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  1. Vinylguy


    Got my new find home today. Well not home home but home to my buddies shop for the winter. I try to get up to the shop a couple days a week to BS over a cup of coffee or three. This little 657 looked better than the pictures so I am very happy with my purchase. Gary and I are both kind of busy for a few weeks but we will try to get the Kohler running before Thanksgiving and see what I have. Here is the good news as this appears to be a good news bad news kind of thing. So here's what was in my mirror this morning. Brake was pretty good rolling of the trailer and it seems to shift in and out of all gears as expected. Here's a little better picture of it once I got her in the shop. The paint is very nice but once you look it over the seat pan and frame are a slightly different shade of red. but all in all it will make a very good looking worker. IT looks to have been a tire on rim paint job but up close it was a good one. The deck is really nice. no rot anywhere. Can not be the original deck. If the tractor had enough hours on it to burn up the Techy then you would think the deck would have some dings and dents? The shifter boot looks to be original but still in pretty good condition Not sure where he got this seat but it is a beauty. Nice to sit on also!! Found the rope when I opened the hood. There is a slot on the front of the frame that appears to be a hood stop but the tab appears a bit bent and does not go in the slot? As usual its not all good news so here is a bit of bad news. Hopefully not too bad. Took a picture under the kohler and found this ugly mess. Sure looks like a big problem to me but I am no mechanic. The wiring is suspect also. the back of the switch looks like it was hot at one time Maybe the wires were hooked up wrong? Also there is no dip stick? Once I know the wiring is right and I get the new battery in we will find out if I have a $400 roller or a very nice 857 ready for work. If the engine is bad I will take it out and get it to Holden's Machine shop and hope he can get it healthy in time for spring. Bill does incredible work but you don't want to tell him your in no hurry. He always has 10 things going at once it seems. So let me know what you think guys. Good and Bad. Will download the manual for an 857. Your input and advice is as always very appreciated.
  2. Vinylguy


    Happy Birthday Bob Hope all is well.
  3. Vinylguy

    About to join the 857 Club

    Makes perfect senseTerry
  4. Vinylguy


    So I have a shop full of expensive sign making equipment and here I am experimenting with Lola's Cricut maker machine. Tried scoring on copper colored thin metal sheeting today. I cut the edges with a dull carpet knife but still happy with the look of this. Will burnish down the rough edges when the paint is dry but I wanted it to look a bit rustic anyway.
  5. Vinylguy

    About to join the 857 Club

    Heading up to my Buddies shop for coffee. Everyone have a great day.
  6. Vinylguy

    About to join the 857 Club

    I am thinking the 657 would not have had this belt guard with the indent. Will be interesting to see the ID Tag
  7. Over the years my American series decals have been very popular for the 300 400 and 500 series tractors. These are totally after market so unfortunately there is no way of identifying the year from the hood and fender decals. I added the Patriotic series in 2012 if memory serves me?
  8. Vinylguy

    About to join the 857 Club

    Pictures can be deceiving. Hoping it looks as nice as the images. The guy I'm getting it from has all brands of tractors and acquired this in a 4 tractor deal. He says the decals are not original so I will do a search of illinois customers to see if I sold any 657 decals close to home. The kohler looks too nice to be toast. Picking it up Sunday so will know more then.
  9. Vinylguy

    About to join the 857 Club

    Bought it. now will wait and see what I have. fingers crossed. Says the trans is free and shifts properly.
  10. Found this about 50 miles from home. says it is a non runner but has a clean tank and engine turns free no spark? It has been somewhat restored but has not run for years? Wants $400 for it. Painted dash but I can fix that problem. It started life as a 657 but was upgraded to an 8 horse
  11. Vinylguy

    Barn find 1047

    Rare to find an original dash plate in such great condition.
  12. Vinylguy

    Back in style

    90 on the 520 I think
  13. Vinylguy

    Wheel Horse anonymous

    It's a great addiction, no intervention needed.
  14. Vinylguy

    Back in style

    A 1990. Nice find