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Lawn Ranger Mowing Scalping.....Fixed

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First pic is the first mowing attempt......scalp city. Not sure why WH wouldn't have put a few height choices....only all up or all down.

Second and third pics are 2 things I did to fix the scalp problem. I added 2 more notches on the lift bracket and a spring assist to let the deck raise evenly.


Fourth pic is the result.....mowed pretty nice for a 51 year old mower. It will never be all stock so I figured a few alterations wouldn't hurt.

Getting ready to tear down my main mower so I'll use the little LR as a temp fill-in.


Yes.....it's purple. I'll hit it with Regal Red in time. I learned the hard way to get the thing totally operational before messing with the look.

I also added a trunk!





lrs1 (1).jpg

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