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ATV muffler for wheel horse?

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I was wondering if anyone knows if you could use an atv muffler on a wheel horse? Would there be enough back pressure? Too much?

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953 nut

As long as the HP rating is the same and they are both 4 cycle it would be OK.

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Thanks! I just might see if I can scope one out!

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    • PWL216
      By PWL216
      About a year ago I bought a C-121 auto with the intention of using it as my go-to mower. Shortly thereafter I got a great deal on a low hour 314-8.  It ran perfect and had several attachments - it became my new go-to mower.  So, I decided to repurpose the 121 to be a front end loader. After purchasing the build plans from P.F Engineering (which are excellent), I realized I couldn’t build it for less than $2k in material. I decided to look for a used one and found a Thompson TC10 local to me, mounted on an “end of life” 1077, for $1,000.  The loader swap itself was pretty straight forward. The only modifications needed were drilling a couple of mounting holes in the tractor frame, grinding away a little of the loader top frame so the hood opened/closed and welding in a new hydraulic pump mount. I have a few things to button up still and the bucket itself needs attention but it’s fully functional. I also bought a pair of clamp-on pallet forks.
      I also did a “refresh” of the 121. The total project cost is shown below. Roughly $2,300, with just the FEL itself being around $1,300. 
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      Solid engine mounts $50

      Front End Loader
      Johnson 10TC $1,000
      Hydraulic fluid $35
      Spare hydraulic hose $40

      Battery $35
      Battery cables $20
      Points & Condenser $20

      Carb & Gasket $65
      Electric fuel pump $60 (later removed)
      Air filter $10
      Fuel filter $15
      Fuel line $10
      Spark plug $5

      Decals and Paint
      Decals $115
      Paint $30

      Headlight Lens $45
      LED Headlights $25
      Rear lights $25

      Misc $200

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      Picked this up today. It was advertised as a 633, but I knew going in that some things weren't correct or had been changed along the way.  The price was right for me, so what might it be? Or used to be? Thanks folks.  

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      Finally got the stack installed, getting that threaded pipe out of the head needed a little persuasion but all went well, and it looks fantastic thanks to Jim Kemp!

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      Ok guys seen many pics of both original and some with stacks. My question is Is a stack quiter or is it just for looks. Just wondering.
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