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520H muffler

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I'm looking for a muffler for a 1996 520H Toro Wheel Horse part # 116470. We have not been able to locate any. Thanks.

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Pollack Pete

Big bucks......even for a well used one.Try E-Bay.That's where I have bought several.Good luck with your search.

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I'm going to try to repair mine.  Both of the ends have rusted trough.


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    • PWL216
      By PWL216
      Looking for a good to very good condition hood. Thx
    • BrianKoch
      By BrianKoch
      I just changed the muffler on my ‘69 Charger 12.
      There are quite a few Gravely 18543 aftermarket mufflers out there so I decided to purchase 2; 1 from Amazon for $45 and 1 from NAPA (7-03679) for $72. Both are made in Taiwan and while the Amazon muffler actually felt a tad heavier to me, its welded construction was poorer so I decided to use the NAPA muffler.
      To complete the installation, I needed a 1.25” x 4” black pipe nipple and a 5/16” x 1-1/4” exhaust clamp (NAPA 733-5323).
      In conclusion, it seems to me the sound out of the Gravely style muffler is noticeably quieter than the classic pepper pot. Worth the $80 to me! 
      Link to my YouTube video:


    • Truckedup1
      By Truckedup1
      I have a very recently restored 1989 wheel horse 520-HC tractor with 60” deck. Family owned for over 10 years but now it’s time for another project. Please contact me with any questions I have the original 60” deck but it was rough so I sourced the current deck off this site, it really is in excellent condition for not being restored.

    • jleitschaft
      By jleitschaft
      Hello All,
            New to the group and looking for advice. My father was a devoted wheel horse enthusiast for many years. He only cut grass with a wheel horse tractor (rear discharge deck) pulling a Parker lawn sweeper. We have a lot of property and it took him a while but he was retired and loved being on the wheel horse. When he got sick, I had to take over all the lawn maintenance. All of our family lives close on the same road. At the time, I was responsible for maintaining 7 properties plus my fulltime job. Using the wheel horse was not an option for me so I bought a commercial zero turn mower.  Unfortunately, in 2017 my father passed away. I have all his tractors and it has been hard for me to think about what to do with them. He had 6 wheel horse tractors total. 3 tractors we used for cutting grass and 3 tractors are show pieces that have never cut a blade of grass. I have a few guys that have been asking me for years to sell them but I am not sure if I’m ready. I am turning to the group because I am lost at what I even have. Its my belief that the tractors are rare and the conditions are mint. If anyone would be willing to express their opinion and provide feedback I would be grateful.
      Wheel horse 420 LSE (shows 7.5 hr)
      Wheel horse 520 hydro (shows 92 hr)
      Wheel horse classic GT (shows 26 hr)     

    • jmack
      By jmack
      I have a 522xi and noticed the muffler is glowing red as shown in this video? Should I be concerned and fix it to normal operating temps or is this expected?

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