang near vertical... flipped me right off the back and on my keester into the tub I was pulling. Would have been embarrassing if someone would have seen me! Put on nice dent in the garage side wall steel. Mrs gave me a real butt reaming when she got home. I think it busted when I hit the garage foundation and before the horse decided it wasn't going to move the foundation so decided to climb. Guess I should have been in 1st and idle when I tried that stunt. Sorry no pics! Send me one and let me know what I owe ya! Thanks fellas
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    Sorry guys. I've got your dibs noted but the guy literally called my cell phone right after I posted it. I didn't mean to cause any hard feelings over this. I was just trying to pass on the good deal Denny Clarke gave me.
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    Next year fer sure Howard...my turn to pick the vacation spot!
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    I have them - here is a link http://www.wheelhorseman1000.com/product-p/bracket-with-guard.htm
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    OK, so you were dumped into the dump cart. I have been able to do the back flipper thing when pulling a trailer, but have yet to try climbing a wall. I'm laughing at the image .... glad only the pride suffered.
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    I called dibs on it when he got it. Just sitting here waiting
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    Tom, there's a nice original over in Rosemount if you can figure out how to talk him out of it.
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    You are THEE MAN Mr Jeff ......and I am an idiot....... and not for talking like Howard......he's normal........I a part number of 3119 instead of 3919 or I might have found it! I pounced on it......be here Tuesday ....... Funny thing is @ACman you know dang well I deal in HVAC part numbers every day....... I never ...ever...get them wrong! Yah right ....let me tell you about the time I ordered a ......nevermind............ Thank you @857 horse but it looks like you can catch a nap (or flys ) instead of looking for my stupid part! I thank you graciously for your offers! Well maybe not ......the part ain't here yet so I wont mark this as closed just yet!
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    Uncle Jim,,,,,P.M. me and I will drop my cell #,,,-,,,,,, Even if you find one before the show,,,,,i will grab it and ship it,,,,,,,, I just saw the post,,,,,,,,,,6-1-17,,,,,,,,,,,, OK,,,,,,Later 3 weeks till Wupner
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    I've always said a wheel horse could climb a telephone if it didn't lose traction. BUT A HOUSE!
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    But Cindy...my shoes were muddy from working in the garden and slipped off the clutch and and and and if you were home to help me put in the garden this wouldn't have happened! Yah ...that went over like a lead balloon.... yup she was standing up damn near vertical on the hitch no lie...them duals really dug Tom....good thing she choked herself out or she woulda went up to the eaves...I imagine the main jet was suckin air!
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    Haha!!! I dont know how i missed this last night. That would have been a sight to see.
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    @TT you might want to ask him about the rear rims. If available
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    I will find a pair eventually. Portland is coming up in a couple months. Old ones cut ok but looses the sharpness fast as the blades are sharpened way back past where they were hardened. Mike
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    Ah, give the brother a hand and ship them to him. Heck, they already have a box and everything. Besides, sounds like he needs the help. He's gonna have to talk the Mrs. into new blades plus the shipping if you are kind enough to accommodate.
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    I ordered the engine I am going to put in my Commando 8 today, let me know if your still interested in the K181 once it comes out. I could get the engine to you at the summer Portland, IN show or we can figure it out if your still interested and we come to a price for it. Mike
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    Thanks for checking Mark! I really think the ring gear posted on Joe's is a 3/8" version because of the markings on the side depict the oil inlets of the newer style end caps. My sister is still trying to contact Joe for me because I am of the steam power era, not the e-bay era. I found I can still get the end caps through my local dealer, they just will be a little costly $$$$$.
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    Yes. It's the double pulley that mounts on the center deck spindle. The top pulley is driven by the belt that snakes down from the clutch. The lower pulley drives, by V belt, the 2 outside deck pulleys/spindles/blades. When you locate it, I will need to know both pulley diameters and the type and size of the bore. Thank You, Ron
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    If your pump is a pulse type (no lever that rides on the cam), then those diaphragms are available for a couple of bucks from member "buckrancher".
