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Gt14 decals

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Hi. I'm Chaplain Manny. I was wondering if you supply the decals for the gt14, the kohler k321 engine? 

If you do, could you give me a quote, and tell me how long is the turn around?

Thank you. 

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      Here's my questions:
      > Can I carefully remove the rails from the pan, cutoff the old front axle mounting bracket(s) and then drill holes in  the flanges to mount  to the Wheel Horse rails.
      > Since the engine is side mounted will the expanded bottom fit between the standard Wheel Horse rails?
      > If not possible to make this old pan work what flat pan would work and do I need to get the expanded bottom one (big dipper}
      > any recommendations here would be appreciated don't want to go down to many blind holes here...….
      Thanks much!

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