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Briggs & Stratton high idle on a C161

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Hello all.  I spent about 30 minutes sorting through thousands of topics related to "high idle" but none of which answered my question, so apologies to all if this is a repeat.


I recently bought a C161 (8 speed manual) with a Briggs & Stratton 18hp twin.  According to Briggs' manual they recommend idle to be set at 1400rpm.  I'm not claiming to be smarter than the engineers who designed it, but this seems incredibly high and wasteful on gas.  Realistically, a tractor engine isn't spending a lot of time idling (not like a car stuck in traffic or at a light) but it's more of an annoyance than anything. 


My question is, does anyone know 1.) why it's idle is so high, and 2.) has anyone tinkered with it to get it lower-without compromising other performance aspects of the engine?  All my personal preferences in relation to idle speed aside, the engine runs like a top (knock on wood). 


Thanks to all for your help. 

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Issue is lubrication and cooling.   Kohler specifies an idle speed of 1200 on their KT series twins.  Even the MAgnum Twins that have a pressurized oil system spec 1200.  One thing to consider these pressurized systems are fairly low pressure so some splash is helping out. .  i do not know if you B&S has an oil pump or relies only on splash.   Cooling an aircooled relies on the flywheel fan.  Slow speed low air flow.

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Ok that makes sense.  I'm pretty new to the tractor scene but am quickly becoming obsessed.  I printed out the parts manual and operators manual, I'll read through and see what they specify for oil lubrication.  I definitely don't want oil starvation or overheating, as I stated earlier, I'm not smarter than the engineers who built this. 


Thanks for the input.

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7 hours ago, tpuppo3 said:

am quickly becoming obsessed.

:WRS:                     That is what we like to hear around here!          :WRS:


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Man it's badass.  I'm pretty pumped for some snow, I have a plow and slow blower attachment.  My driveway is at a slight grade, I'm hoping the wheel weights and tire chains +200lb of me compensate for it. 

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