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According to the PTO installation manual, Wheel Horse uses a 1" 15-spline PTO with a male to female quick coupler. At full engine rpm, it is set to turn at 2,000rpm in a clockwise direction as viewed from the rear.


That said, has anyone attempted to locate an adapter to go from the 15-spline to a 1 3/8" 6-spline (current standard).


Has anyone found a gearbox reducer?


Has anyone located any NEW implements designed for 2,000 rpms that will work on these? (I know most sub-compacts run 2,000 mid PTOs, but I haven't seen anything for the rear.)

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I just bought a '78 Massey Ferguson 1650 which is similar in size to the WH "D" family and it came with a tiller. On researching it (I had never known Massey made GT's) I found that the PTO ran at 2000rpm like the D's....

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My Troy Bilt GTX is the same way. I am going to follow this thread closely. The best way to get the proper speed is to probably go to a hydraulic system. It would be easier. Put a pump on the tractor and then use a hydraulic motor with the standard 6 spline output. You would just need to control the flow rate. 


Here is a motor for instance: http://www.surpluscenter.com/Brands/Dynamic/4-95-cu-in-PTO-Drive-Motor-9-7368-80.axd


If you don't have many attachments you could put hydraulic quick coupler outputs on the tractor and put individual hydraulic motors on the implements and do away with pulleys and gears reductions and just use the motor to spin the implement at the right speed. You would just buy the motor to go at the right speed and this would have less parts to go wrong. 


I did find one gear box that is designed for a generator. You could get a different the 1"-15T lovejoy coupler up to the gearbox on one end and use the output on the other. Look here:




I know some of the other manufacturers optionally had gear boxes but they will be really hard to find. 


Interested on hearing other's thoughts.



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Just found one holy grail. This company sells male and female, 15-spline, yokes that accept u-joints. So it's a start. I figure that from here I could easily get a 6-spline yoke and connect with a shaft. At least I would be able to get a front-mount snow blower on it now.



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