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    The Project RJ35 is sold.
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    Hi, Steve-Bo! I've got one on a M12 I won't be rebuilding. Too much gone in the guts but the head looks OK. I can pull the head and send it to you for free. Text me an address at 603-443-7394. Cheers! (And as you can see from the reply, I'm not dead and didn't abandon Red Square - just been a weird couple of years, but I'm back in the saddle again!)
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    Weight and wheelie bar height and distance are info a buyer would like to know.
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    Received mine. Very nice! Thanks Jake!
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    If I remember correctly you invert the first two numbers on the serial number in which it would make yours a 1993 .
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    Thank you for not parting out this tractor. It looks like it doesn't deserve that.
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    Your problem with pics likely relates to not being a Supporter here at Red Square. If you were, you'd have much more image capacity and latitude to post lots of pics. I see you are posting pics on the WH FB sites, so I have to assume its not because you're not knowledgeable about how to post pics. You should be able to post pics in files from your computer here at RS, but some of your problems may be related to the sheer size of the files you are using. If you are takings shots with a smart phone, those files can be absolutely huge, which only compounds non-Supporter image posting difficulties. Check those images sizes......like in Paint. If big, try resizing and reposting. Having pics with your ad copy right here in Classifieds is a big plus for you having sales success. The less work you make a potential buyer do in trying to view what you have, the greater the chances you'll achieve the goal you seek. Just a suggestion.
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    If you pull them remember you have two washers, spacer and the bearing per stud. you don’t want to leave one in by mistake.
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    I’ve rebuilt k series engines for 40 years and I don’t recommend you installing the balance gears, especially in a 12 hp. When they go, and they will, it’s like a Grenade tossed into a tank. You will never notice the difference in vibration. Just my two cents after Rebuilding several hundred of these engines.
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    314 H and a lower are Sold
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    Offer is still good, come pick up my Magnum 12 engine, the head should be just fine!
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    Here are two pictures from two different 1973 8-speeds. (If you want to restore to original.) However, there are many others that will fit such as the ones pictured above.
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    I have a nice one. Here is a picture so you can make sure it's identical to yours. Throttle and choke levers are included. $40.00 with free 2 day shipping.
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    Robert how much do you want for the top portion? The nose on mine is dented on mine but like you said ill try to find a short hood and swap the nose.
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    How well does it pull? Have you won any ribbons with it?
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    Axle found and purchased. Thanks to all.
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    So when are the pics coming??? This listing is kind of dying a slow death without pics of everything.........
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    Got mine too ... This is very nice.
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    Yes I would like to buy one. Where do I send m.o. Thanks Tim. Oh there’s an email on Tim’s tractors
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    Have not forgotten about the pulley , need to check one more place.
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    The wife said maybe for my birthday!
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    I may have one give me a few days to look for it. My shed is less than organized. Jim Winder
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    Mine did the same .I had primed it then took it to a graphics and signs shop they wrapped it with a chrome vinyl, they cut the excess off and it holds great been two years so far with it I like it and it only cost me $10 and a day of waiting.
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    seen it, really really really really etc. want it but no funds, room or time for it
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    Take the pics to MS Paint, reduce in size, and save to file. Then try uploading. If the pics were taken with a cell phone, they can be absolutely huge in pixels. Start off reducing 50% and see if that works. You may have to play with the resizing to get something that works. Also, it appears you are not a Supporter here on RS, so you have some image restrictions limits members with Supporter status aren't burdened with.
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