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What is this part?

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I'm working on rebuilding HH100 and trying to be as attentive to details as possible with my restoration. The picture below was of an NOS Raider 9, which is very similar to the tractor I am working on. The piece in question is highlighted by the yellow arrow in the picture below. What is this metal hoop on top of the engine called and what is its purpose? I have seen some tractors with it and others without. It seems useless to me and likely to be discarded if someone ever rebuilt the engine. I can't seem to find a good reference to it in the online HH100 parts list, at least not anything that gives me a part number to look up. Any insight into this would be appreciated.  


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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, I believe it is for lifting the engine from the frame, for an "Oldman like me", lol!

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3 minutes ago, Oldman said:

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, I believe it is for lifting the engine from the frame, for an "Oldman like me", lol!


Me thinks you are correct...


or...it's the very rare NOS Cigar Holder with dual spark plug / automatic cigar lighter (spark plug does both...). Just insert cigar and turn the key - tractor starts and cigar gets lit...


Problem was, they didn't line up the "holder" with the spark plug so it was recalled...



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