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    Some pictures might create some interest
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    That (in your photo) is the same hoop as I have on my '72 and '76 tractors. That is the one with the 3" long lower leg. This is a photo of my '76. And this is the one on my '78 and '80 tractors This is a photo of my '78. You can see that #29 is a little different in both photos. In the first photo the hole where #30 goes in is even with the end of #33. In the second photo #29 is different and the hole where #30 goes is lower on the hoop. In either case, when the hoop is mounted to the engine on top and the frame, or plate on the bottom, the end of shaft #33 should be within 1/8" of touching the hoop. Mount your hoop and see where the hole that pin #30 goes into is located. That should tell you which of the two types of part #29 you need. I don't know if this will solve your dilemma, but I hope it answers a few questions for you. I know it answered some for me while I was looking at the different hoops and engines. So thank you for that. Jim
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    As near as I can tell, there are basically 2 different hoops for many of the B, C, and GT Tractors, no matter the engine. Both hoops have a top leg is about 1" long. The diameter of the hoop is about 7 1/4". The bottom leg is either 3" long (for the non-cradle engines) or 1 3/4" long (for the cradle mount and plate mounted twins). Basically, it comes down to tractors made 1977 and earlier and tractors made 1978 and later. I could be wrong on this, and if I am I hope one of the more knowledgeable members will chime in. If you get ahold of the longer lower leg hoop, all you have to do is cut it off and re-drill the hole in the lower leg. If you can't find the exact one you are looking for, I have one of the long lower leg hoops that I would sell cheaply. I would only have to find the cheapest way to ship it. Hopefully for $5 or $6. Jim
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    Thanks a bunch. I am only 14 and would have my grandpa come and pick it up with me. I would have to work out a time with him around his schedule but I want you to know that I am a serious buyer. I am going to need it this winter so if I do get a chance to buy, it will be in the next two months. thanks. If you want to shoot me an email, it is{ shea.worden@gmail.com } Thanks, Shea This looks like it comes with a solid lift linkage. Am I mistaken? If not that is perfect because I do not have one.
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    LOL, Pa, forgot to print it, spilled my Geritol @AMC RULES If i go, there's a C175 in Conesus NY, if you know where that is ? I sure dont, they finally gave me an address after 7 days, i hope it isnt a 5 hour scam ride, they wont talk with me on phone ? The Woman said it sounds fishy ? But shes up for a ride, said to bad the leaves are not changing, i looked at her And gave her the i hate winter look
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    I doubt you will drive to Pa LOL, but Allentown CL, i just saw someone parting 1 out, maybe they can ship if you have know luck ? Big Red Fred
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    as they are only a starting point --- location has a lot to due with it,. I think............ that is a little difficult if they want one part or the whole tractor so the list would start out fender, steering wheel, tire, seat, hood, rear axle, lights switch cable on and on.....carb., coil then understanding starts in on what it or could be, or not could be but will try ................................................................................new today
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    The classified rules state you must post a price in any "For sale" ads. Thanks. Mike...
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    see original ad above make a few corrections and additions
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    I do have a lot of what you would need but I don't know how close you are to me.
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    I'll start driving there from Denver right now if you're selling it for a dollar. What's the real asking price, or do you just want a trade?
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    Gt14 has a 15" rim
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    I will take a picture of what I have and send it to you. I may have what you are looking for.
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    Do you have any 1 1/8" wheel hubs ?
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    Best of luck to you. I wish I could have been more help. Jim
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    The engine baseplate, 17, 18, and 25 are all from a workhorse with this engine so they should be correct. Only part off the old engine is 31/29. I suppose I could make a part without too much trouble. I'll see if someone comes along with a workhorse hoop and if not I will make it work. Thanks for your help.
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    Pics didnt show up
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    I'm getting a measurement closer to 4 7/8" than the 4 5/8" that you're showing. I know #25 is different on the 8HP Engines than on the 10-16HP Engines. Maybe more of the parts are different also. You said you were doing an engine swap. Is the engine sitting more on the left (drivers side) on the frame? I'm searching here!!! Is #17 oriented properly? Are you sure you're using #18 bushing in the hole of #17? If all else fails, and you think the only problem is that #29 is too short, it shouldn't be too hard to fabricate, or have someone else fabricate, a new part for you. It is just a U-Shaped piece of metal with a couple holes in it. I'm kind of at a loss here. I hope some other member will chime in here. Jim
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    Yes I would have the fenders here off of a 854. I would sell the set of fenders for $30 plus shipping. If you are interested email me at aztractor255@gmail.com or you can call me at 1-717-821-2542.
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    These are for all black hoods, the pictures show the c195 fender only because i dont have one to take a pic of right now. But yes we are selling these for c195s(still working on the 1984 lever placement) and other black hood models
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    That is a good question. I will look when I get home
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    Oh well..........
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    would you consider selling the C-160 without the blade I have three?
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    That's not a scratch on the second picture under the O. It's a reflection
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    There is complete and nice 702 about 60 miles south of you. In the classifieds, for sale section. I bet you can buy it for less than a hood and engine will cost you.
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    The Turkey Vultures are flying Low Today
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    My number is listed as a contact,just letting everyone know that I do not get text so calls only. Thank you.
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    Also have two plows/frames available. One long frame, one short.
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    I have a c120 and a c81 I would be interested in trading. They both run, are 8 speeds.I can get pictures if interested. Only thing is I live in Cental Florida but would be willing to make a drive or meet up.Not sure if this suits you but if so, please call me at 4077092110. Thanks, Richie
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    The hood and lift arm assembly off ranger is sold/702 hood stand, rims&tires, rear sheet metal, brake rod And frame are sold. Still have all other remaining parts available if anyone needs something
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