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  1. Vinylguy

    C series confusion

    C-160 was made from 1974 through 1977 The c-85 was a new design in 1980 referred to as the blackhood tractors.
  2. Vinylguy

    look what followed me home..

    Awesome find. I miss my commando. Unfortunately I sold it at the big show last summer to purchase a very nice 312-H that Does not work for me. I was lucky enough to find a great 857 with a very nice deck to replace the commando. I also love the way they handle.
  3. Vinylguy

    1968 Lawn Skiff.

    This might be the same decal for the lawn skiff. Designed it for the reo-matic?
  4. Vinylguy

    1968 Lawn Skiff.

    Would love to have a Lawn Skiff myself. This is all I have for those. If you get me a straight on image and dimensions of the front steering column decal I will be able to include it with this kit? I had worked on the instruction decal under the steering wheel but unfortunately it was one of the files I lost in the hard drive crash.
  5. Vinylguy

    Please welcome our newest Moderator....

  6. Vinylguy


    anyone out there that has an 87 414-8? I need to verify the idiot light location on the upper dash panel. Some had the seat switch at the top location with the parking brake light below it in second position and some models had the parking brake light at the top position? Actually any and all pictures of 300 and 400 dashes will be much appreciated. Will need to know the year of the tractor it is on also?
  7. Vinylguy


    If it is not off a wheel horse that would explain why I see a few differences in the copy. I appreciate your help but I want to make sure it will work on a kohler 241s that was made for Wheel Horse. Thanks Eric.
  8. Vinylguy


    That is what confuses me @953 nut. If it had a starter from the factory why would they use recoil start and stop instructions? I have listed the decal for the K181S but need to make sure on the others before listing them. If someone has a K241 plate that they can scan and email it would be very helpful to get the cut away areas correctly sized? Thanks for all your feedback guys. https://www.redoyourhorse.com/kohler-k181s-engine-spec-plate-decal/
  9. Vinylguy

    New decals

    It's going to rock
  10. Vinylguy

    New decals

    Is that the same color your doing your rims with?
  11. Vinylguy

    New decals

    Very nice!!
  12. Vinylguy

    Papa Claus

    Merry Christmas
  13. Vinylguy

    New decals

    Thanks @cafoose I include 2 of the rib decals in case one gets messed up. Pleas post a picture of your restored dash plate.
  14. Vinylguy

    Wheel horse on America pickers

    To clarify I kept their internet service Bob. I just cut their programming. I should have been more specific. We have no other provider of high speed available. It was quite a process to get it done. They kept transferring me from one department to another and everyone I spoke with tried their best to get me to stay. At any rate so far I do not miss them at all.