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Just wanted to give a public thank you to Lincoln at A-Z Tractors for sending me some quality used parts for my 1994 314h and 1991 520h!

Parts list...


520h- Paring brake lever, hood latch, air cleaner sensor and rear 1-1/8" hub


314h- Fuel tank, 2x headlights, steering collar and steering wheel

 All parts arrived with quick shipping as well as packed very well and all were quality products!

 Thanks a bunch sir! Will be coming to you for future purchases as well.

 God Bless you and yours!

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A-Z will also be delivering to the Big Show next month, though I don't know if he has any more room on the truck after filling my order!  :ychain:

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I ordered a choke cable from him for my 416-8 and the prices were good, the shipping was fast, and the item was great.  A great vendor in my opinion.

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A-Z shipments are timely and great. Got my steering spindles and tie rods today!

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