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INDY 500 Craftsman Riding Tractor.

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I am new to this group. I have my sons collection of Wheel Horse tractors that are definitely rare models. He still has one to pick up that’s dual wheel and was purchased from Peabody Coal Co. This is the perfect site to get involved with. The best advice comes from folks that are hands on.. had to be their own machine shop. Nothing compares to the knowledge in this group.! But my first topic is this 19hp Craftsman INDY 500 limited edition model. I was reading a topic on here about the 18hp and 20hp models, but cannot find a single replica of this tractor on ANY site or e-bay. We live near central Ohio, so I’m assuming it’s a regional release.The Briggs engine lobes like a medium cam in a V8. We thought it was an intermittent miss, but it’s not missing a bit. The engine is the strongest riding tractor I’ve ever operated. It will literally cook the deck belt in high grass before dragging the engine down. Very wide and lower to the ground. I never got the size, but the rearend is all tires.! Looks like a dragster from behind.. almost  gives the appearance of shortened axle tubes in a hot rod. Just wondering if anybodys ever seen this particular model. My next top is will be about the C160 total hydraulic Wheel Horse he just acquired. Claim they were specially made for snow removal.








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That Craftsman is an interesting beast. I'm not familiar with them so can't comment accurately on the decals.  


The C160 in either 8 speed or hydro weren't specifically made by Wheelhorse for any particular task. 

Owners certainly have preferences of course. 

Until last fall we'd had all gear drives here. I picked up a 75 C160 Automatic because I wanted to try it for plowing snow. 

Mine has a custom built 60" plow and very heavily weighted. 

Works excellent.  


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The Indy 500 was a Marketing Gimmick by Sears sometime between 1987 and 1990 can't remember the exact year . You could Buy them at Most Sears stores at the time. Nothing really special from the Other Craftsman GT's at the time except for the decals :handgestures-thumbupleft:

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