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John Deere STX38 Lawn Tractor Repair Series. No Crank, No Start

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Part 1 of John Deere STX Lawn Tractor Repair Video Series.

The Engine won't crank.



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Here is Part 2 of the John Deere STX38 Lawn Tractor Repair Series




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Here is the link to an update on this Tractor



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    • indywheelhorsenut
      By indywheelhorsenut
      Started fine 2 weeks ago.  I left key in ignition and fear grandson may have turned it slightly to right a week ago.. not enough to engage starter but perhaps enough to drain battery.
      Went to start it yesterday and no charge at all.  Started charging it and battery began to take charge.  However starter turned over but didnt turn engine over.
      Question is do I just need more of a charge (more amps) or do I have another problem?
      Lol, have 5 inches of snow headed here starting tonight so I need to get ahead of this today.
    • firemanironman
      By firemanironman
      I picked up a wheel horse and I am having trouble finding the connection for this wire. I have no spark and  have searched for the placement of this wire within the distance of its length...any ideas?...can't seem to paste the picture....

    • bds1984
      By bds1984
      Here is a 1987/88 Wheel Horse 312-8 with a 42" deck.  The hour meter on the tractor shows 1176+ hours but I do NOT believe that to be accurate since this tractor is very clean and straight, belts are decent, indicator lights all work, and all four tires hold air just fine.  It has had a new battery, fuel line and filter, oil change, greased up, and spark plug recently changed.  I just mowed my lawn with it and it performed nicely.  The tractor is in pretty good shape and I believe if someone wanted to spend an hour polishing her up, she'd be pretty shiny.  The downside is the original seat has a corner that is cracked, and the deck.... it looks nice from ten feet away, but has a soft spot by the height adjuster as you can seen in the picture; that is the way I received it, I'd fix it, but the price will be higher.  However you think the deck looks, I will tell you the spindles are QUIET!  I don't think I have ever heard spindles so quiet so that should make up for the crusty spot.  It can be used as it no problem.
      $500 firm.

    • Rob R
      By Rob R
      Hi guys need your help on where some parts go on an M-10s rebuild (out of a 310-8) of course the P.O. took the engine apart let it age for 5 yrs and then asked me to do the rebuild and then put it all back together. Need help with throttle linkage, PTO reconstruction and what the heck is the small pipe thing with a hole in the middle...… Thanks wheelers...… p.s. running great now Hone job, new piston, rings, head gasket and carb rebuild. 

    • LengerichKA88
      By LengerichKA88
      Haven’t been doing too much, been down sick and busy with the holidays. The other day I fired up Hank just because he’d been sitting and I like the smell of exhaust. After running for a bit I noticed my negative cable was loose, so I shut it down and went to tighten the nut, that’s when I noticed the oil that had percolated out of the top. (See pictures). Is this indicative of a problem already present that I just haven’t noticed, or a foreshadowing of one about to happen? 
      Also, in another thread that I’d come across, someone had mentioned that it sounded like the OP was running their engine higher than they should. Where should I be putting the throttle to put around the yard, when pushing snow, etc?  I’ve always left it at about 1/3rd, simply because I didn’t think it needed to sound like I was qualifying at the brick yard when I’m just going around the yard in 1. Rarely do I put it past 1/2.  Am I unintentionally causing undue stress the the engine? Is this what could be causing the oil to come out of the bolts? Any and all guidance is appreciated! 

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