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D-series mid grader blade compatibility

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Has anyone been successful mating a D series mid grader blade to a c-series?

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Not sure if that could be done , but I do have the older 40" mid-mount blade that would fit if you'd be interested in trading , perhaps ?

That D series mid-blade is pretty big but would probably work one way or another...



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Thanks Sarge. Just thinking of what my c-160 can handle. I’ve got a 40” on my Commando. 

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I think the only real difference would be how much down pressure you can generate - the larger the blade , the more it will lift the rear tires enough to lose traction ability . Unless , of course - you weight the rear a bunch .

Doubt there's any real issue with pulling power , even a little 8hp short frame will move a lot of weight in pulling .



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