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    I'd like to find this one...
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    Previous comments re this ad by another member have been deleted. Good luck with your sale.
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    That is a real gem for sure. Someone needs to buy it and give her a nice bath and some detailing and get her back working. If it could find a ride to the big show I will buy it!
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    Thanks but I have a 1056. Tim
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    I have a nice 1056 that I went through from top to bottom, kept all original didn't paint, is really in great condition. If the 1045 search doesn't pan out.
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    Do you by chance have the drive pulley 1609. It's a double pulley - 2.5 inch diameter with 3/4 ID.
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    I have both also and am in Indiana.
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    Jeff, Thanks had 96' on mind I guess...It is a 99'. Someone will be getting a deal if they have interest enough. I've owned it for a couple years and sure enjoyed it. I went out today to look at it and it appears to have small hydraulic leak at loader pump thread and one rear axle seal also. I will be selling as is at $2500. Smoking deal IMO. Will be hitting local CL soon.
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    I don't know much about shipping but I bet it's more than the tractor is worth! Mike....
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    Sold Thanks Tim - Finally have internet and TV after a week.
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    Sorry I do not want to separate. Jim
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    Hey! I know those guys!! I can brag on the stacks. Very well made. I have 3 of them installed now.
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    @AMC RULES did a thread a couple of years back on converting the down draft to an up draft. came out real good.
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    For what motor? I think I have one but it was on a K-241 and it looks quite different than the one you pictured. Mike......
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    A Lawn Ranger is one of the more user friendly machines for a kid. Prices are usually fair and are usually easier to locate.
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    I'd like to suggest something a few years newer. Maybe a round hood but with a forward mounted motor. You'll have a better choice for your budget and I think it would be safer for the kids. My Dad bought a new 1960 Suburban 400 when I was five. I know first hand that they rear up pretty easily. I have one now that I restored and I can feel the front end getting very light coming up the bank from the lake. Of course you could add weight to the front to help. I think a nine year old would be able to reach the pedal with no problem on an early or mid 60's round hood. She may have to scooch around and extend her left leg a bit. Another plus is that attachments will be easier to find as well as some replacement parts. Just my
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    Here is a photo of the deck that is included.
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    I just sent you my contact info via PM It runs very well no smoking except when you first start it and the choke is on. Here is a link to a youtube video https://youtu.be/y4szEbhQQ2Q
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    Have you tried sending a PM? The seller has also provided an e-mail address, try that. Mike....
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    Changed Status to Pending
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    FYI...Ill let it sit here in the RS classifieds for a couple days before I post it on Craigslist. Mike.....
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    Changed Status to Closed
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    Coming out of the woodwork thats what I need. So many to choose from I hate to upset anyone. D man was first to reply so let me start there. Those look nice Shynon! Are the D series and gt14 the same?
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    Yes, I can measure after I get home, and get the pics.
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    I thing I have those them , you need them
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    Couple more pics for Fred, Dusty...The battery still has some charge, so I put my charge on it. I have 2 new plastic trims for the headlight. Plus all the old parts including the original headlights which both work.
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    Guess we'll bump this back up. I have entirely too many tractors and am looking to get some shop space back. This takes up the most room and I would like it to leave. Reasonable offers will be considered, that doesn't mean offer me 1000$.
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    Open to offers on everything. Nothing is ever firm, right? The 520H manuals are sold. More pics of the blanket. After pulling it out for pics, I realize that this has never been used.
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