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Christmas project

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Hi, and a happy Christmas to all.

Looking for some advice here, a couple of years ago a bought a cheap K341AS on fleebay, the chap I bought it from said it would not run right and I think he mentioned breathing fire from the carb.  He replaced it on his black hood Wheelhorse with a ‘Chonda’ engine. Since then it has sat at the back of my garage but another recent fleebay purchase was a black hood C105 with new engine.  So time to do something, but not tomorrow! Turkey, but no sprouts is the order of the day.


I thought as a start I should sort the engine out, but can’t easily test it until it can be mounted on the tractor.  I have started to strip it down and the oil is quite clean so hopefully it was looked after.  Now for a few questions:-


The engine is painted grey but normally Wheelhorse have a red engine, could this be a rebuilt engine?, I guess the tractor it came off was mid 80’s so a possibility.


When I took the head off it was all quite clean and only took a light brushing and some carb cleaner sprayed on to clean it up.  However the top of the piston is stamped with .003 and the block with +3.  What does this mean, I thought oversized pistons were plus ten, twenty and thirty thousandth.  Has this engine been rebored?  


Measuring  the valve gaps they are .013” inlet (.008 - .010”) and .020” out (.017 - .019”) is this enough out of tolerance to cause problems?  If so it should be an easy fix to get it going again.


i am thinking of just buying a cheap replacement carb having had problems with a carb on my Raider (K301) after two rebuild kits it still leaked petrol and a replacement carb sorted it all (apart from stopping when v hot, see another post of mine)


The bore of the cylinder is very clean and no scratches so hopefully no problems there.


What do you think?


i don’t seem able to upload pictures from my iPad, it says only allowed 30.7KB,  what’s going on? How do I sort it?



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If you become a supporter, you'll be able to post all the pictures you want to.  


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Gray was a color Kohler used for "Service Engines"  The were not necessarily built to  customers specs and were used as replacements.

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The .003 piston is a "Factory" oversize piston they used for blocks that were bored on the high side of spec. 


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Yeah, whats been said on grey being a replacement engine - I got one, a 341 that was on a non running D160 and after cleaning up the fuel system it ran absolutely beautifully! The carb was beyond help with being gunked up, and, I did use one of those $15 carbs off ebay! (Ive used some 5-6 of them now) The drawback to these is the choke arm is wrong for the horses. But I switch them out, using the old carbs choke. And yes, those 2 teeny screws holding the butterfly almost always break, but I just drill them out and rethread them to 4-40 and use a button head screw.

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    • By RJ Hamner
      I was breaking down the engine getting it ready to go to the machine shop. Everything was pretty normal until it tried to remove the PTO race and the engine pulley.  As I was setting up the "puller" I noticed the end of the crankshaft looked different but never gave it much thought.  After a half a can of PB Blaster,destroying the engine pulley and turning the air in the shop blue I was able to get the crankshaft free.  There was a LOT of baked on crud and grease and I thought that was the problem.  Cleaned everything up and found the race would not slide on the crankshaft???  Got out the measuring tools and found the answer.  The end of the crankshaft was expanded will past the 1.125".
      I had another crankshaft so I looked at the PTO end.  It almost looks like someone bored the end and inserted some kind of tapered shaft and/or beat the heck out of the end and swelled the last 1/2"-3/4" of the crankshaft.
      Can anyone think of a reason???

    • By midpack
      I have a K341 that gave up a rod a while back. talk about "Big Bang Theory..." anyway, I tore it down to see how bad it got inside and to my surprise other than the rod, and the very bottom of the piston skirts the inside looks great!
      the crankpin looked like it might have taken some abuse but i used a white stone (lightly) and some polishing paper and it must have been debris from the rod or piston because it came right off.
      i took some measurements and it does show some wear. the crankpin measures 1.498 to 1.499 (low limit is 1.499) and out of round a full .001 (spec calls for .0005 max)
      the bore measures .002 out of the wear limits and is out of round about .005. going to need a new piston anyway and i can bore it at work . no problem there.
      my question is, would you re-use the crank in that condition? I can't grind a crank at work...  lol
    • By Team70R
      Got the new Chinese carb on my k341 and I'm still having issues with it. When I open the throttle all the way with it not running everything opens as should but when it's running the throttle shaft on the carb only opens half way. As in the governer isn't functioning correctly or a spring is warn. It surges terribly and almost dies when you drive it. Definitely frustrating!!! Here's a video of it running. 
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      Here is the vids of my k181 engine rebuild
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      Has anyone ever used one of these replacement Kohler carbs from Amazon?  Went ahead and ordered one for my 16 HP K341.  The throttle shaft on the old one has so much play that I'm surprised the thing even runs at all.  I've heard plenty of good reviews and also plenty of jeers claiming they are cheap and don't work as well.  Looks like an exact copy of the Kohler carb.  I guess we'll see for certain tomorrow when I get it put on...