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    No.. not at all Craig.....that's just the way our hobby goes....sometimes you get the bear...sometimes the bear gets you! Just tell Bob O to givem a good home! If we'da been on our toes we woulda headed them off at the pass from DC's
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    Don't feel bad Caddy ..I've missed out on stuff one minute after posting! 3rd crack at them if Bob o and Caddy don't pan out Craig.
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    If you're coming to the big show, I'll put one on the truck. Straight with normal wear. Free
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    SOLD! (mine 👍 ) Mike....
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    I live in CT.... does the C-81 have a mower deck? I hope so and hope it's what you use to mow that pristine lawn. Beautiful Equipment.
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    Depending on the age of you son, you might want to consider one of the other 62,63.64 round hood tractors that have front mount engines. The Suburban's are light on the front end and with the motor in you lap may not be the best model for youth. If you do go with a suburban, consider putting some weight on the front end.
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    Jim,,,,,,Jeff has is wrapped up......You can Hollar BINGO now,,,, I see you bid and won !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and your still not coming,??? next year,??
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    Found this ... http://www.ebay.com/itm/TORO-WHEEL-HORSE-3919-STEERING-ARM-FREE-SHIPPING-/252931522473?hash=item3ae3e4bfa9:g:M-YAAOSwrhBZE7cc looks to be N.O.S.
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    Still looking Howard but you may be my go to guy, haven't heard back from @Live4outdoors yet!
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    I received the cover yesterday, thanks JPWH.
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    Biggs, yes the blower should fit on, the bar was lengthened to fit a long frame, its someone's rigging but it works, unfortunately the flag is missing but a vendor on here makes them and post a wanted ad, I think you will find one. I'm not home this weekend but can be next week, bring your tractor along and can show you how this stuff mounts. The flag hooks the lift bar with the blower to your tractors lift arm
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    Hey Biggs, Maybe I can answer your quick question with a long answer. The blower @Live4outdoors has will fit your 310. It has the attach-a-matic mount and will latch into your 310s front mount without any bolting. The only problem may be the length of the lift bar and the missing flag. The above link to a similar problem may shed some light for you.
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    Biggs sent you PM with picks of blower, eds a great guy and sounds like he's got a blade, my blower is an older short frame 36" for the 8-10hp tractors a guy welded an arm on and extension on mounting pole to fit his 300 series, for $50 could be an experiment, I hate to scrap the thing the show was my last ditch effort to sell
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    Picking up a set of wheels this weekend thanks guys 👍
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    I have a 48" blade I would give you a good deal on and also have a blower that has been converted to fit on a 300-400 series tractor, I will really give you a great deal on if interested like $50 for blower and the blades in blower are like new, I'm in south eastern Pa PM me for pictures and interest and more importantly welcome to red square! The only thing you would need for the blower is the flag and I think I have chains here for your series too just have to locate them, weights your on your own can be pricey but keeping mine for now
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    You are quite welcome Biggs. I agree, your 310 will do a fine job with a 42" plow blade. Please come to the Big Show....you will find snow plows and everything Wheel Horse for sale. I fact, I will be bringing a trailer load including decks. blowers. and a 42" plow for sale. Hope to see you there.
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    All I need is an address now.
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    Hi Biggs, these types of questions should be posted in the implements section. You will get a better response. If one of the Moderators see this, they may move it for you. There are three blade widths 42, 48, and 54" with the 42" being the most common and more available. There are short and long plow frames. Your 310 requires a long frame. You also need the axle bracket to mount the frame to the axle.
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    Same thing, if they both come up dry I should have one as well.
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    If Shynon doesn't have one a may have one too.
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    Jim I think I have one, but I have to know.
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    I would have some interest in the tractors that your are listing. I am located in PA. Are you planning on going to the big wheel horse show in PA? If you are I would be on your way there. If you aren't planning on going to the show I might consider making the trip if the price on the tractors was right for it making it worth my trip. If you could email me pictures of the tiller and the snowblower so I can see what condition they are in. My email address is aztractor255@gmail.com . I am a wheel horse salvage yard but I also buy and sell wheel horse tractors and attachments. I am a vendor here on red square A-Z Tractor
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