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  1. Vinylguy

    Trading Post aka Landfill

    Altona Illinois is 4 miles from my home town of Oneida. My best friend Doc Mills and I were just out of High school and always scouting the Town dump for anything we could use. Best find was a 1958 ford retractable. We knew the guy hauling it to the dump and 30 minutes later we drug it home behind Ole Blue. Doc's 1954 F-100. We had big plans for it but then Doc was shipped off to Vietnam and everything changed. I went to work on the Burlington Northern and got married. Doc unfortunately spent the next 14 Months in Hell. As I think about it now, those days cruising the dumps for treasures and dreaming of what we might build with the cool stuff we scavenged were some of the greatest times of our lives. Sure miss the the good ole days.
  2. Vinylguy


    Please add my name to the list Rich. Odds are much higher here than my mega millions ticket
  3. Vinylguy

    Mrs. Pullstart

    Shiftless Old Glory Tons of good ideas so far.
  4. Put up some rod holders in the garage today. Decided to bring my Rods home this winter so I can service the Reels. Thank you Amazon. Actually I just enjoy looking at them.
  5. Vinylguy

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    He wants to sit on the horse? Great picture. He will be riding around on it before you know it.
  6. Vinylguy

    14HP B-80

    Very nice Chris! Hood ornament ROCKS!
  7. Vinylguy

    "Clyde"--Dad's 953

    I promise to get back to this plow decal project for you soon. We are closing the lake house this week and will be home for the winter. @ebinmaine is first on the list though. Unfortunately I lost most of my illustration Files for the past 3 years to a hard drive crash so I will be starting over on the plow decals.
  8. Vinylguy


  9. Vinylguy


    I need a family friendly caption Roadapples
  10. Vinylguy


  11. Vinylguy


    Editing it.
  12. Vinylguy


    2 very good points guys. As an old guy I was not thinking about the message this would send to our younger generation. Thanks for your thoughtful feedback.
  13. Vinylguy


    Very Good point.
  14. Vinylguy


    A customer submitted this drawing to me so I could make a decal for his tractor. He put one on a magnet so he can use it at shows then remove it when appropriate. I may have to make me a shop banner now. I think it is awesome and he is allowing me to offer them on my website. What do you think?
  15. Vinylguy

    520H year ?

    Hood decals should be burgundy background on an 88