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    I could give mine to @wheelhorseman1000 I bet he could make one
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    If you can't find one Karl PM me and I can make one - I also have travel hooks available if you need one.
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    I am pretty sure I have an original tecky .030 or .020 kit. I will check when I get home if your still looking.
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    Snow plow & all are sold, thanks to all who viewed this item. The bmsgaffer picked it up today, it was nice to meet & talk with him he seems to have a nice collection of Horses. Thanks again to all forum members, a great organization! Jim the cub fan! Go Cubs Go!
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    boy does that setup bring back memories!!! (I was a machine tool painter for over 20yrs at Kearney & Trecker Corp, then Giddings & Lewis) also painted many cars and trucks with that exact gun and pot, I still have it and use it
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    Still looking? I've got a set that looks like the pic below, 50 lbs each (I think). $170 for the pair. In Ithaca, NY area.
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    Changed Status to Closed This Tractor has been SOLD. Thanks for all the interest. Jim.
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    It will work on.a raider. I took one like it off my raider.
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    I think the belt may be at my parents house, I'll check the next time I'm there, the belt is toro part #110265. You should't need to modify anything, I don't think anyways. It should all just hook right up and work.
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    Oops, sorry, was thinking about the earlier 800 special with the early deck mounting style. This deck was sold with the later 300 style tractors, but the front rims were swapped to the 15x6-6 tires to clear the far corner of the deck, otherwise it rubs on the front left tire while turning, but will work on any tractor with a attach-a-matic system, dependant upon the front tires.
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    I have an original available in Leesburg, IN. Will ship.....
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    Just got my parts back after 9 months divorce battle and am 90% sure still have the pulley if you still need.
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    Stevasaurs--I keep forgetting to look. With spring upon me I have been getting my yard in shape and keep forgetting to check. I have tied a string around my finger to check tonight. I'm so sorry, but I will check. Denny
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    wow if you lived closer i would eat that up. i wonder how much shipping to Benton Pa. 17814 would be and if anyone would do it? Robert
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    I don't have a set. Sorry. I looked high and low.
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    Changed Status to Closed
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    Changed Status to Closed The tractor is sold. Thanks to Brad in Brookville and for being very fair for a tractor that decided it didn't want to start. I guess it didn't want to leave me!
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    Without seeing the front, I'd say that the hood shown is not a 701 hood. The 701 hood did not have the square indent toward the front for the horsehead decal.
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    Is this an original?
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    B-100 (will come with turf tires) 308-8 C-120 701 i have the belt guard for it just not on it right now.
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    Still looking through my hoard.
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    I have three pairs of wide rims. Pm me for details
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    Ill have to get you guys pics in a bit. Its behind a ton of other tractors. Im not sure about the guards i will get back to you guys as soon as i can.
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    Would you be so kind as to post pictures? What is your individual asking price for the 701 and does it have all of its original belt covers?
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    I will check and see what I can get my hands on.
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    Give me an offer on just the loader tractor with the foot control if you aren't interested in the 416-8. Thanks again for your interest.
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    I used to work for G&L as well @new horse ....wanna nother one? Never know ya need parts?!?!
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    I wish you were closer to me because I'm interested
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    I have a newer 10hp Tecky motor so I don't think piston would work . Sorry
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    Hi - I do have the pulleys. I do not have the spindle #112674. Pulleys #110146 are $15.00 each and the #110147 is $25.00 plus shipping. Let me know if interested, I can give me shipping if you give your zip code. Thanks
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    I suppose I could sell these filters/parts separately if anyone wants just an air filter oil filter belt ect but, I'm sure it's still cheaper to buy the whole package as I have it here than singly, PM me and we can go from there, Jeff.
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    Too little too late. Someone got an amazing deal!!!
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