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RJ Hamner

1970 Charger 12 Limited travel with the hydro lever

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RJ Hamner

It acts like the lever has limited travel and doesn't go far enough to go into reverse.  Something binding?  Bent?

The tractor showed signs that it had a rollover sometime in its life. Right front axle was welded along with some of the steering parts. 

I have a 68 charger (for parts) and swapped out the repaired parts with it.

Possibily bent something there or the friction assy?????

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Is it a new issue? Have you tried the neutral adjustment? Check the plate at the rear of the frame the hydro bolts to, Could be cracked causing alignment issues

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RJ Hamner

Well, I solved my problem.:)

I had gone back out to the shop and looked at the 68 part and noticed that it had full travel

Went back to the 70, said a few things that I can't relay on this forum:bitch: and just gave it a good yank.:violence-blades:

What ever was binding or"stuck" loosened up.

I used this same method to get the steering wheel of my C121! :D Go Figure

Thanks for the quick reply


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