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Hi. I'm Chaplain Manny. I was wondering if you supply the decals for the gt14, the kohler k321 engine? 

If you do, could you give me a quote, and tell me how long is the turn around?

Thank you. 

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    • By swisstrac
      looking for info/help re securing a front wheel bearing/race for  GT14/ 1971;  any info would be much appreciated.. 
    • By Rob R
      Complete Heavy Duty Wheel Horse Three Point Hitch Attacment with class one (1) drawbar. This Attachment is relatively easy to install; remove shifter panel, seat and set ratchet panel and bolt this in. Unit comes with EVERYTHING you need to install on a 1969>72 GT14. Includes: Rock Shaft, Rear Axle Bracket, Drawbar, 2" Trailer adapter, Stainless Steel side chain adjusters. Center adjustable Link. Everything is Heavy Duty. All bolts, pins and clips are included. Brewster,  NY Pick-up; Cell 914-282-0050

    • By Rob R
      Sooo about three months ago I had a friend of a friend pass to me the most needy Wheel Horse GT14 Tractor I had ever seen, it was completely taken apart every single part had rust and two coats on oil paint one blue and one yellow. parts were missing and of course there was no labeling of parts or assembly there-of. All wiring, gauges, rectifiers were removed and non existent….. still the machine was calling to me to try and do the almost impossible...… My thanks to Aldon for parts and support and Kyle for Technical help and shoulder to cry on. ….  The only saving grace of the entire project is that the engine and tranny were indeed still good...… in fact the only remaining issue I have on the machine is that I cannot free-up the relief valve so that I can move the machine w/o power..... I think this might be stuck forever … but not the end of the world. 

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      I am looking for an original set of Tecumseh decals for a 1968 era HH100 engine. I am looking for the 10 hp Tecumseh balloon decal, Solid State ignition decal, air cleaner decal and lubrication decal. If you have any of these for sale or know where I can purchase some please send me a message. Thanks!