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Raider 12 air cleaner issues

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Working on a 1969 Raider 12 for a friend.

As far as I can tell, the engine is the correct one for this tractor. It was missing the entire air cleaner, so the owner got an air cleaner housing, but I have found that it will not fit on this carb.

The mounting holes on the air cleaner base are 1 7/8" center to center for both the horizontal and vertical holes.

The carb has been roughed up a little and the 2 horizontal holes have been "wallowed" out and a piece of the aluminum casting has actually been broke off and some type of plastic filler was used to "hide" the damage. Can't do much to repair this as the choke shaft rotates here.

The vertical holes on the carb are 1 5/8" center to center.

Can anyone shed any light on this? Is the carb for older K301 engine different than the carbs for say a middle 70's K301?


I think I will just pull this carb and install one off of another 12 hp that already has the air cleaner base on it!

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Anglo Traction

I've only got a 72/74 & 1980 Nbr 26 (12hp) Carbs, All have a measurement of 1 13/16" between horizontal hole centres-


Without looking up a 60s engine number and searching the Parts Manual for a different Carb Part number, I would have to say as a guess that #26 Kohler Carbs are the same........unless it is not a Kohler Carb.

I Think you are right to pull and replace with an unmolested one.


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      What say you K301 gurus?
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