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520H with Hiller Attachment

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Just of quick pic of my 520 getting ready to hill disc the garden.

520H with hiller attatched.jpg

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    • Flat Thunder Channel
      By Flat Thunder Channel
      Hello everyone!  I am going to replace the ignition trigger on my grandfather's 520.  Any tips, tricks or important things I should know before starting?  I already have the parts.  I just need to tear into it.  
      I didn't know Cummins owned Onan.

    • Jennifer
      By Jennifer
      Have kicked it around for awhile and even thought I had it sold, but guy can’t get money right now!  This RJ is looking for a new home!  The brake band side just received new bearings; seal, reared washed out and new oil!  New shifter boot!  New tube in one front tire.  I can show pictures/video of my husband working on it.  Has new carb!  Fires first pull on choke and runs on no choke 2 pull....  has original belt guard and heat shield. Runs and drives fine reverse seems to be a bit loud, but works good!  Stays in all gears!  Has 60 style suburban foot rest.  Comes with disc, RJ snow plow and rj mower deck shell.  Implements are not complete!  Two short videos my husband made to show the tractor are at the bottom!


      IMG_0414.MOV IMG_0415.MOV
    • Lost.soul.collecter
      By Lost.soul.collecter
      I'm looking for a oil pressure sensor for a 520-8 at least that's what I was told it was but it might not be that so if someone know what part it is that would be great as I'm still learning  I cant seem to find one anywhere if anyone has a extra one or knows were I can get one the info would be greatly appreciated thanks

    • Marc M.
      By Marc M.
      Hi guys I'm new to the wheelhorse world and i recently picked up a for 416-H and I'm looking to buy/install a plow put on it. I have found one on craigslist but I can't tell if it will work on my tractor or not, it is a wheelhorse plow though. Can somebody please send a photo or even a video of how to hook up a plow to a 416 or equivalent tractor?
      Attached is my tractor and the plow I'm looking at. Will it fix and what's it missing ?!

    • PeteFromWisco
      By PeteFromWisco
      I have a 257h and am looking for a plow attachment in wisconsin,  northern IL or the twin cities in MN. Plow model is 06-42bk01. 
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