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Meeha's story. Animal lovers especially, please read.

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From Eric and my "family" - my wonderful honey Trina and our dog - Meeha.
We adopted a dog last April and the shelter contacted us a few days ago to ask if they could feature our pup as one of their top successes of the year.
Of course we agreed!!
Trina deserves most of the credit here... she has been absolutely amazing at training/ retraining this dog.
Everyone, please feel free to forward, share, print or whatever you like with this. It's a great "feel-good"....
Click (or copy/paste to your browser) here:
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Eric—that story was a great read mainly because you guys are now providing a loving home for Meeha and she is providing you both that special companionship that only a pet can do.  I’m so glad that you guys rescued her and she is now an integral part of your family.  


We adopted our Siberian Husky in February of 2007.  She is a sweetheart and one of the funnest dogs. She loves the out doors as many dogs do and just wants to be part of anything that we are doing. 


Here she found a cool place to hang out on a hot summer day while we were doing yard chores.  It almost begs a “Caption This”!  Her name is Nixie.  She was a rescue dog, and she came to us with a “nick” out the top of her ear from some sort of fight or abuse.  My kids love Dr Seuss and in the book the ABC’s of Dr Seuss there is a line that goes “X is especially useful if your name is Nixie Knox...”. And so that is what we named her.   I applaud all those that adopt a shelter pet and give them a loving home and a second chance at a great life!

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