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Cylinder Leak Down Tester

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I'm thinking about buying a Leak down tester. Looking online they range from $29 to $200+.  Harbor freight sells a Pittsburg brand one for $39. And several other companies sell that same looking one (Different names) for $29 to$49:  There is an OTC brand one for $&9 and $199.


So what do y'all use?  

Does anyone have the Harbor Freight one?  I'm a little skeptical l, but like the price for the little bit I will use it.   Of course if it's not accurate it a worthless .

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I use the OTC 5609.   the only complaint I have is with the hose itself... there's not much to "grab" when threading it into the plug hole.  

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I have had one for a long time there is no marking on the instruction sheet as to brand and i forgot where I got it but I am sure ididn't pay over $100.   Each band Low moderate, high is about 30% so the actual reading isn't terribly important.  finding out where the air is going is what is most useful then you now you have a valve problem or a ring problem.

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Thanks for the comments, hopefully a few more members will weigh in on this

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Couple of threads on this Oliie including on how to make one. Looked to be rather easy.... I'll see if I can find it or maybe @953 nut knows? Hold the phone found it!

Engine Leakdown Tester Build Your Own.pdf

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Thanks @WHX14 that's the kind of info I was looking for

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