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PTO Safety Switch?

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My 1998 314-8 is not starting after stalling while engaging the PTO clutch for snowblowing. It started easily and warmed up well. The stalling didn't seem like a big deal but then it just refused to start. Lights light up and I hear a click. Wondering if this sounds like a PTO clutch safety switch issue and if that should be my first place to look? 


Fuses look fine.


A few weeks ago when I installed the snowblower it stalled in the same manner. I took off the snowblower belt and put it back on and it started and ran well. No such luck this time. Maybe the switch was on the fritz? Had no issues all summer mowing.


If it is a battery or starter issue it would seem like quite a coincidence that it happened right when I tried to blow snow. Like I said, it started like a champ.


Seat switches have been non-functioning since I got the machine. I assume the previous owner bypassed them.


Any thoughts appreciated. I am not at all familiar with the PTO switch or the wiring.

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Handy Don

Sounds like at least two separate problems.

If it's clicking when you turn the key, the problem is that the starter motor isn't getting the juice it needs to turn the engine. Weak battery or, more likely, poor connections at the starter, solenoid or battery posts.

As for the other, the engine is supposed to stop if the PTO gets engaged with the operator out of the seat. You say the seat switch has been non-functioning and maybe bypassed. If the by-pass has failed, the engaging the PTO could stop the engine.

You got some sniffing around to do.

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You have four relays controlling the starter -  2 neutral relays, start relay and kill relay.

Wiring diagram here


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