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Marc M.

Help with a 416 plow

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Marc M.

Hi guys I'm new to the wheelhorse world and i recently picked up a for 416-H and I'm looking to buy/install a plow put on it. I have found one on craigslist but I can't tell if it will work on my tractor or not, it is a wheelhorse plow though. Can somebody please send a photo or even a video :D of how to hook up a plow to a 416 or equivalent tractor?

Attached is my tractor and the plow I'm looking at. Will it fix and what's it missing ?!



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953 nut


If you can cut and paste a photo of the snow blade we can let you know if it will work for you. Not all :wh: snow blades will fit. Also the attachment bracket for the blade will attach to your tractor's rear axle, be sure it is included.

I see you added a picture of the blade. It will work on your 416 (though you may need to put a bend in the lever that sets the blade angle) . You will also need the axle bracket.

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Here is an operator manual that will explain the installation and an illustrated parts list to make sure all the pieces are there.

Click on the middle of the blank space below.


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