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1980 C165

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I am looking for a replacement Kohler for a 1980 c165,it is cradle mounted.

Will a standard mount Kohler work, if I remove the cradle?

 I am located in Massachusetts 


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First off, I think you can swap oil pans and put your replacement motor on the cradle.


But more directly to your question, probably yes but you may need to drill holes in the frame rails.  And you will also need to add the lower bracket that the PTO clutch hoop pivots in.  And of course source a few nuts, bolts, and washers to hold it together.  That's what comes to mind off the top of my head.

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Ed Kennell

I agree with all Rick has said.   Not sure, but you may need a different PTO hoop if you eliminate the cradle.     It is probably easiest to keep the cradle and change the oil pans.

If you decide to use the cradle, I would change it to a solid mount by replacing the rubber with solid spacers.

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5 hours ago, 850ford said:

Will a standard mount Kohler work, if I remove the cradle?


The frame rails should be the same for a standard 2 quart oil pan typically used on Wheel Horses. The cradles used the regular bolt pattern to mount to the frame.


But- Wheel Horse used oil pans that were drilled all the way through on the two PTO side mounting holes. You can easily make any deep oil pan work, but you will have to tap the holes all the way through. I start with a 1/8 bit and drill from the top of the existing holes (use a drill press, the taper of the factory hole will center the bit), then repeat with a 5/16 bit. Then thread with a 3/8x16 tap. Just start at the top, chasing the existing threads, and go all the way through. 



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