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D series motion control linkage adjustment

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Is there a procedure for adjusting the motion control linkage on a 1974 D-180 - model#  1-0611 9 ?


The tractor barely moves in reverse and the motion control arm is not traveling the full length of the slot for reverse.  The picture below shows how far back it goes.  The motion control arm travels all the way forward to the end of the slot when going forward.


I never drove this tractor before I bought so I have no idea what it did before.  The only thing I have done to it is replace a couple of bearings in the differential and replace the axles, splines were bad on one and other axle was bent. 





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 Suspect what you need is in this service manual

Keep us posted on your progress.


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Thank You.  I do have that manual and have looked through it.  It seems like the only that can be adjusted is the friction and neutral position.


Maybe I'm missing something in the manual - is there a specific place in that manual that addresses the travel range of the motion control lever?



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