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Getting the garden ready!

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Ed Kennell

Nice plow rig.   And a cool fence.    :text-coolphotos:

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Digger 66

I'm doing Anaheim Chilies in containers this year .

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953 nut

:text-coolphotos:               Looks like the chickens appreciated the fresh worms too.

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Well, Nice setup there. Last weekend, It was close to 50 F here in Mn. So, getting itchy and all? I went down and brought my plow up with the D-250. I greased it, washed it? And, got it all adjusted. It is sitting in the corner of the shop. And? It appears, that is where it will be staying for awhile. Today? April 3rd? 6 plus inches of snow:occasion-snowman:.  Temp. isn't supposed to get out of the lower 30's for the next week or so :bitch:. Yup. Jack Frost is an A@#$*^e..... But, at least I can say I'm ready

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It's getting to be that time of year all right.  My list of to do things gets longer ever day, but tilling the garden is tops, just as soon as it quits raining here. 

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    • loudtractor
      By loudtractor
      96-42BA01 plow. Brand new in box. I assembled to make sure all parts were included. Did have to add a trip spring, spring rod, and index rod. Someone "borrowed" them as it sat in the warehouse for 50 years. Box is a bit rough, but I could reinforce it for transport. I will disassemble it, need workbench space.
      Made for (per manual):
      1974 A800,
      1975 A80
      1976-7 A90 A100
      I believe vertical shaft tractors. Maybe others?
      Thanks for looking

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      Listing for a friend, late 70s I believe D200 deck and plow. Been sitting for a while, make reasonable offer, friend also has tons of literature he may part with, if Interested let me know

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      Need ideas to convert my 1054 A Frame plow into a snow blower
      Any idea's?
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      Did some gardening today, still lots to do but we're getting there.. Even planted a house!


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      Downsizing!  We got right at three plows getting rid of one more!  This is a very nice plow!  Meeting Wes from Canada May 7 in Dansville Illinois could meet there if someone’s interested!

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