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This is easy need dimensions

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I got hold of a Wheel Horse snow blower model 6 6212. It has the crank with cable to direct the shoot. Everything is there but the spool the cable is wound around. Can someone tell me the dimensions of that spool. Diameter and length. Thank you.

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The 6-6212 is a 1970-1974 model.

The spool was not added until 1975.

Does not mean you can't add one.


DNA - Listed in the order they were produced

1966-67 model ST-376

1968 model 6-1211

1969 6-6211 plus 6-9111

1970-72 model 6-6212 plus 6-9112

1973-74 model 6-6212 plus 6-9113

1974 model 6-6213 (First model to include 8-0221 extensions without the front straight return - just a flat plate)

1975 model 6-6214 (First model to include 8-0221 (103552 replaced by 93-1617 and 93-1617-01) side extensions with the front straight return. First model to have a cable spool on chute rotating crank handle)

1976 model 6-6215

1976 model 66-42ST01

1977 model 76-42ST01

1978 model 86-42ST01

1979 model 96-42ST01

1980 model 06-42ST01 (Last 42" model to use 4 grooved rollers for the chute)

1981-82 model 06-42ST02 (First model to use plastic collar for the chute. Last model to use wheels)

1983 model 06-42ST03 (First model to use skids)

1984-87 model 06-42ST04

1987-89 model 06-42ST05

1990 model 06-42ST06

1991-93 model 06-42ST07 (First model with tall chute)

1993-2001 model 79360

2002-07 model 79362



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2 washers welded on the ends of about a 3 inch piece of 3/4 or 1 inch black pipe. Doesn't really need to be made to exact dimensions.

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